Friday, 18 May 2012

The Elite Are Digging Their Own Grave

Alex welcomes long-time returning guest and contributing writer Dr. Paul Craig Roberts to discuss the impact of the Euro's instability on world markets amidst looming fears of Greece's departure. They'll also touch on why governments feel compelled to blame events like 9/11, the Euro decline, and other manufactured crises on scapegoats.

Accountability left the government a long time ago ... good comment from Roberts.

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steven andresen said...


Roberts has a pretty good idea of the predicament we are in.

I think he's correct that the elites don't have complete control as they will push one thing, like de-industrialization, and then, in order to appease the military-industrial sector, they'll push a war with those very countries where all our industrial jobs have been sent.

I also think he's correct that there will be conflict between an armed citizenry and the DHS. He's correct that at some point the DHS will try to take away the guy's guns. But, in order to do this, they won't go house to house. They will try to make it seem like to these guys they should or have to give them up themselves.

Maybe there will be plots uncovered showing that there are domestic extremists with guns who are bent on killing random citizens, so people have to give up their guns...or maybe work with the government in militias to seek out, expose, and take down, these domestic extremists in the environmental, animal rights, and organic food groups. However they try to do it, it won't be simply going house to house.

I am troubled by what he said about cases where bystanders might resist police who are engaged in beating some homeless person to death. The police will start shooting back. So, that kind of resistance will come to grief very quickly, I fear.

When the students were killed by the National Guard at Kent State, I was told, the resistance to the War changed. They because less confrontational. I think any such confrontation between bystanders and the police will change people. It won't stop police from beating people, or shooting people for no reason, but it will change people in other ways.

Maybe people will vote no more readily on any and all spending measures, if elections continue to be held. Maybe people won't think to call the police when they are themselves confronted with violence. They'll start using their own guns to deal with things.

It's hard to say what will develop once it's seen that the police are crazed gunslingers more like deputized hoodlums than anything else.

And, Roberts was correct that these consequences are unforeseen, but will develop from the changes the elites have been pushing to allow themselves more effective ways to loot and pillage.