Friday, 23 November 2012

'The Bigger they are the Harder They Fall' - Ryan Dawson on Gaza Conflict

Wimpy Israel has exposed its self again not only its psychopathy but also what a paper tiger it is. Even with full power over the US media, the once invisible power of Israeli propaganda has fallen. Chicken little and the boy who cried wolf should be required reading for Israeli politicians. Every TV talking head read their Israeli talking points but they failed anyway. No one listens to it anymore. And for once there was push back. RT, Presstv, the Scott Horton Show, Boiling Frogs, this site and sites like this all over the web and all over social media told the truth and countered the Israeli megaphonies. Youtube could not delete videos quick enough and vimeo and other sites were there to get around the monopoly. I have been saying for 11 years now that if we can break the media monopoly we can fix everything. The greatest power the state has is the control of information. Onward for Palestine.

A ceasefire has now been declared in the recent Gaza conflict:

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Israel lost the online information war:

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