Friday, 16 March 2012

GOP Intimidation of Ron Paul Delegates

If you've ever been a Ron Paul delegate, you know that the GOP central committees will employ every trick in the book to avoid having to seat Ron Paul delegates. They will freely ignore their own bylaws, apply rules in such a manner as to only exclude Paul delegates, and will liberally employ intimidation tactics through verbal abuse, and even physical manhandling of delegates.

In the end, if everything else fails, they'll attempt to get you to switch your vote by begging you to be a "team player" and by claiming that Romney is electable and that your dissent will keep Obama in power.

They did it in 2008, and some Ron Paul delegates switched their vote to the "electable" John McCain at the national convention

Just remember that voting for Romney in 2012 is the SAME as voting for Obama.
Vote for Ron Paul and no one else.

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