Monday, 14 May 2012

The Gulf is STILL not OK

More than two years after the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history, no one - absolutely NO ONE (in the mainstream media, that is) will report on the actual conditions in the areas where oil is still washing up.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, May 14th, 2012.]


steven andresen said...


Just because the economy is going to collapse doesn't mean the Congress, the President, or anyone else can do anything about it. The woman who made this video seems to assume that the government, and BP, are avoiding doing what needs to be done to save the coastal residents, the Gulf and its animal and plant populations, and so forth.

Maybe the government and BP, realize something that the woman advocating for the Gulf has not. That is, given the way the world works, it's capitalist presumptions, for example, there is no way to prevent the economic collapse of the United States, there is no way to save the Gulf or its populations, and there is no way to save this woman's friends, no matter how much money could be allocated to do so.

Hence, the government and BP are doing the next best thing, from their point of view. They are trying to make people think that things are being done and that stuff is improving. They are promoting this illusion because otherwise people would panic, and that would be worse.

Doesn't this explain what's going on down there?


SpookyOne said...


I'd say, from the Gov & BP point of view, that they are doing the best thing. But for the people living in the Gulf, it is definitely not the best thing for them.

They are stalling on compensation, not warning people of the dangers, not engaging in a massive clean up action vs the massive disaster etc. Although the authorities might not be able to "save" the Gulf, there is a lot they could be doing but are not.

If the authorities think that the US will collapse, then that is up to them. I think it is understandable that the victims here are kicking up a fuss. Some of them are likely to get sick from the oil and corexit. Some might die.

The US has not collapsed yet, and nothing is being done. A political revolt against the oppressors is long overdue.


steven andresen said...


Part of what I'm saying is that the powers that be do not think the place is salvageable and this is why they decide to kick the problems down the road instead of dealing with them now.

The people don't think of revolting for several reasons. One is the fact that the government spends a trillion dollars a year on military/intelligence operations just to prevent that very scenario.

Part of that effort is the argument pushed that the country's democratic institutions will come up with some solution eventually. So, if the place was seen as a feudal state, run from the top, without meaningful input by the 99%, then revolt might be thought about more seriously by the 99%. But, as we are about to have elections, and there's stuff on television, and the weather is nice outside, people will not go to that trouble.

There is also the idea that revolt in the U.S. would be a bloody affair, where current police brutality is used as a cautionary tale to the wise.

No one really has a good solution to the dilemma, where our choices are between feudal serfdom verses the brutal suppression of citizen movements by the military, police, and spook community.