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The Greatest debate of modern times. if you've never seen this.....[from 2005]

Hitchens comes out looking like a propagandist with misleading and often simplistic or confabulated summations of various events. Galloway is not perfect either, but his nod to the geopolitical machinations going on behind the scenes, something obfuscated by Hitchens in my opinion, makes his a much better argument.

No one likes a dictatorship but one would obviously prefer to be alive rather than dead or displaced - a result of the effort at Iraqi regime change. Indeed, when it comes to change there is often more than one solution to the problem. Given enough time dictatorships can actually be unwound so long as there is no anarchy within the country or threats/foreign interests influencing things negatively from the outside- look at what has happened in Egypt, Indonesia and now Burma. Plus pressure can be put on countries to ease their torturous habits as part of a longer term process.

An example of a Hitchens confabulation: Consider the notion of the savage resistance to the US occupation of Iraq and the sectarian violence that killed hundreds of thousands of civilians - and that it is therefore wrong to support these resistors and, by implication, resistance. Hitchens equated the two, which, although likely carried out in many cases by the same groups, actually represent two separate agendas. One cannot say, in a wholesale way, that resisting an invasion is necessarily bad.

-When we look at the situation from a sectarian perspective, yes, the Sunnis did not want to lose power, resisted occupation from the start, and later fought against various empowered Shiite groups who engaged in the ethnic cleansing of the capital. That both groups wanted to see the US removed, is understandable and justified -which is the point I believe Galloway would stand behind- rather than endorsing any ethnic cleansing. If you look at recent Galloway statements on Libya we see that he would like to see non-violent resolutions within Middle East countries and continued resistance against outside inference and occupation.

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Vets Sue CIA Over Mind Control Tests

For two decades or more during the Cold War, the CIA and the military allegedly plied the unwitting with acid, weed, and dozens of psychoactive drugs, in a series of zany (and sometimes dangerous) mind-control experiments. Now, the Vietnam Veterans of America are suing the agency and the Pentagon for perceived abuses suffered under the so-called "MK-ULTRA" and other projects.

Six veterans are suffering from all kinds of ailments tied to this
"diabolical and secret testing program," according to a statement from the vets’ lawyers, passed on to SpyTalk’s Jeff Stein.

The experiments allegedly included "the use of troops to test nerve gas, psychochemicals, and thousands of other toxic chemical or biological substances, and … the insertion of septal implants in the brains of subjects in … mind control experiments that went awry, leaving many civilian and military subjects with permanent disabilities." Subjects were tested without their consent, the veterans say. And when the trials were over, the government failed to "provide health care or compensation."

In a book published last year, former military psychiatrist James Ketchum describes an Army project — separate from the CIA’s efforts — that took place at Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland. There, he saw test subjects "carry on conversations with various invisible people for as long as 2-3 days." Others "salute latrines" and attempt to "revive a gas mask" that they mistake for a woman

Related Info:

1979 ABC News Special ‘Mission Mind Control’

In 1979, just two years after U.S. Senate hearings revealed disturbing information about a secret government mind control program code-named Project MKULTRA, this one-hour documentary covering some of the clandestine, illegal activities involved in this mind control project was released.

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Post-Fukushima, Japan's Irradiated Fish Worry B.C. Experts

Are fish from the Pacific Ocean and Japanese coastal and inland waters safe to eat 16 months after the Fukushima nuclear disaster?

Governments and many scientists say they are. But the largest collection of data on radiation in Japanese fish tells a very different story.

In June, 56 percent of Japanese fish catches tested by the Japanese government were contaminated with ce-sium-137 and -134. (Both are human-made radioactive isotopes—produced through nuclear fission—of the element cesium.)

And 9.3 percent of the catches exceeded Japan’s official ceiling for cesium, which is 100 becquerels per kilogram (Bq/kg). (A becquerel is a unit of radioactivity equal to one nuclear disintegration per second.)

Radiation levels remain especially high in many species that Japan has exported to Canada in recent years, such as cod, sole, halibut, landlocked kokanee, carp, trout, and eel.
The numbers show that far from dissipating with time, as government officials and scientists in Canada and elsewhere claimed they would, levels of radiation from Fukushima have stayed stubbornly high in fish. In June 2012, the average contaminated fish catch had 65 becquerels of cesium per kilo. That’s much higher than the average of five Bq/kg found in the days after the accident back in March 2011, before cesium from Fukushima had spread widely through the region’s food chain.

In some species, radiation levels are actually higher this year than last.

The highest cesium level in all of the catches came in March—a year after the accident—when a landlocked masu salmon caught in a Japanese river was found to have a whopping 18,700 becquerels of cesium per kilogram—or 187 times Japan’s ceiling

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Former Citi Boss: Reduce Leverage to 15 Times Assets, Put EVERYTHING Back on the Books, and Mark All Assets to Market EVERY DAY

It is – justifiably – big news that former Citi CEO Sandy Weill said that we should break up the big banks, and separate traditional depository banking from speculative investing. Indeed, even congress members are confronting top government officials on why they haven’t done this.

But Weill said 3 other equally important things today.

First, Weill told CNBC that the financial crisis was largely caused by too much leverage, and that we should reduce leverage to between 12-15 times. (Background.)

Secondly, Weill said that we have to restore transparency, so that nothing is hidden off balance sheet. (Leading economist Anna Schwartz told the Wall Street journal in 2008: “The Fed … has gone about as if the problem is a shortage of liquidity. That is not the basic problem. The basic problem for the markets is that [uncertainty] that the balance sheets of financial firms are credible.”)

Third, Weill argued that all assets must be marked to market every day

Plus put back Glass Steagall, prosecute for fraud, and VOID most of the Derivatives Casino Gambling Market (although making total leverage 12-15 times assets should cover this problem).

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Monday, 30 July 2012

German Intelligence: "al-Qaeda" All Over Syria

German intelligence estimates that "around 90" terror attacks that "can be attributed to organizations that are close to al-Qaeda or jihadist groups" were carried out in Syria between the end of December and the beginning of July, as reported by the German daily Die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ). This was revealed by the German government in a response to a parliamentary question.

In response to the same question, the German government admitted that it had received several reports from the German foreign intelligence service, the BND, on the May 25 massacre in the Syrian town of Houla. But it noted that the content of these reports was to remain classified "by reason of national interest", Like many other Western governments, Germany expelled Syria's ambassador in the immediate aftermath of the massacre, holding the Syrian government responsible for the violence

The Houla massacre was almost certainly not the result of Syrian Government forces.

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A Symphony of Lies

Lies and backpedaling from the White House about the Iraq war, 9/11, WMDs, and Saddam Hussein. George Bush stars, along with Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, and Condoleezza Rice.

And still we see no prosecutions for illegal war, or for that matter torture, under the present Obama Administration. If you have not already - WAKE UP! The country is controlled via a monstrous corporate run war machine that does not have your best interests in mind.

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Keiser Report (E320): Hang 'Em High!

In this episode, Max Keiser presents a double header with co-host, Stacy Herbert, to discuss crime and punishment in the financial sector. In London, JP Morgan banker, Tony Blair, has responded to the Keiser Report with his claim that hanging 20 bankers will not help and that, in fact, he asserts, public anger with the financial crisis is wrong. They also discuss the 'blazer over cuffs look' being the new black this season as Sean Fitzpatrick is arrested in Dublin, while over in Pennsylvania, Joe Paterno's statue is draped in blue tarpaulin and hauled away as bond investors punish the university with higher rates and Moody's threatens a downgrade. Finally, in Los Angeles, victims of vandalism are shocked to discover that it was a senior UBS banker who was smashing windows with a slingshot.

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100 Million Poor People In America And 39 Other Facts About Poverty That Will Blow Your Mind

The following are 40 facts about poverty in America that will blow your mind….

#1 In the United States today, somewhere around 100 million Americans are considered to be either “poor” or “near poor”.

#2 It is being projected that when the final numbers come out later this year that the U.S. poverty rate will be the highest that it has been in almost 50 years.

#3 Approximately 57 percent of all children in the United States are living in homes that are either considered to be either “low income” or impoverished.

#4 Today, one out of every four workers in the United States brings home wages that are at or below the poverty level.

#5 According to the Wall Street Journal, 49.1 percent of all Americans live in a home where at least one person receives financial benefits from the government. Back in 1983, that number was below 30 percent.

#6 It is projected that about half of all American adults will spend at least some time living below the poverty line before they turn 65.

#7 Today, there are approximately 20.2 million Americans that spend more than half of their incomes on housing. That represents a 46 percent increase from 2001.

#8 During 2010, 2.6 million more Americans fell into poverty. That was the largest increase that we have seen since the U.S. government began keeping statistics on this back in 1959.

#9 According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the percentage of “very poor” rose in 300 out of the 360 largest metropolitan areas during 2010.

#10 Since Barack Obama became president, the number of Americans living in poverty has risen by 6 million and the number of Americans on food stamps has risen by 14 million.

#11 Right now, one out of every seven Americans is on food stamps and one out of every four American children is on food stamps

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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Conservatives Call on Obama to Establish ‘Safe Zones’ in Syria

The letter was signed by 62 foreign-policy hands, most of them conservative. The list of signees includes several former Bush administration officials, such as Elliott Abrams, Karl Rove, Paul Bremer, Robert Joseph, and Douglas Feith, and several advisors to the Mitt Romney campaign, including Eric Edelman, Jamie Fly, Robert Kagan, and Stephen Rademaker. Radwah Ziadeh, a member of the Syrian National Council, also signed.

The signatories call on Obama to use military power to establish safe zones in already liberated areas of Syria to protect civilians there and to counter the threat of the Syrian regime using chemical or biological weapons

That list looks like a roll call of neocons and war mongers.

Establishing "safe zones" led to massive intervention in Libya - air power, mercs and special forces.

Related News:

Christians Flee from Radical Rebels in Syria
There had been many warnings that the Khouri* family wouldn't talk. "They won't say a word -- they're too scared," predicted the mayor of Qa, a small market town in northeastern Lebanon where the Khouris are staying. "They won't even open their door for journalists," said another person, who had contacted the family on behalf of a non-governmental organization.

Somehow, though, the interview was arranged in the end. Reserved and halting, the women described what happened to their husbands, brothers and nephews back in their hometown of Qusayr in Syria. They were killed by Syrian rebel fighters, the women said -- murdered because they were Christians, people who in the eyes of radical Islamist freedom fighters have no place in the new Syria.

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The Usual Suspects 2012

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Apparently the protests are over vote rigging. Here's some more info on what's going on:

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Votergate is the investigative documentary feature film uncovering the truth about new computer voting systems, which allow a few powerful corporations to record our votes in secret.

"It's not the people who vote that count. It's the people who count the votes." (Josef Stalin)

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Harvard Study – Published in National Institute of Health Journal – Finds Fluoride Lowers Children’s IQ

The Harvard School for Public Health reports:

For years health experts have been unable to agree on whether fluoride in the drinking water may be toxic to the developing human brain. Extremely high levels of fluoride are known to cause neurotoxicity in adults, and negative impacts on memory and learning have been reported in rodent studies, but little is known about the substance’s impact on children’s neurodevelopment. In a meta-analysis, researchers from Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and China Medical University in Shenyang for the first time combined 27 studies and found strong indications that fluoride may adversely affect cognitive development in children. Based on the findings, the authors say that this risk should not be ignored, and that more research on fluoride’s impact on the developing brain is warranted.

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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Iran Accuses Israel of Plotting Bulgaria Bus Attack

"It's amazing that just a few minutes after the terrorist attack, Israeli officials announced that Iran was behind it," Iran's U.N. Ambassador Mohammad Khazaee told a U.N. Security Council debate on the Middle East. "We have never and will not engage in such a despicable attempt on ... innocent people."

"Such terrorist operation could only be planned and carried out by the same regime whose short history is full of state terrorism operations and assassinations aimed implicating others for narrow political gains," Khazaee said. "I could provide ... many examples showing that this regime killed its own citizens and innocent Jewish people during the last couple of decades.

Israel's U.N. Ambassador Haim Waxman said Iran's fingerprints were all over the bomb attack in Bulgaria, as well as dozens of other plots in recent months around the world

Although it is difficult to establish who carried out the bombing it is a welcome surprise that Iran thinks Israel may have been behind it. More encouraging, in terms of having a truthful debate, is that the Iranian Ambassador is willing to cite past examples of Israeli false flag terror.

This is a very important development because it seeks to blow the lid off people's ignorance regarding this deceptive tactic in a public forum.

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Will Downing Street Memo Recur on Iran?

Recent remarks by Sir John Sawers, who heads Britain’s MI6 (the secret intelligence service that is Britain’s CIA counterpart), leave us wondering if Sawers is preparing to “fix” intelligence on Iran, as his immediate predecessor, Sir John Scarlett, did on Iraq.

Scarlett’s pre–Iraq War role in creating “dodgy dossiers” hyping the threat of nonexistent “weapons of mass destruction” is relatively well known. On July 4, the red warning light for politicization was again flashing brightly in London, as Sawers told British senior civil servants that Iran is “two years away” from becoming a “nuclear-weapons state.” How did Sawers come up with “two years?”

Since late 2007, the benchmark for weighing Iran’s nuclear program has been the unanimous assessment by all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in late 2003 and that as of mid-2007 had not restarted it. Those judgments have been re-validated every year since, despite strong pressure to bow to more ominous — but evidence-starved — assessments by Israel and its neoconservative supporters
A great article on not-so-covert plans to destabilise Iran from ex-MI5 officer Annie Machon and ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern.

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The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder: Vincent Bugliosi at the Hearing on Limits of Executive Power

Vincent Bugliosi's opening statements during the House Judiciary Committee hearing on the constitutional limits of executive power.

Unfinished business from 2008. I watched the entire hearing on C-Span and 4 years later NO charges for illegal war, or for that matter, admitted torture, have been laid.

This situation is a total disgrace and shows the complicity of the Obama Administration and the Department of Justice for failing to act. President Obama and Eric Holder must now be impeached and charged for obstructing justice.

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Keiser Report (E319): Jellyfish Rat-Heart Robot Bankers

In this episode, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss the jellyfish robot with a rat heart, aka The Perfect Banker. They also welcome the audience to the world of banking 2012 and introduce the silver dosimeter that signals exposure to toxic financial products and bad economic policies. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Mark O'Byrne of Goldcore.com about silver, gold, manipulation and the crooks put in charge of cleaning up Ireland.

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Friday, 27 July 2012

West Spreads Syrian WMDs Lies For Foreign Intervention

Hysterical propaganda has increasingly amplified since early Monday when the Syrian government's Foreign Minister Jihad Makdissi insisted that if Syria had any unconventional weapons, they would be under strict security and only used against foreign aggression. Makdissi went on to clarify further his statement by insisting that his comments in no way implied Syria even has such weapons.

Despite this, the Western media has begun the all too familiar WMD-mantra, heard in the lead up to Iraq, where bold-faced lies and fabrications based on knowingly dubious intelligence sources, were picked specifically to tell the narrative the West sought to sell the public,.

The culmination of this propaganda campaign verses the government and people of Iraq, of whom over 2 million died between sanctions leading up to the war and the West's invasion and occupation, was the West's primary intelligence source, Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi, codenamed "Curveball," admitting that " I had the chance to fabricate something to topple the regime." In other words, as the Guardian puts it in the title of their article, "Defector admits to WMD lies that triggered Iraq war."

Now in Syria, we have another "defector," the discredited, former-Syrian ambassador to Iraq, Nawaf Fares, clearly fabricating fantastical tales to both undermine the Syrian government, and give the West the impetus it needs for wider military intervention - especially since NATO's proxy "Free Syrian Army" has suffered catastrophic defeats in both Damascus, and now Aleppo. Fares claimed that he knew Syria's weapons were being mobilized, and that the government planned on using them

Related News:

Propaganda alert: Iran in “Open War” with Israel - Syria Chemical Weapons a Threat to Israel

President Shimon Peres on Monday condemned Syrian government statements that it would deploy chemical weaponsin the event of a foreign invasion, and said Israel would do whatever it takes to eliminate the threat these weapons pose to the Jewish state.

“Use of chemical weapons is internationally forbidden,” he said in a CNN interview with Elise Labott. “We shall not remain indifferent and tell them, ‘Do what you want.’”

Asked how far Israel was prepared to go to prevent Syrian chemical weapons from being used or transferred to terrorist organizations, Israel’s octogenarian leader replied, “Until it will stop being a danger.”

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US Stance on Syria 'Justification of Terrorism' - Lavrov

Moscow has hit out at Washington over its comments on last week's blasts in Damascus which killed President Assad's key aides. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the US practically justified terrorism.

Wasn't the aim at the UN to get both sides to quit killing each other and negotiate?

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Fox News Channel Questions Narrative Of ‘Batman’ Massacre

As Swann points out, eyewitnesses interviewed after the shooting such as Corbin Dates state that Holmes received a phone call from someone while he was inside the theater and responded by moving to the emergency exit, suggesting the call was an accomplice coordinating the attack.

Dates also said he saw Holmes by the exit door “signaling somebody or looking for somebody to come his way.

Another eyewitness added, “From what we saw he wasn’t alone – he had someone with him. Because the second can of tear gas didn’t come from his side….“We can only assume that someone got him in because what he was wearing seemed thick.”


I remember there was a legitimate third suspect (at least) for the Oklahoma City Bombing that was soon forgot once Nichols and McVeigh were arrested.

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1979 ABC News Special ‘Mission Mind Control’

In 1979, just two years after U.S. Senate hearings revealed disturbing information about a secret government mind control program code-named Project MKULTRA, this one-hour documentary covering some of the clandestine, illegal activities involved in this mind control project was released.

One of the topics covered by this intriguing film is the bizarre activity of a man named George White, who operated outside of the law while directly under CIA direction.

At minute 47 into the documentary correspondent Paul Altmeyer states, “And what of George White, the man who helped the agency in so many of its programs. Shortly before his death, he wrote to his boss at the CIA, Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, and summed up his career by saying, ‘It was fun, fun, fun. Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill and cheat, steal, deceive, rape and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the all highest.’”


A good history lesson. Keep in mind this quoted goal - "controlling an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his own will."

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House Passes Ron Paul's 'Audit the Fed’ Bill

A bill introduced by Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) to audit America’s central bank, the Federal Reserve, passed the US House of Representatives overwhelmingly Wednesday afternoon by a 327-98 vote.

Paul’s ongoing efforts to call for increased transparency in the Federal Reserve have become a hallmark of his tenure in Congress and of his current campaign for the presidency.

Rep. Paul is still vying for the GOP nomination and intends to speak at the Republican National Convention in Florida next month. And although Paul has as recently as this week refused to endorse presumptive party nominee Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor has supported the congressman’s proposal to audit the Fed

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Thursday, 26 July 2012

The New York Times Admits That Virtually Every Major News Organization Allows The News To Be Censored By Government Officials

In one of the most shocking articles that the New York Times has ever put out, a New York Times reporter has openly admitted that virtually every major mainstream news organization allows government bureaucrats and campaign officials to censor their stories. For example, almost every major news organization in the country has agreed to submit virtually all quotes from anyone involved in the Obama campaign or the Romney campaign to gatekeepers for "quote approval" before they will be published.

If the gatekeeper in the Obama campaign does not want a certain quote to get out, the American people will not see it, and the same thing applies to the Romney campaign. The goal is to keep the campaigns as "on message" as possible and to avoid gaffes at all cost. But this kind of thing is not just happening with political campaigns.

According to the New York Times, "quote approval" has become "commonplace throughout Washington". In other words, if you see a quote in the newspaper from someone in the federal government then it is safe to say that a gatekeeper has almost certainly reviewed that quote and has approved it. This is another sign that "the free and independent media" in this country is a joke. What we get from the mainstream media is a very highly filtered form of propaganda, and that is one reason why Americans are turning away from the mainstream media in droves. People want the truth, and more Americans than ever realize that they are not getting it from the mainstream media

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Syrian Refugees are Fearing Rebels, Not Assad

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Keiser Report (E318): Financial Feeding Frenzy

In this episode, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss feeding frenzies on Wall Street, drug money laundering in the City and Javier Bardem pays a little visit to the bankers. In the second half of the show, Max talks to comedian, actress, writer and Presidential candidate, Roseanne Barr about the mainstreaming of calls to 'hang bankers' and about ridding our democracies of politicians owned by bankers.

Related Humour:

Monty Python's Flying Circus - Merchant Banker

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Nanoparticle technology turns personal care products toxic

Minerals like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, commonly used in sunscreen lotions, foundation and other liquid types of lotions are harmless in their normal size. They simply sit on the skin rather than absorbing in to the skin since they are too large to penetrate its protective barrier.

However, when these are broken down into nanoparticles which are often smaller than the size of a red blood cell, they are easily absorbed into the skin. There is research showing that nanoparticles of zinc oxide and other ingredients like aluminum collect in parts of the brain and cause cell death.

These particles are so easily absorbed that they are detectable in all areas of the body, including vital organs. Animal studies have shown that when they are applied to the skin, they penetrate tissues and cells causing damage when they begin to build up

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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Financial Crime of the Century with Max Keiser and Gerald Celente

In this edition of the show Max interviews Gerald Celente from trendsresearch.com. He talks about the bankers and governments manipulation of the global interest rates. Gerald Celente is an American trend forecaster, publisher of the Trends Journal, business consultant and author who makes predictions about the global financial markets and other events of historical importance.

An excellent episode covering the criminally rigged system and where things may be headed.

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Super-Rich Rabbit Hole: Wealthy Stash $21 tn in Offshore Havens

Wealthy tax evaders, aided by private banks have exploited loopholes in tax legislation and stashed over $21 tn in offshore funds.

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Egypt Lifts Gaza Blockade, Allows Palestinians Free Entry

Egypt is allowing Palestinians free entry to its territory in a landmark move ending part of a longtime blockade on Gaza. It was imposed by Israel with the help of Egypt five years ago, after Hamas took control of the Palestinian territory. But with a president from the Muslim Brotherhood now leading Egypt, the move is widely seen as a friendly gesture to Hamas - an offshoot of the Brotherhood, which operates independently.

I'm sure the Israeli Government will fly false flags in order to vilify the Gazans in very short order. Look out for a rocket attack or bombing blamed on Hamas.

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The Biggest Human Trafficking Case, Operated by Israel, Dismissed in USA

Even though the Justice Department spent millions of dollars on the case, it was dropped for lack of evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The three defendants who pleaded guilty will receive the opportunity to retract their pleas. Just 11 months ago, federal prosecutors dropped similar accusations against owners of Hawaii’s Aloun Farms, whose tactics were used to keep foreign workers in their service. The case was dropped after the lead prosecutor misstated the law in front of a grand jury. The same team of federal prosecutors handled the Global Horizons case. “Based on this further investigation, the government has determined that dismissal of this matter is in the interest of justice,” reads the Global Horizons case dismissal order.

Was the case engineered to fail, courtesy of deliberate screw-ups by the prosecutors' offices?!?


This sort of likely whitewash or cover-up reminds me of the Franklin Scandal:

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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Kevin Ryan: The Nexus Between Terror Propaganda and Terrorism (State Sponsored Terror)

The Tonkin Gulf non-event was undoubtedly an example of false flag manipulation for political purposes and the Liberty incident appears to have been a major cover-up of an attack upon U.S. servicemen. State-sponsored terrorism was already a well-established fact by then, however. For example, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff approved a plan called Operation Northwoods in 1962.

Operation Northwoods called “for a wave of violent terrorism to be launched in Washington, D.C., Miami, and elsewhere. People would be framed for bombings they did not commit; planes would be hijacked. [This would provide] the public and international backing they needed to launch their war.”[10] The signed documents are available today and because of this we know that high level U.S. government representatives conspire, on occasion, to commit crimes against the American people for the purpose of starting wars.[11]

Although Operations Northwoods was rejected by President Kennedy, the plan becomes more interesting historically when one considers the ensuing activities of the members of the JCS who approved that plan. For example, JCS chaiman Lyman Leminitzer went directly from approving Operation Northwoods in 1962 to become Supreme Allied Commander in Europe (SACEUR), from 1963 to 1969, putting him in charge of NATO forces. According to author Daniele Ganser, the SACEUR ran an agency called the Clandestine Planning Committee (CPC) that was responsible for coordinating Operation Gladio.[12]

Gladio was a well-coordinated covert campaign of terrorism directed by the U.S. and other Western governments against their own populations. Hundreds of innocent people were killed or maimed in terrorist attacks which were then blamed on leftist subversives or other political opponents. Italian General Paolo Inzerilli commanded the Italian forces of Gladio from 1974 to 1986 and he later said that “the omnipresent United States dominated the secret CPC that directed the secret war.”[13]

From NATO and CPC headquarters in Paris, and later Brussels, the U.S. played a leading role in arming and coordinating the terrorist groups in various European countries from 1960 into the late 1980s. Run largely by the US, Britain and Belgium, other NATO countries involved included Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey, and Greece. The terrorist attacks of Gladio were coupled with terror propaganda in order to drive public and political will to fund and support ever-increasing military preparation and response to the perceived communist threat

Large scale military, paramilitary and terrorist forces have been, and are, running amok to promote terrorism as a justification for the existence of the military-industrial-complex.

Those who do not recognise this fact - that large scale, state sponsored (and murderous) conspiracies exist - do not know enough history.

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Vertical Immobility: American Dream Too Steep to Climb

What used to be known as the land of opportunity slowly becomes a place where many have little to look forward to. For the first time since the Great Depression people no longer have prospects to do better than their previous generation. RT's Marina Portnaya reports on what the economic crisis have left of the American dream.

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Monday, 23 July 2012

Iranian or Israeli? Bulgaria Bombing Analysis, Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich [UPDATED]

The false flag question must be asked in regard to this attack because of its repeated use in the past. At present it is obvious that Israel and the West are trying to force conflict on Iran.

Meanwhile in Syria the same thing (fomenting war) is underway ...

Islamic Fighters Swarm into Syria
The Sunni fighters flooding into Syria from Iraq, Jordan and elsewhere, are receiving funding from private organizations in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Kuwait and hooking up with rebel militias in Syria. Some groups are linked to al-Qaeda and have agenda’s that go beyond toppling Assad, including sectarian rivalries.

Several of the Gulf Arab states, notably Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are providing the these fighters and the rebels with aid and weapons with the help of coordination from the CIA.


Apparently Al-CIA-Duh has claimed responsibility for the Bulgarian bomb attack:

Al-Qaeda Linked Group Claims Responsibility for Burgas Terror

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Cutting Foodstamps but 5 Billion for Botched Camo is OK

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Russia Joins WTO – Putin Kowtows to the Globalists

Russian President Vladimir Putin just signed a treaty that makes Russia a World Trade Organization member. Russia’s accession to the WTO is the result of 18 years of negotiations.

Russian media revealed that as part of the deal, Russia will have to lower its protective tariff rate from 10% to 7.8%.

This signals the end of Russia’s sovereignty in trade and economic matters. Foreign investors will now be able to buy up Russia’s industries, and there are already plans to buy out Russia’s telecommunications companies.

Thousands of Russian businesses are wary that the low import duties and caps on subsidies that are a condition of joining the WTO will hurt them.

Now the US congress wants to “normalize” trade with Russia


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Keiser Report (E317): Where Money Goes To Die

In this episode, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss the Irish government being so terribly 'embarrassed' that they hired two dirty bankers to 'clean up' their financial system and they remind David Cameron over in 'Grim Britain' of the 'dreadful backgrounds' of Bob Diamond, Jamie Dimon and their ilk. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Wolf Richter of the Testosteronepit.com about the wine bubbles and where money goes to die.

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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Bulgaria, Bi-bi, BS, Hypocrisy and Tail Wagging

Unspinning propaganda about Syira, Bulgaria, and the lies from the stubby short Zionist hypocrite Netanyahu.

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False Flag's: Israel's Sacrificial Lambs + London Olympic's + UAE Fishermen

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A Concise List of Recent Bank Fraud

■ Laundering money for drug cartels. See this, this, this and this (indeed, drug dealers kept the banking system afloat during the depths of the 2008 financial crisis)
■ Laundering money for terrorists
■ Engaging in mafia-style big-rigging fraud against local governments. See this, this and this
■ Shaving money off of virtually every pension transaction they handled over the course of decades, stealing collectively billions of dollars from pensions worldwide. Details here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here
■ Charging “storage fees” to store gold bullion … without even buying or storing any gold . And raiding allocated gold accounts
■ Committing massive and pervasive fraud both when they initiated mortgage loans and when they foreclosed on them (and see this)
■ Pledging the same mortgage multiple times to different buyers. See this, this, this, this and this. This would be like selling your car, and collecting money from 10 different buyers for the same car
■ Cheating homeowners by gaming laws meant to protect people from unfair foreclosure
■ Committing massive fraud in an $800 trillion dollar market which effects everything from mortgages, student loans, small business loans and city financing
■ Engaging in insider trading of the most important financial information
■ Pushing investments which they knew were terrible, and then betting against the same investments to make money for themselves. See this, this, this, this and this
■ Engaging in unlawful “frontrunning” to manipulate markets. See this, this, this, this, this and this
■ Engaging in unlawful “Wash Trades” to manipulate asset prices. See this, this and this


All these criminal actions and the mainstream media is barely reporting them in such a context. The crimes are largely whitewashed as mistakes brought about by greed and recklessness.

Go to the link to see the hyperlinked sources- if you want.

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New Enhanced Virus Emerges After Vax Combination

According to a report by Clare Peddie of Adelaide Now, the administration of two different vaccines to chickens in order to “control infectious disease” has resulted in the creation of an entirely new virus strain in the Melbourne and Sydney areas of Australia. The new strains were highly virulent and had a relatively high mortality rate according to researchers.

Chickens are routinely vaccinated in Australia for laryngotracheitis virus (ILTV) which is itself an infectious disease. There are three available types of ILTV vaccines in Australia.

Recently, however, the application of two or more types of vaccines resulted in a recombination of the DNA of two virus strains which were administered in separate doses and thus an entirely new strain of the virus.

Asia-Pacific Centre for Animal Health researchers examined the DNA sequence of the virus against the DNA sequence of the existing strains contained within the three vaccines and were “surprised” to find that the new virus was an entirely new strain.

The fact that the virus is so highly communicable is also extremely concerning. But the mortality rate associated with the new virus is even more worrisome.
this recent incident only demonstrates further that vaccines containing “attenuated” viruses are indeed capable of transmitting the virus it has allegedly been designed to prevent. It also goes to show that, in contrast to erroneous claims made by doctors and vaccine promoters the world over that “attenuated” means “dead,” the viruses contained in the vaccines are very much alive

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Saturday, 21 July 2012

'Don't Be Duped by US & UK, "The Great Humanitarians" - Remember Iraq'

Russia and China have vetoed the latest Western-backed draft resolution on Syria at the UN Security Council. RT exclusively talks to one of the men who raised his hand in that 'NO' vote - Moscow's envoy to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin

There's geopolitics at play here -that includes propaganda- when it comes to what is going on in Syria.

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French Foreign Minister Accused of Falsifying Reports on Syria "To Provoke a War"

On 19 March 2012, a high French official invited Arab journalists based in Paris to inform them of the internal battle being waged within the French government and, in particular, the Quai d’Orsay [the French Foreign Ministry] regarding Syria. According to this person, the French Ambassador in Damascus, Eric Chevallier, whose embassy had just been shut down and who had returned to Paris, challenged Minister Juppé in front of his colleagues. He accused Alain Juppé of having ignored his embassy reports and of having falsified summaries of them to provoke a war against Syria.

In March 2011, at the beginning of the events currently besetting Syria, the Foreign Ministry hurriedly dispatched fact finders to Deraa to appraise what was happening. Their report, submitted to Paris, indicated that tensions had dissipated following several demonstrations, information that contradicted Al-Jazeera and France 24 reports that the city of Deraa was being violently torn apart. The ambassador requested the mission be extended in order to follow developing events. The Foreign Minister, furious about the first report, telephoned him and demanded that he alter it to state that a bloody repression of the city was occurring. The Ambassador then arranged a teleconference between the Chief of Mission in Deraa and the Minister and had him repeat that no such repression had occurred. The minister then threatened the ambassador and the conversation ended icily.

Immediately afterwards, Alain Juppé’s cabinet pressured Agence France Press to publish cables aligned with the view of the Minister. During the months that followed, altercations between Ambassador Eric Chevallier and Alain Juppé continued to multiply, until the moment of the Iranian hostage crisis in January 2012 and the death of “journalist” Gilles Jacquier. At this moment, the Ambassador was ordered to pull the covert DGSE agents working under press cover out of Syria, at which point he realized the importance of the secret operation being carried out by Alain Juppé.1

As former Minister of Defense, Alain Juppé appears to have maintained tight friendships within the armed services and to be able to rely on agents loyal to him.

The same source affirms that the ambassadorial reports were either ignored or falsified which led the ambassador himself to shore up his position by having forwarded to the Foreign Ministry equivalent European diplomatic reports attesting that Syria was not in the throes of a cycle of protest and crackdown but was rather being destabilized by armed groups coming from outside the country

See below for another great article, this time in The Guardian newspaper, that deals with long term, and very deliberate, geopolitical actions taken to "promote democracy" in Syria.

Related Info:

The Syrian opposition Bassma Kodmani, seen leaving this year's Bilderberg conference in Chantilly, Virginia.

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Nearly 4 to 1 Americans Want Iran Nuclear Crisis Solved Diplomatically, Not Militarily: Poll

Americans overwhelmingly prefer that the US deal with the Iran nuclear crisis diplomatically instead of resorting to military measures, according to a fresh study on US opinion from the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR).

The massive report, which is based on hundreds of surveys taken from a large number polling sources, found that Americans favor a diplomatic solution to the Iranian nuclear crisis by "about 3.7 to one," according to CFR's Stewart Patrick

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Pentagon Resumes Weapons Shipments to Yemen

The Pentagon has renewed its shipment of weapons to the Yemeni military, having finally ended the nearly one year halt put on such shipments because of public protests and the military’s crackdown on popular dissent.

Those familiar with the Yemeni military’s checkered human rights history will be concerned to know that the new US aid, totaling $112 million, includes sniper rifles, machine guns, and over 1 million rounds of ammunition

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Ron Paul Slams Bernanke & Congress Over Money

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Friday, 20 July 2012


Related Info:

Syria's many new friends are a self-interested Bunch
How did Syria become so popular that almost half of the members of the UN are scrambling to save it? What other country can claim more than 100 sovereign friends? What inspired this rush of affection for Syria?Where have these friends been hiding for the past 50 years? What were they doing in 1967 when Israel seized the Syrian Golan? What support did they send to more than 100,000 Syrian citizens when Israel demolished their villages and expelled them from their homes? What was their reaction to Israel's illegal annexation of the Golan in 1981? Have they taken a stand against the 30 settlements that Israel planted on property stolen from Syrians? Are they calling for sanctions against Israel until it withdraws from Syrian territory, dismantles its settlements and permits Syria's Golan citizens to return home?You know the answers. So do the Syrians.

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9/11 Free Fall 6/22/12 (Wayne Coste Interview)

Hosted by Bernie Suarez and Andrew Steele. The guest this week is engineer Wayne Coste, who talks about 9/11 science and censorship.

A good interview. Give it a few minutes for it to get going. Play this clip in the background while you surf the net.

(Thanks to Debunking the Debunkers blog for the story!)

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Keiser Report (E316): Alien Bankers, Leave Earth Alone!

In this episode, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, demand that Jamie Dimon leave Earth alone! They also discuss the global Jim Jones like cults surrendering to the derivatives with hostile intent. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars, about 'Singapore on the Mediterranean' and how the U.S. Congress will intervene in the Libor case to avoid the Son of Tarp.

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Clear Evidence FDA Officials Have ZERO Interest In Protecting The American Public

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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Inside of Bohemian Grove 2012

It's the secretive meeting that the world's elites don't want you to
know about - some of the world's richest and brightest are descending on Bohemian Grove yet again this year. RT correspondent Abby Martin is on the ground and she is bringing the latest on what's really going on there

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Bypassing News: US Citizens Journalism Killing Mainstream

Bias and bungled reporting on US news networks are behind plummeting audience numbers, according to the Gallup Poll. RT's Marina Portnaya looks at a cutting-edge project that's encouraging ordinary Americans to drive their country's news agenda instead.

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Keiser Report (E315): Cotton Candy Fraud

In this episode, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss how market participants are never more than a few milliseconds away from the next act of fraud and how a teaspoon of collateral leads to economic martial law. They also discuss German economists proposing that the wealthy be forced to buy bonds while in Spain the government and EU force bank losses on cooks and pensioners. In the second half of the show, oil analyst, Chris Cook, about how, despite sanctions, oil will always find a home; the Enron technique of pre-pay now being used by Enron's former counterparties; and how stability is the death for the oil market middlemen.

Excellent discussion about the oil market manipulation in the second half of the show.

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Derivatives Should Be Banned From Financial Markets

The idea that the financial products known as derivatives pose a danger to the financial system is nothing new. Commentators have been pointing this out for years. Most famously, Warren Buffett referred to derivatives as "time bombs" and financial "weapons of mass destruction." Recently a complex derivatives trade caused over $5 billion in losses at J.P. Morgan.

Derivatives are bets between two parties that are made today with a payoff in the future based on the value of some stock, bond, or index. One party will profit if the reference security or index goes up in value and the other party will profit if it goes down. These bets usually settle up every three months based on value at that time, and then a new calculation period begins. There are many variations on this basic pattern, but almost all derivatives involve some form of a bet in which gains and losses are calculated and settled-up periodically.

If derivatives are as dangerous as the commentators suggest, why are they permitted? If they are such a threat to the financial system, why does the size of derivatives bets continue to grow? The answers have to do with several myths the big bank derivatives players have created. These myths are false and distract interested parties from doing what needs to be done to ban derivatives. It's time to demolish these myths once and for all

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Bohemian Grove: Orgy of Power for Global Elite

For the last 133 years, the world's wealthiest and most powerful elite gather at the Bohemian Grove in the Redwood forest of Monte Rio, CA where they network, discuss policy, party and perform mock sacrificial rituals. Yet, little people know about this secretive meeting of CEOs and political bigwigs because there is virtually no media coverage of the event. So what is really happening at the Bohemian Grove? RT correspondent Abby Martin sets out to find out for herself.

And here is the follow up report by Martin at Bohemian Grove:

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Conspiracy Theorists

Thanks to John-Michael at Debunking the Debunkers blog for the heads up on the great picture!

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Fire, Steel, & WTC 7

We look at the fire that NIST claims took down WTC building 7 as well as 5 other steel frame high rise fires.

Thanks to Debunking the Debunkers for the story.

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How the Inventors of Dragon Speech Recognition Technology Lost Everything

"James and Janet Baker were the inventors of Dragon Systems speech recognition software, and after years of work, they created a multimillion dollar company. At the height of the tech boom, with investment offers rolling in, they turned to Goldman Sachs for financial advice. For a five million dollar fee, Goldman hooked them up with Lernout & Hauspie, the Belgium speech recognition company. After consultations with Goldman Sachs, the Bakers traded their company for $580 million in Lernout & Hauspie stock. But it turned out Lernout & Hauspie was involved in cooking their books and went bankrupt. Dragon was sold in a bankruptcy auction to Scansoft, and the Bakers lost everything. Goldman and Sachs itself had decided against investing in Lernout & Hauspie two years previous to this because they were lying about their Asian sales. The Bakers are suing for one billion dollars."

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Ron Paul on his Way to TAMPA! Plurality Achieved! Take the Podium!

No sweat with Nebraska;

Ron Paul already has Plurality in 6 states, and up to additional 5 more states in contest.


1.) COLORADO Ron Paul WINS! 18 to 16

2.) IOWA - Ron Paul WINS! 23 to 2

3.) LOUISIANA - Ron Paul WINS! 27 to 19

4.) MAINE - Ron Paul WINS! 21 -3

5.) MINNESOTA - Ron Paul WINS! 32 to 8

6.) NEVADA - Ron Paul WINS! 22 - 3

Ron Paul is on his way to Tampa!

We have TAKEN the Podium;

Ron Paul "IS" a Nominee for President of the United States of America! Under RNC Rules

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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

1996 TWA Flight 800 Shot Down in US Surface-to-Air Missile Test

Video link: TWA Flight 800 Shot Down by Surface-to-Air Missile

On 17 July 1996 TWA flight 800 exploded mid-air off Long Island New York. The official investigation claimed that the cause of the accident was due to an explosion in the empty centre fuel tank- but this is not true.

The clip above provides clear evidence that the FBI, NTSB and US military worked to suppress any evidence that pointed to a missile causing the crash. The reason: It was no terrorist missile but an errant US Navy Missile(s).

The video ends by stating that a "mysterious" ship sped from the crash area following the shootdown. We now know that the mysterious ship(s) were US Navy warships that had been conducting missile tests in the area.

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On the Edge with Max Keiser: Libor Rigging Crime

In this edition of the show Max interviews Ed Harrison from CreditWritedowns.com. He talks about the British lender Barclays' manipulation of Libor, a measure of how much banks charge each other for loans. Edward Harrison is a banking and finance specialist at the economic consultancy Global Macro Advisors focusing on global economics and corporate strategy. He was previously, a diplomat in the Foreign Service and a partner at the consultancy Lion Strategy Advisors, and worked in various consulting, strategy and M&A roles at Deutsche Bank, Bain Consulting, the Corporate Executive Board and Yahoo.

Ed Harrison provides great insight on how to think about the markets.

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George Carlin ~ The Illusion of Choice

George Carlin (1937-2008) discussing freedom of choice and social hysteria, taken from an interview with Tavis Smiley on PBS.

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Monday, 16 July 2012

Dangerous Game: 'US Almost Daring Iran to Strike First'

The US is piling fresh sanctions against Iran in a bid to crank up the pressure over the country's nuclear activities. The actions target companies accused of breaching a European ban on buying oil from Tehran. For more RT talks to Patricia DeGennaro - a professor of Politics at New York University.

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The Clinton Chronicles

A wake up call to those that think it is only the Republican side that is mired in corruption. The system has been subverted for a long time.

Please note that the present political system strongly favours those that will roll with the amoral big money games being played at the highest levels. Today Obama's actions highlight the problem more starkly than ever.

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Monsanto Threatens Europe

Is Monsanto waging war on the European Union? The notion isn’t as daft as you may think.

Genetically modified (GM) crops have pervaded the U.S. food supply for nearly twenty years, albeit incrementally and often inconspicuously.

But the European Union has shown much stronger resolve and skepticism against GM crops. As a result, mega-corporations like Monsanto haven’t made much headway into the European food supply.

Now, however, the EU is saying that they’ll change their position on GM crops and GMOs (genetically modified organisms), allowing foods to contain genetically modified components below certain levels.

Curiously, this comes just after a similar decision made last year, which permitted the incorporation of GM crops in animal feeds.

This is exactly the sort of incremental shift toward GMOs we observed here in the U.S. The question is, what’s going on with the EU’s change of mind?

It looks like the prime suspects here are the U.S. government, the World Trade Organization, and Monsanto.

According to the New American, Mercola.com cites U.S. diplomatic cables that indicate clear instances of collusion between Monsanto and the U.S. government to exert pressure on Europe in this matter.
Over in the UK, the Agriculture Biotechnology Council (ABC) published a report, “Going for Growth,” that strongly advocates GMOs as the route to advancing the region’s agricultural interests.

ABC is not really a government organization, as the New American notes, but the Council lobbies for Monsanto, Bayer, DuPont, and numerous other biotechnological companies

The Monsanto company is a menace to our society and should be taken down before it can cause any more harm.

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Iceland Has Hired An Ex-Cop To Hunt Down The Bankers That Wrecked Its Economy

If you were involved in Icelandic high finance in the runup to the recession, you might want to start watching your back.

That's because the government has appointed a white collar crime bounty hunter who wants to haul your behind in (alive, to be sure).

LeMonde reporter Charlotte Chabas has a profile of Ólafur Þór Hauksson, a former local police lieutenant whom the Iceland government appointed to track down individuals likely to have helped sink the country's banking sector during the credit crunch.


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Sunday, 15 July 2012

'Syrian Rebels Create Mayhem to Blame it on Assad Regime'

Moscow says those behind the latest massacre in Syria want to unleash sectarian violence and ignite full civil war. Over two hundred people are believed to have been killed in the central province of Hama. Both government and rebel forces blame each other for the slaughter - while the UN remains paralysed on whether to extend its observer mission, or impose sanctions. RT talks to author and Middle East expert Tariq Ali who joins me now from London.

There's a propaganda war underway. Beware uncritical reports about this conflict in the mainstream media. Propaganda of the sort that is lapped up in the mainstream leads to fully fledged war such as we saw with Iraq's fictional WMDs.

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VILE U.S. HYPOCRISY EXPOSED by Reporter doing his Job

Reporter dares to challenge U.S. foreign policy hypocrisy regarding ISRAEL & Syria..

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Silenced: TWA 800 and the Subversion of Justice

This documentary proves that the U.S. government-including the FBI and DOJ-are totally corrupt and involved in serious felony crime and the outrageous cover-up of truth concerning the mysterious crash of TWA Flight 800 on July 17, 1996. As you will see, Flight 800 was actually destroyed by a surface-to-air missile.

Every allegation made in this film is backed up with facts-none more dramatic than those that come from the Federal government itself. You'll learn what the 736 official eyewitnesses actually saw; why aviators reject the CIA "cartoon" explanation; how the Feds criminally suppressed reporting; the critical witness drawings; the rigged NTSB hearings; the damning radar data and documentation; the altered physical evidence; undeniable proof of explosive residue proving a missile strike; the stinging report from the machinist union; and much more!

Silenced: TWA 800 and the Subversion of Justice

G. M. | Myspace Video

I'm going to include this video in an upcoming summary post that'll appear on the 17th.

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Keiser Report (E314): Fraud Race

In this episode, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss the mainstream media joining the 'hang bankers' bandwagon, as it becomes increasingly obvious that the space race has been replaced with a fraud race and getting your Series 7 broker's license makes stealing a risk-free business proposition. In the second half of the show, Max talks to analyst and newslettter writer, Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics, about the derivatives complex as a price control grid and about the fact that every time the JP Morgan monster needs a feeding, something must die.

An excellent second half of the show that discusses market manipulation.

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Romney Caught Lying by SEC Forms: He was CEO, President, Chairman and Owner of Bain When He Claims He Wasn't

If running a successful campaign is largely keeping your opponent on the defensive, then Mitt Romney is in the political dog house - and it's his own fault, because he lied.

Let's step back up a second. The Obama campaign ran ads a short time ago and accused Romney of investing in firms that resulted in outsourcing jobs and increasing unemployment in the US. Romney claimed he was not responsible for his Bain vulture capital firm when this activity was taking place because he had left the company.

However, the Boston Globe revealed today (based on earlier stories in Talking Points Memo and Mother Jones):

Government documents filed by Mitt Romney and Bain Capital say Romney remained chief executive and chairman of the firm three years beyond the date he said he ceded control, even creating five new investment partnerships during that time.

Romney has said he left Bain in 1999 to lead the winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, ending his role in the company. But public Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) documents filed later by Bain Capital state he remained the firm's "sole stockholder, chairman of the board, chief executive officer, and president."

Also, a Massachusetts financial disclosure form Romney filed in 2003 states that he still owned 100 percent of Bain Capital in 2002. And Romney's state financial disclosure forms indicate he earned at least $100,000 as a Bain "executive" in 2001 and 2002, separate from investment earnings

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Saturday, 14 July 2012

War in August? US Sends Fourth Aircraft Carrier and Dozens of Underwater Drones Towards Iran

The US Navy has unexpectedly dispatched a fourth aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf, along with a fleet of underwater drones in what is being considered just the latest move in a series of escalations leading towards a potential war with Iran.

The deployment of dozens of small, unmanned submarine-like watercraft was confirmed by the Los Angeles Times this week, which cites military officials speaking on condition of anonymity.

This particular type of craft, unmanned SeaFox submersible, are reported to be sent to the Gulf so that the US military can detect and destroy any mines that may be planted in the waterway by Iranian officials if they escalate efforts to block the Strait of Hormuz, a strategically important narrow stretch of water that exists as an immensely important conduit for any resources being moved in or out of the Middle East

There is a LOT of US hardware in the region. War is likely either via pressure from the sanctions & intimidation -causing Iran to react- or from a false flag set up that mimics this scenario.

Related Info:

All roads lead to... Iran? 'War at core of MidEast turmoil'

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Population Reduction (Codex Alimentarius).

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Pennsylvanians for 911 Truth - Sign Up !

Welcome to Pennsylvanians for 9/11 Truth, a group for people from the Keystone State who question the official 9/11 story and other 9/11 activists wishing to post action alerts. In an effort to avoid the drama that comes from divisive issues in the 9/11 Truth Movement, e.g., what hit the Pentagon, directed-energy weapon theories, TV-fakery, etc., it is asked that postings are kept centered around Pennsylvania specific 9/11 truth events and activism ideas/reports. This type of activism related material is welcome from other states and countries as well, but the Group's central focus will be on Pennsylvania related items to the greatest extent possible.

All Pennsylvanians, as well as others, who are interested in the the range of topics pertaining to 9/11 Truth are cordially invited to join the Group and actively participate

If you want to lend support to PAfor911Truth then please go to the link above. This effort is part of the grassroots campaign being launched to organised people for truth activism in their local areas. Small or large groups of people working together CAN make a huge difference.

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Friday, 13 July 2012

'Arms & Cash Flow to Syria Rebels Must Stop to End Violence'

Political writer and activist Sara Flounders says violence in Syria will only stop if foreign support to the rebels stops first.

Related Info:

Syrian rebels aim to use chemical weapons, blame Damascus – report

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NATO's Secret Armies: Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe

An excellent overview of false flag terror in Europe with the admission that the staged attacks make it difficult to determine who is actually doing the killing.

It is likely that most of the terrorism is state sponsored. Pretty much all the recent events in the USA have involved the FBI.

Remember these acts constitute state sponsored murder. Many innocent people were killed.

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Keiser Report (E313): Ponzi Overdose

In this episode, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss the naked crime wave resulting from an overdose of synthetic stimulants like quantitative easing, bailouts and low interest rates. In the second half of the show Max talks to Ian Fraser of IanFraser.org about the Li(e)bor scandal and other banking crime waves emerging from the City of London.

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World Health Organization Fails In Its Effort To Defend Mercury In Vaccines Before United Nations

Bowing to pressure from the Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs (CoMeD, Inc.) and other organizations, the World Health Organization (WHO) revealed its 2004 guidelines on eliminating, reducing, and replacing Thimerosal in vaccines to public health officials worldwide.

WHO made its disclosure before the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) where it met unprecedented resistance to its defense of the use of neurotoxic mercury in vaccines. “This is a huge development,” says CoMeD’s Vice President, David Geier, while speaking at UNEP’s INC4 meeting.

INC4 met June 27-July 2 in Uruguay, to negotiate a global treaty on mercury. CoMeD and other nongovernmental organizations who participated strongly opposed the use of mercury in human medicines. More importantly, entire continents and many individual nations expressed their desire for mercury-free vaccines.

Moreover, CoMeD is putting intense pressure on the World Health Organization by actively assisting nations in banning Thimerosal-preserved vaccines. One of these nations, Chile, became the first developing country to stop this use of mercury in 2012.

Cristina Girardi, a member of the Chamber of Deputies of Chile, addressed the opening session of INC4 gathering. While speaking, she warned, “… to keep the mercury in vaccines is to endanger the vaccine program in a misguided effort to protect a known neurotoxin.”


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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Why the Media is Not Reporting the Truth on Fukushima?

Paul Gunter, Beyond Nuclear joins Thom Hartmann. For the first time since before last year's March earthquake and tsunami - a nuclear reactor in Japan is up and running again. Despite 200,000 protesters gathering last week in Central Tokyo to demonstrate against turning any nuclear reactors back on - reactor number three at the Oil nuclear plant in the Fukui Prefecture in Western Japan was officially flipped on Sunday night - restarting Japan's embrace of nuclear power. Many of the other 49 reactors that have been shut down since last year - are scheduled to be turned on again later this month. But scientists are warning that the plants still haven't been properly upgraded to withstand a strong earthquake and tsunami - like the one that took out the Fukushima plant, which is still in the midst of a nuclear crisis.

Last week - record levels of radiation were discovered inside reactor one at the plant. A lethal dose of more than 10,000 millisieverts an hour was registered in the reactor - that's ten times more radiation than in reactors two and three. According to the operators of the plant - TEPCO - workers are unable to enter the site due to the high levels of radiation

Those reactors are STILL spewing out harmful radioactive elements that are going to cause long term health problems. The north of Japan should have been evacuated in the first days and the reactors treated like what happened with Chernobyl.

Although the mainstream media has not been trumpeting the danger, it is still there. The great problem with low dose radiation is that it is invisible and the impact is relatively subtle. The fact that the authorities in Japan and the US are actively covering up the matter does not help people understand what is really going on.

Remember, nuclear testing in the atmosphere was banned in the 60s because of the danger from relatively tiny amounts of radioactive fallout from a few pounds/kilos of fissile material. Today we face the fallout from tonnes of burning radioactive material, stuff that has been reacting vigorously for more then a year.

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Petition: Properly Investigate the Crimes of 9/11

To be delivered to: The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama

We, the undersigned, demand that a full, unbiased, and open-ended criminal and legal investigation of the 9/11 crimes, with full subpeona power and open access to all evidence, be ordered to be conducted by a properly authorized court or grand jury for the purposes of determining legally and conclusively from the full evidence who was responsible and the cause of the involved loss of life, property, and subsequent damages and delivering full justice in regular accordance with the Constitutional guarantee of due process and fair trial.

Since there's extremely widespread doubt among the general population (from 40% to a majority in national polls) that the real story of 9/11 and who was responsible has been allowed to come out and is not covered up, we demand that a true, open-ended criminal investigation with full subpoena power and access to all evidence be conducted by a universally acceptable proper court or properly empaneled grand jury

The "investigations" we have been treated to thus far have been whitewashes. So much of the 911 Commission story is made up of almost certain falsehoods, while omitting important information, and the scientific NIST reports into the building collapses constitute unsubstantiated claims and heinous omissions of hard evidence.

All attempts at initiating a proper criminal investigation into these mass murders should be supported. Please sign up and take a moral stand against injustice and tyranny [see link above].

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President Obama: 9/11 Families Ask You to Watch “9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out”

WTC 7 Petition to the National Institute for Standards and Technology, U.S. Congress, and President Obama

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Keiser Report (E312): From Tommy Guns to Credit Guns

In this episode, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss bankers robbing Central Banks and governments because that's where the credit is and the modern Central Bank robbing banker uses his Tommy gun of choice - the derivative (along with the occasional 'accidental transfer'). In the second half of the show Max talks to Ellen Brown about the European Stability Mechanism as a permanent bailout fund for the rich.

An excellent interview with Ellen Brown about the ESM fund - a taxpayer money stealing scam.

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Max Keiser: TPP Secret Trade Deal with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

In this edition of the show Max interviews Dr. Paul Craig Roberts from paulcraigroberts.org. Dr. Paul C. Roberts is an economist, author and now a blogger at paulcraigroberts.com. He was an Assistant Treasury Secretary in Reagan Administration. The US economy, TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) secret trade deal, American and foreign powerful corporations, Dr. Robert's book entitled 'Silent Spring for US' and much issues are all discussed in this episode of On the Edge.

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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Everything They’re Telling Us About Syria….is False?

Friday, we read in the New York Times and elsewhere about one of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s most important supporters and allies having defected. The impression one gets is that Assad’s government is in a state of collapse— and this gives credibility to those pushing for Assad to turn over power.

But what the media are not mentioning is that Brigadier General Manaf Tlass did not defect directly from the Assad inner circle. He had already fallen into disfavor early in the uprising and lost his command in May 2011—14 months ago. If you had that additional piece of information, you would interpret the news reports in a totally different way.

When a piece of evidence that contradicts the overall impression is absent from the reportage, the reportage itself is almost worthless

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Putin: West Exports 'Airstrike Democracy' to Cling to Arab Influence

Russian President Vladimir Putin has criticized the West for clinging to its influence in the Arab world under the guise of "humanitarian operations." He dubbed western involvement in Arab affairs as nothing more than a "rocket and bomb democracy." At a meeting with top Russian diplomats Putin said that certain countries will do anything to retain the influence they have become accustomed to in the Arab world. He stressed that western nations often adopt a one-sided policy in Arab affairs that violates international law.

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China Shuns US And Invests Direct In Iran Oil-Fields

Between Clinton’s ‘prices to be paid’ and Obama’s new trade-war, is it any wonder the Chinese have decided to escalate their ‘more-than-rhetoric’ from bartering away from the USD. After ignoring the sanctions and then receiving their exemption, PressTV reports tonight that China is to invest in developing north and south Iranian oil fields (which will produce 700,000 barrels per day of crude). One of the oil fields, Azadegan, has one of the world’s largest oil deposits, with in-place oil reserves estimated at 42 billion barrels – enough to tide China over a for a while – as Iran’s Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi adds after 10-15 years of negotiations the decision has finally (and coincidentally very timely) been reached as “the Chinese side has started its activities by investing USD 20 billion in the oil fields”.

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CBS Reveals that Swine Flu Cases Seriously Overestimated

A three-month-long investigation by CBS News, released earlier this week that included state-by-state test results, revealed some very different facts. The CBS study found that H1N1 flu cases are NOT as prevalent as feared. A CBS article even states:

"If you've been diagnosed "probable" or "presumed" 2009 H1N1 or "swine flu" in recent months, you may be surprised to know this: odds are you didn't have H1N1 flu. In fact, you probably didn't have flu at all."

Obviously CBS News and the CDC are completely contradicting each other. So who is right?

Well, CBS reports that in late July 2009 the CDC advised states to STOP testing for H1N1 flu, and they also stopped counting individual cases.

Their rationale for this, according to CBS News, was that it was a waste of resources to test for H1N1 flu because it was already confirmed as an epidemic.

It's interesting to note that at the same time as the CDC decided the H1N1 epidemic warranted no further testing for cases due to its epidemic status, Finnish health authorities actually downgraded the threat of swine flu.

In late July the health ministry and the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) in Finland actually removed swine flu from a list of diseases considered dangerous to the public because the majority of cases recovered without medication or hospital care!

And, as the CDC continues to use fear to motivate and control Americans with their worst-case swine flu scenarios, they say nothing of the experience of those in the southern hemisphere, which just finished their flu season and found it was not as bad as expected

The article goes on to mention that there are ties to CDC administrators and the vaccine industry. There were news articles during the time of the swine flu scare that pointed out this connection and the puzzling plus misleading actions taken by the CDC.

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