Sunday, 2 December 2012


During the month of October (2012) I noticed something interesting. I always check my blogger stats to see where the audience is coming from. Usually the USA is number 1 followed by varying other countries that included Australia, Russia, and Germany in the top three. Russia was almost always in the top three.

Then something very unusual happened.

For a about a week there were ZERO hits from Russia. None at all. And then after emailing a friend about this situation, some (very few) hits from Russia returned. This might have been a coincidence, but to have no hits at all from the Russians for a period of a whole week, when hundreds of hits on average were the norm, indicates some type of censorship at work.

I do not know whether this censorship stemmed from the Russian side or whether this is a US (Google) program designed to cap the traffic to the blogger sites - the ones-that-rock-the-boat.

However, we do know with tailored, or customised search results- designed highlight a user's interests- that certain material can be excluded or made to appear very far down the listed search results. And certain popular material on You Tube has been excluded from their top promoted videos list - usually if the content criticises the establishment and reveals hardcore corruption.

My activist friend also reported anomalies at his own blogger site to do with a very low traffic period with far from normal hit distributions to his posts. I can't vouch for his own experience but I do know that my own situation has made me mighty suspicious. More than normal !

Everybody with blogger accounts, regularly check your stats.

Please leave feedback on this issue if something highly unusual has taken place. Make sure it is something dramatically odd rather than just somewhat low hits- which may, or may not, be a function of censorship.

Peace, and remember, only the truth about 911 will end the endless War on Terror.


[UPDATE. Ever since posting this article I have noticed the hit count from Russia has returned to its former level. However, I left out mentioning that France also featured in the top 4 and in recent weeks the hit count has fallen away to almost nothing. I strongly suspect, because of the Red Flag of ZERO Russian hits, that traffic to Blogger sites are still being suppressed. This situation further makes me think that this is not due to the policies of the target country and is a function of US (Google?) censorship. Technology can easily put a cap on traffic so I would not be surprised.

I do not think this is about being relevant to English speaking countries either. One should expect some traffic from search results in South American and the Middle East and yet I have noticed long periods of almost nothing - actually NOTHING, from these locations.  That is highly suspicious in my book.

The censors need to understand that they are on the wrong side of history with their misguided protection of a corrupt system. Some level of justice needs to be meted out to those in high office because they are driving us all towards a bleak future. Issues dealing with false flag terror, GMO contamination, radiological contamination and other topics are important to EVERYONE on this planet.

Anyway, the cat is already out of the bag. Everyday, despite various censorship efforts or traffic caps, people networking on Facebook and other social mediums realise the mainstream news is next to worthless. It does not take a genius to realise there is a huge problem with the present system. At the moment the censorship and spin-doctoring brigade are trying to put lipstick on a pig - and that does not work.

Great sites like What Really and other centres of online information have already broken the mainstream media propaganda spell. The info war has been lost by the establishment side and those doing its bidding are only prolonging the suffering of the population. It's time to let things go so we can sort out the mess. Our road  will not be an easy one but keeping the status quo guarantees worse outcomes further along the track. END of UPDATE. ]

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, December 2nd, 2012.]

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