Thursday, 25 October 2012

This is the Wikipedia Page for "9/11 Conspiracy Theories". It Can Be Seen as an Excellent Example of Cass Sunstein's "Cognitive Infiltration".

This is the Wikipedia page for "9/11 conspiracy theories". It can be seen as an excellent example of Cass Sunstein's "cognitive infiltration".

While there is much to read, it may be well to at least consider section headings and what is not covered. Scroll down about half way to the heading "proponents" (of conspiracy theories) to see how brief the coverage is, with such as Griffin and Gage named sans their arguments. Then scroll down to see how vast coverage is under headings "Media reaction" and "Criticism" (citing such as David Arronovitch, Michael Shermer and Sunstein himself). Key omissions/cherry picking along with linking to "antisemitism", similarity to the Birther Movement, etc.

Why this is important is that countless thousands go to Wikipedia for basic information. It is fair to say that anyone only recently introduced to the possibility that the governmental account is wrong would read this Wiki page and discount the "Truth Movement" as delusional. It has the potential to do much to curb the growing Truth Movement.

Any subjects that are dangerous to the establishment, dealing with acts of murder for instance, will naturally be targets for the pro-government propagandists. Wikipedia can only be trusted with a fair assessment on issues that won't rock the boat.

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