Saturday, 14 July 2012

War in August? US Sends Fourth Aircraft Carrier and Dozens of Underwater Drones Towards Iran

The US Navy has unexpectedly dispatched a fourth aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf, along with a fleet of underwater drones in what is being considered just the latest move in a series of escalations leading towards a potential war with Iran.

The deployment of dozens of small, unmanned submarine-like watercraft was confirmed by the Los Angeles Times this week, which cites military officials speaking on condition of anonymity.

This particular type of craft, unmanned SeaFox submersible, are reported to be sent to the Gulf so that the US military can detect and destroy any mines that may be planted in the waterway by Iranian officials if they escalate efforts to block the Strait of Hormuz, a strategically important narrow stretch of water that exists as an immensely important conduit for any resources being moved in or out of the Middle East

There is a LOT of US hardware in the region. War is likely either via pressure from the sanctions & intimidation -causing Iran to react- or from a false flag set up that mimics this scenario.

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