Friday, 11 January 2013

Australian Sanctions against Iran are illegal - A letter to the Prime Minister

Dear PM, (contact details here)

Foreign Minister Bob Carr recently announced further Australian sanctions against Iran. These sanctions are just as wrong as the US sanctions.

Iran is NOT in violation of any International Law (NNPT) in regards to building a nuclear power station. Read very carefully the IAEA reports on Iran's nuclear program. Nothing in those reports provides evidence of non-compliance to Law.

In fact the Australian sanctions are almost certainly in violation of International Law just as the US sanctions are.

There is a short video on You Tube that summarises the Iranian nuclear program issue for starters. Your Government should research the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and read the relevant IAEA reports. 


*Speaking out against injustice is important. If you say and do nothing then no change will occur. At least by speaking out there is a chance to enact something.  Give yourselves a chance rather than no chance.

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