Friday, 25 November 2011

Shock: 100 Million Americans In Poverty or Right on the Edge

We can play these “recovery” games in the media all we want, but the truth is starkly different from what our benevolent leadership would have us believe.

If the abhorrent unemployment numbers, the nearly 50 million on government food assistance, dwindling savings accounts, collapsing real estate values, and negative economic growth (when adjusted for inflation) are not enough to convince you that we are in a long-term depressionary cycle, then maybe these latest statistics of “near poor” Americans will:

"Down but not quite out, these Americans form a diverse group sometimes called “near poor” and sometimes simply overlooked — and a new count suggests they are far more numerous than previously understood.

When the Census Bureau this month released a new measure of poverty, meant to better count disposable income, it began altering the portrait of national need. Perhaps the most startling differences between the old measure and the new involves data the government has not yet published, showing 51 million people with incomes less than 50 percent above the poverty line. That number of Americans is 76 percent higher than the official account, published in September. All told, that places 100 million people — one in three Americans — either in poverty or in the fretful zone just above it."

Whether or not you want to dispute what should be considered a level of poverty in the US, the FACT that near to 50 million US citizens are on food stamps should be a wake up call to any sane observer.

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steven andresen said...


"...a wake up call..."

I am puzzled about this idea that the American people are asleep and some event or development in their world would somehow "wake them up."

I am puzzled because it seems there have been so many changes, so many "bad" turnings, that if they haven't already awoken, nothing will wake them up.

Nothing, apparently, woke up the Germans...

And I believe the military defense and HSD are there to prevent any effective resistance. So, even if the population awakens, to some extent, there will be soldiers to shoot them, or rough 'em up enough to "keep the peace."

I don't think it's enough to hope for some awakening without also hearing about what anyone could do about the tyranny.

SpookyPunkos said...


I was recently in an argument with someone who was quoting GDP numbers and saying the US was in good shape.

I know that these GDP figures are skewed because of how they calculate inflation. I think this poverty analysis is a better judge of the country.

This inspired the "wake up call" comment.

I think the widespread reaction to the OWS was a good sign that people are at least thinking of fighting against the system.

At the moment many people are working out what needs to be done to get better outcomes for the general population.

Some pundits, like Dylan Ratigan, have pointed out that the Congress is bought. That's a good start.

It's a learning process.

Spook !