Wednesday, 12 December 2012

'Chemical Weapons Hysteria Pretext for West to Frame Assad & Intervene'

Western powers have already warned the Syrian regime against using the banned arms - but Damascus says it's the victim of a smear campaign. Assad officials claim they would never use chemical weapons against civilians, and are only interested in keeping the stockpiles safe. This comes as US sources say Washington's training rebels to secure and handle such weapons, in case the Syrian regime collapses. Some observers are now convinced that a foreign intervention's in the making.

The presentation of information about a manufactured war - from sites like Russia Today and this blog- is part of the anti-war strategy. IF everyone realises what is going on, the protagonists may have second thoughts. Hopefully people within the intelligence community will be encouraged to speak out and sink the warmongers plans like they did with the neocon drive to attack Iran (with the release of the 2005 NIE and the later 2006 CIA assessment).

Attacking countries, that pose no threat to other nations, without approval from the United Nations is illegal - a WAR CRIME.

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