Saturday, 24 December 2011

UK Blocks Bid for Public Inquest into Kelly's Case

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steven andresen said...


there's an argument here about whether government should be allowed to investigate matters concerning its own credibility and honesty.

I lived in an Oregon City where there were then and still are tax abatement zones. These are areas where the government has the ability to make special decisions about what taxes paid by properties within the zones are used for. So, if the City government decides that the taxes paid withing this district should be used for developing business infrastructure, and not for much of anything else, then there's a big push to have that done.

I was one of several activists who thought that the plan devised for a certain one of these districts was too short sighted, likely to fail, and seemed to run rough-shop over the processes that the rest of the City had to go through to develop business or other kinds of plans.

So, we tried getting a ballot measure passed. It turns out that the City is in control of how these ballot measures are worded on the voting ballots. It's a big issue to have a measure described fairly, as it seems there are many ways to make a measure seem bad.

It seemed to us unfair that a measure intended to challenge the city's plans would be controlled by operatives of the city on ballots.

The same problem has arisen with Dr. Kelly's inquest. The people pushing for a fair hearing on his death have to go up against a government that is itself being questioned by these efforts.

There seems at this time no awareness that if government's are allowed to smash up their opponents this way, things are only going to get worse.