Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Mitt Romney Scared Ron Paul is Winning

In relation to the above, I am guessing that part of the reason Paul is winning delegates, even though he lost in the earlier voting, is because the vote count had been rigged. In many places it was incredible to think that Paul had so little support despite the fact that he apparently had so many people turn out to back him. The media meme on this was simply that Paul only had strong support from young people and an Internet presence. Ron Paul's message is very popular.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, May 29th, 2012.]

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steven andresen said...


The fact that Paul seems to be winning delegates in states where he lost general elections is because he has an organization that can stick around and win these delegates during the party conventions or caucus process.

The fact that in many states he did not win the general elections may be because in some of those elections there was some fraud.

I think the one is not related to the other. I suspect the general elections were easier to fix. The Romney people are not so well organized that they can rig elections and pack caucus conventions.

I wonder how they are planning to minimize the Paulist vote during their convention? This has to be one of the parts of the campaign that the Paul campaign has to prepare for.