Thursday, 20 September 2012

Obama's Excuse for War Crimes Creates Moral Decay

Abby breaks down how impunity for US war crimes leads to cultural decay.

If we had War Crimes trials in the USA a lot of what is happening in the Middle East, in terms of foreign intervention, would unravel. Also, the idea that WE CAN PROSECUTE our 'leaders' would help to encourage other attempts at attaining justice for ordinary people in our 21st Century world.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, September 20th, 2012.]


steven andresen said...


Does anyone consider the complaints Hitler might have made against Stalin? Or what Stalin might have claimed about Hitler?

The points either of these guys might make are almost universally discounted because the reputations of these speakers has been muddied. We don't care about what they say, even if what they say may in themselves have merit. We don't pay attention because they are dictators and murderers.

We only pay attention to what good guys say.

In the same way, most people outside your chorus ignore what RT says about Bush, et al.

That's why the appearence of America's critics on RT is not so important, and the arguments that RT makes, like this one, is ignored.



SpookyOne said...


RT's hosts plus their guests make comments and address issues worthy of examination. They are covering the more accurate corruption discourse rather than the "greed" or "incompetence" discourse.

I'd encourage people to get over their hang ups and look to what is being said. I'm posting RT here, and people can come and look and judge for themselves - hopefully not equating the information delivery method as "the enemy" or "enemy propaganda".

If people want to ignore what I consider is valuable and concise material, then they can fish around and find whatever suits them. I post these clips because they get the info over in an easy to assimilate way.


steven andresen said...


I am reminded of a saying, "If you don't like the answers you are getting, re-examine your premises."

When I point out that people do, in fact, ignore what their enemies say about things, because they are their enemies and such people can't be trusted, I am pointing out that it is very difficult for most people to consider what RT, the alternative media, various critics of American policies, and your blog say. They think, if they aren't with us, then they are with the enemy. And, they can't be trusted.

Yes, you do present these materials which are "valuable" and "concise" and hold out hope that people will put aside their prejudices enough to concider them.

I'm just saying that the sources here have been demonized so much, that most people will not get past their prejudices to the information you are presenting.

The strategy moving forward, it seems to me, is not just to persist in what you've been doing, but re-examine the premises of your argument so far.

I would think all the premises need re-examination.


SpookyOne said...


To say that all the premises needs re-examination is a bit rich.

I can't candy coat things too much. There is some bitter medicine to swallow and I trust that those waking up to the alternative press will need to reflect upon the sorts of "enemy" material coming their way.

I have posted material from Press TV (Iran) and Russia Today frequently. The guests and many of the hosts are US citizens.

These sources are pretty important as an alternative to the US centred mainstream news and one should expect them to be demonised. The public, looking for alternative news, that is credible, can come to terms with these sources, simply because of the content.

If they see this news sprouting up all over the place they might actually watch an episode/clip, and think about the content rather than the wrapper it is delivered in.

These networks are doing "real journalism" as Hillary Clinton said in one of her speeches and some appreciation of this fact come out in the comments under RT You Tube videos.

If you still have concerns offer an alternative or post your own condensed news/issues blog.

My project here is very limited focus, and I favour short news bites for the majority of people with short Internet attention spans.