Wednesday, 30 November 2011

'Anthrax Isn't Scary at All Compared to This': Man-Made Flu Virus with Potential to Wipe Out Many Millions is Created in Research Lab

A group of scientists is pushing to publish research about how they created a man-made flu virus that could potentially wipe out civilisation.

The deadly virus is a genetically tweaked version of the H5N1 bird flu strain, but is far more infectious and could pass easily between millions of people at a time.

The research has caused a storm of controversy and divided scientists, with some saying it should never have been carried out.

There are people in the military and the Government that would consider a Global Pandemic to be a useful geopolitical tool. The reasoning would follow that third world countries (read resource rich, "carbon polluting"), with poor health systems, would suffer more heavily if a lethal pathogen was introduced into their population. In the aftermath of such a disaster Western countries would more easily be able to assert their influence.

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