Sunday, 8 January 2012

25 Predictions for 2012 - 2015

#1 - The European Union breaks apart
#2 - Israel attacks Iran, then blames Iran
#3 - Oil prices briefly surpass $200 a barrel
#4 - Social unrest spreads across America
#5 - A new crime wave sweeps across western nations
#6 - Gun sales beat all previous records
#7 - Gold prices break through $2500 / ounce
#8 - Real unemployment exceeds Great Depression era levels
#9 - The collapse of food pollinators continues
#10 - Major bank failures rock the world
#11 - FDIC goes bankrupt
#13 - Local Sheriffs and police rage against the machine
#15 - There is a small chance of a military coup in America
#17 - The TSA will stage a terror event in order to justify its own existence
#18 - The next pandemic will be spread by scientists working for the vaccine manufacturers
#19 - Fukushima will produce another massive radiation release
#21 - The U.S. government will stage an online hacking attack against a hospital
#22 - Martial Law will be declared in America
#23 - Economic collapse will lead to FEMA camps cranking up

I think there is a high likelihood of some sort of global bioweapon release - a modified bird flu perhaps started in China (an opponent of the US military industrial complex).

Also, the initial damage done to the world from Fukushima has not fully revealed itself. Tiny amounts of ingested material are highly hazardous to one's health and the health of one's offspring. We are likely to see a large increase death rates in Northern Japan (inc. Tokyo) and other areas of the planet where there was fallout.

Certainly look out for attempts to control the Internet. The criminals running things are fighting a losing battle out here. This action will be somewhat unnecessary if there is a global pandemic.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, January 8th, 2012.]


steven andresen said...


I think that just as there is a plunge protection team to manipulate the stock market so it doesn't look so bad and cause an economic downturn, there must be similar teams to manipulate the job figures, the health figures, how many houses appear to be selling, where crime is, and so on. Many of these predictions may come to pass in part or full-blown, but because of these teams manipulations, we won't know about it.

I think we might see the evacuation of much of Japan. If the people come to understand their danger they will leave. I imagine many will try to move to the U.S. where they have relatives.

I think there has already been a military coup in the United States, or at least a "cold civil war" between various groups fighting for control of the purse. I remember hearing discussions of this kind of covert conflict a decade ago. It's about whether the military sucks out so much that other crooks can't get a big enough share of the pie.

I predict a collapse of the system of higher education because it becomes clear that there are no jobs available in this country that would allow graduates who have great school debts to pay back their loans. The promise that a college degree gets you a job will become clearly unsustainable. So, I'd say half of all universities will go belly up, or cut back their campus offerings 50%.

I think education in the US will transition to a two tiered system with few places for the rich, and large numbers of technical schools training people to fix toilets and flip burgers.

The question that arises when it is suggested that matrtial law or economic collapse will occur is what does one suspect might have gone on in the world at the same time. So, maybe the world starts to stand up for itself and refuses to go along with the US military's bullying. Then, we will see martial law. The military will argue that we have to protect ourselves from citizens who may turn ttrators and be working for the world who is then our enemy.

I don't think FEMA camps will be used. Rather, I think whole sections of the country will be isolated. No transportation in or out unless heavily vetted. So, one won't be able to travel across the country without having one's papers. And if you leave the country you won't be able to take your wealth. etc.

Rather than FEMA camps, I see people being rationed their food and energy because otherwise the cost of these commodities will be too much for most people to afford. Price controls...I guess that's what I mean.



Spookypunkos said...

Very interesting observations.

A lot of what happens, as you said, depends on specific incidents that occur. Some things have already become so bad that it seems like a matter of time before there is a crisis - like student loans used to fund universities etc etc.

Grimness indeed !