Monday, 12 December 2011

All Of Ron Paul's Responses At The ABC Iowa GOP Debate

A great performance by Paul. Check it out.

This guy is the only one of the bunch that is not bought out or corrupted.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, December 12th, 2011.]


steven andresen said...


Paul says that our democracy is based on tolerance and non-violence. I commend this view, as being very attractive.

However, he's so much a Pollyanna who sees nothing but the good in people, and blinds himself to the bad around him. I think that he is the advocate of the Confederacy that would have a small inconsequential federal government as opposed to the bloated federal government we have now, or had even in the early 1800's. Yet, with such a small powerless federal government I can see nothing but bad things coming to us as a country. The Confederacy could do nothing to stop or root out slavery. If we had a confederate government now, we would have no way to protect people from the power of corporations who would take advantage of us from then on.

Corporations took over control of democratic institutions even when those institutions were tasked with the job of protecting the people from those institutions. I can only suppose that if those institutions were eliminated or reduced in size and power there would be no impediment at all protecting the people from whatever the corporations wanted to do to make a buck and preserve control over world events.

Shouldn't we ask Rep. Paul questions about what his Constitutional government, limited by libertarian principles, do when the corporations want to dismember the country for their benefit?

I see that he is asked questions, but only ones which make him seem different from what Republican voters seem to want in their candidates. The media thinks he will get fewer votes if people know better what he says. This is because the media thinks that people want the country to be the policeman to the world. They think Republican voters would be appalled at anyone who would want to actually reduce the size of government tomorrow.

I think it doesn't matter what he says about foreign or domestic policy. If he guts the federal government and eliminates the only watchdog on corporate power, whatever good he could do will be entered with his bones, and the bad will live on as the Confederate States of America.

Spookypunkos said...


I think it is essential that the questions you propose should be put to Paul.

I would like to think that Paul would not bail out the corporations, and cover for their acts of fraud, their violations of people's privacy, their pollution of individual property etc, and he would use the Federal Government to protect the interests of the people in those regards.

I'd hope that Paul would recognise the negative influence of corporations, bribing Congress, that he would be pro-active in addressing this situation.

I would suspect that the reforms Paul proposes would not be fully implemented and we might see a "more reasonable" taxing/spending/anti-corrutpion/looking after the interests of the individual, balance come into existence.