Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Aspartame IS Poison

Even Fox News can report fairly on the effects of Aspartame on the human body. It's time to wake up people. These are not just conspiracy theories, care about your own health at least.

Environmental contamination is a real danger to the people. Subtle effects on individuals are hard to detect but that does not mean nothing is happening.

If you can, don't drink or eat stuff with this Aspartame in it. There have been no proper studies to show that it is safe, only animal tests that have shown it was harmful. See here for more info.
Also: here is a tip against disinformation material concerning Aspartame for you. I have not done extensive research but I smell a rat here:

Backstory: In 2007 there was an extensive review of Aspartame by an expert panel that deemed it safe. Many people will cite this as damning evidence against all the "fear mongering." However, the study, was sponsored by the Aspartame industry. Supporters of the study will tell you that it was unbiased because the panel was chosen by a third party, and not the chemical company itself. However, the link above indicates that this third party might not have been as neutral as claimed.

Moreover, it appears, from review of the study itself, that the expert panel members glossed over research that found problems with Aspartame.

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