Monday, 24 December 2012

Syrian Rebels Set Up ‘Religious Police’ Around Aleppo

Saudi Arabia’s harsh Police of Vice and Virtue seem to be setting up shop in northern Syria, with locals reporting that rebel forces have establish Saudi-style religious police around the outskirts of Aleppo, and at least one high-ranking member of the Saudi version was seen in a video taking part.

The police are charged with enforcing an extremely harsh interpretation of Sunni Islam, and while the rebels insist they are aimed at “fighting crime,” the locals say that mostly they are forcing people to pray and stopping women from driving cars.

Women are expressing serious concern about the trend, saying that they were on board for a “revolution for freedom” but the rebels are determined to take away social and individual freedoms they enjoyed under the Assad regime.

This outcome ticks all the boxes for the war hawks in the US and Israel. A bad outcome in Syria is ideal for these people because it provides an excuse for intervention. Also, a weakened Syria will be of less help to the Lebanese when the next war begins.

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