Thursday, 27 December 2012

Anti-Gun Debate and Ryan Dawson on Israel and Beyond

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, December 27th, 2012.]


steven andresen said...

It's 4/10/13 for this comment.


I've been persuaded that there is something to the argument pushed by the NRA, or at least the libertarian wing. They say that it isn't the guns but the drugs these people have been on for anxiety, depression, or mood disorders, which have strongly homicidal and suicidal side effects. But, instead of acknowledging this issue, the government and media have ignored and suppressed it. Now it seems there is an effort to go after the guns of people the government knows to be on these drugs, saying that they have mental health issues. This gets the guns without acknowledging the drug companies' liability for all the shootings caused by these drugs.

Here's an article talkiing about the "gun-grabbers" in New York, from whatsreallyhappening,

"...Clearly the powers that be, frustrated that their gun grabbing efforts have so far failed in Congress, are turning their sights towards mental health and the use of different types of doctors and health professionals to supersede the 2nd Amendment and begin backdoor confiscation of firearms throughout the country..."

And this one,

I think there's reason to claim that the second amendment as interpreted by these NRA types could be adopted by the left. After all, the defining thought of the left is the one Marx had where he tried to organize the kids on the playground, us, to fight against the bullies, i.e., the rich and powers-that-be. Shouldn't such an organization take advantage of the second amendment in order to fight the thugs paid for by the powers?

SpookyOne said...


I would like to see everyone rise up against the corruption together, with people in police, military and judiciary doing their jobs. Hopefully we don't see any rebellion coming down to armed conflict. The left cannot be too soft either, although many have put away their protest/activism mentality thanks to the charming demeanour of Barack Obama.

The biggest issue with the mass shootings seems to be the SSRI drugs IMO.

Furthermore, the illegal drugs may be helping with street crime and handgun deaths, although this is speculation on my part.

Big Pharma wants to keep the legal drug business going and the CIA wants to keep the illegal business going.

If we had a review and responsible use of SSRIs + banning the worst of these, and legalisation of illegal drugs there would certainly be less problems facing society in regard to violent crime (mass shootings, suicides, robberies, turf wars).