Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Tepco Admits that Radiation Levels from Fukushima Are RISING

TEPCO has just announced - Radiation being emitted from Fukushima is 70 million becquerels per hour - It is increasing - Up 12 million from last month.
You notice reactor 3 (Mox fuel) has been releasing the most radiation in TEPCO's announcement?

I posted about reactor 3 last week and it being in trouble.

We also know from a Fukushima insider that reactor 4 has been boiling.

Oh, I am sure they will tell everyone that there is no real radiation problem. But they don't give a damn at TEPCO, because as they see it and are telling the courts, once the radiation leaves their plant, it is no longer theirs. When it lands on people's property it is then the owner of that property's radiation. They don't have to clean it up or anything. One court in Japan thought that argument was correct the the person that brought the lawsuit against TEPCO lost in court for his land being made toxic.

Let's face it Japan's government will never stand up for the people. They are going to let their people die horrible deaths. They hide the radiation and they ridicule the people who are concerned about it.

The U.S. and Canada are no better. They have shut down radiation sensors in California. They have lied about the radiation saying it did not make it over to the U.S., the media is ignoring Fukushima.

This is Worse than Chernobyl. In time the terrible consequences of this disaster will reveal themselves. Those involved in the cover-up will forever be remembered as being criminally negligent (or worse) in the face of this crisis.

The Fukushima reactors MUST be entombed as quickly as possible. The fission products must be contained to that site !

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steven andresen said...


The presumption is, I believe, that the consequences of Fukushima radiation in sickness and deaths will occur long after any of the current politicians and wealth managers will have left the scene, so, there is now no reason for anyone to be making changes in the money making industries that might lead to loss of profits.

It isn't just that there are consequences. The problem is that you can also ask the question whether one has to worry about those consequences now.

I believe the masters are putting off until later anything that they can.

So, if Jesus comes before the shit hits the fan, then no one rich has to suffer needlessly.