Wednesday, 30 November 2011

9/11 Truth Versus The BBC

Debunking the BBC's Conspiracy Files and Conspiracy Road Trip hitpieces.

A Great video that demolishes the propaganda put out by the BBC. Notice that the arguments made by the skeptics groups and mainstream media rest on generalised portrayals of what they think is reality and the misrepresentation of specific facts.

Remember we are stuck in an ENDLESS war on terror, and no matter how many "bad guys" are killed or imprisoned, there will always be more terror attacks, and consequent wars, because our own side is running the game. Only the truth about 911 will end the War on Terror ! Share this video with your friends.

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Cesium from Fukushima Plant Fell All Over Japan

Radioactive substances from the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant have now been confirmed in all prefectures, including Uruma, Okinawa Prefecture, about 1,700 kilometers from the plant, according to the science ministry.

The ministry said it concluded the radioactive substances came from the stricken nuclear plant because, in all cases, they contained cesium-134, which has short half-life of two years.

Before the March 11 Great East Japan Earthquake, radioactive substance were barely detectable in most areas.

If radioactive iodine, with a half life of about 8 days can lead to thyroid cancer then it is likely that caesium 134 will also cause damage. However, caesium 137 is also present, and that substance has a half life of 30 years. The trouble for Japan has only just begun.

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'Anthrax Isn't Scary at All Compared to This': Man-Made Flu Virus with Potential to Wipe Out Many Millions is Created in Research Lab

A group of scientists is pushing to publish research about how they created a man-made flu virus that could potentially wipe out civilisation.

The deadly virus is a genetically tweaked version of the H5N1 bird flu strain, but is far more infectious and could pass easily between millions of people at a time.

The research has caused a storm of controversy and divided scientists, with some saying it should never have been carried out.

There are people in the military and the Government that would consider a Global Pandemic to be a useful geopolitical tool. The reasoning would follow that third world countries (read resource rich, "carbon polluting"), with poor health systems, would suffer more heavily if a lethal pathogen was introduced into their population. In the aftermath of such a disaster Western countries would more easily be able to assert their influence.

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George W. Bush Cancels Visit to Swiss Charity Gala over Fears he could be Arrested on Torture Charges

Former U.S. President George W. Bush has cancelled a visit to Switzerland over fears he could have been arrested on torture charges.

Mr Bush was due to be the keynote speaker at a Jewish charity gala in Geneva on February 12.

But pressure has been building on the Swiss government to arrest him and open a criminal investigation if he enters the country.

Criminal complaints against Mr Bush alleging torture have been lodged in Geneva, court officials said.

It would be nice to see an Interpol arrest warrant for Bush and others involved in authorising torture. One must live in hope !

And never forget these neocons are, in my opinion, unindicted War criminals. Just because they were leaders of the USA should mean nothing when determining their guilt. It is their actions that one should judge.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Judge Andrew Napolitano: What if ...?

The Judge questions whether our constitution means anything anymore..

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Who Owns Your Home - "NOT YOU"!

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MOXNEWS Attacked, Stand Up for Citizen Media.

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Keiser Report (E215 ft. Danny Schechter): Unemploy Wall Street

This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss unemployed Wall Streeters looking for financial firms that practice 'integrity and honesty' and hedge fund managers crying 'boohoo' that JP Morgan has seized their MF Global funds. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Danny Schechter about plunder, the crime of our time, inspiring an economic justice movement.

A great episode on the system and how the 0.01% are now eating up the 1%.

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Russia's Mars Probe Starts Making Regular Contact

If the probe can be revived, NBC News space analyst James Oberg said it could rank as "the biggest 'space rescue' since Apollo 13, Skylab and the iceberg space station Salyut 7."

Now what?

It's not clear what options are still available for continuing Phobos-Grunt's mission. Some reports from Russia have suggested that the opportunity for a round trip to Phobos and back has already been lost. Davydov, however, said Russian engineers had until the end of the month to fix the probe's engines and send it on a path to Phobos.

Russian scientists could fix the problem if the probe failed because of a software flaw, but some experts think that the failure was rooted in hardware that's difficult to fix.

Even if Phobos-Grunt could no longer execute its sample return mission, it could still conceivably take on a one-way trip to Mars and its moon, or head for a different destination, such as Earth's moon or an asteroid. That assumes, of course, that Phobos-Grunt's onboard systems can be fully revived.

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Monday, 28 November 2011

Senate Moves To Allow Military To Intern Americans Without Trial

The Senate is set to vote on a bill next week that would define the whole of the United States as a “battlefield” and allow the U.S. Military to arrest American citizens in their own back yard without charge or trial.

“The Senate is going to vote on whether Congress will give this president—and every future president — the power to order the military to pick up and imprison without charge or trial civilians anywhere in the world. The power is so broad that even U.S. citizens could be swept up by the military and the military could be used far from any battlefield, even within the United States itself,” writes Chris Anders of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office.

It is my understanding that President Obama has the power to VETO such a bill. A failure to stop this legislation will confirm who ths guy is working for. There is no need for such a Law in order to "protect" the public. Detention without trial is unconstitutional and simply unjust.

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Keiser Report (E214): Corruptify!

This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss taxpayers in the West being pepper-sprayed with toxic debts while in China fraudsters receive five fingers of death. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Gregor Macdonald about Warren Buffett's investment in Japan and the cost benefit analysis of the energy policy of invading resource rich nations in order to liberate their oil.

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What's Killing America? U.S. Ranks 28th in Life Expectancy (Lower than Chile and Greece) While it Pays the MOST for Health Care

A new survey on health care is revealing that you may not be getting what you pay for if you check into a U.S. hospital.

The U.S. healthcare system is more effective at delivering high costs than quality care than other developed nations, according to the study, conducted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, or OECD.

It found first-rate treatment for cancer but insufficient primary care for other ailments.

The study said Americans pay more than $7,900 per person for healthcare each year - far more than any other OECD country - but still die earlier than their peers in the industrialized world

Rule by corporations over the common people tends to jack up the prices !

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Climategate 2.0: Medieval Warm Period Tough to Erase

How does one erase 300 years of inconvenient warming?

From the Climategate 2.0 e-mail collection, someone named Pollack (possibly alarmist Henry Pollack)

"But it will be very difficult to make the MWP [Medieval Warm Period] go away in Greenland."

That Pollack guy was right. Glacial data from around the world, not just in Greenland, points to a warmer period around this time.

The material here indicates that this group of scientists, working together, have been manipulating the data concerning the climate- both past and present. Visit and click on their "climategate" tag to see more examples.

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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Paul Craig Roberts: The Roads To War And Economic Collapse

November 23, 2011: The day before the Thanksgiving holiday brought three extraordinary news items. One was the report on the Republican presidential campaign debate. One was the Russian President’s statement about his country’s response to Washington’s missile bases surrounding his country. And one was the failure of a German government bond auction.

As the presstitute media will not inform us of what any of this means, let me try.

With the exception of Ron Paul, the only candidate in either party qualified to be the president of the US, the rest of the Republican candidates are even worse than Obama, a president who had the country behind him but sold out the American people to special interests.

No newly elected president in memory, neither John F. Kennedy nor Ronald Reagan, had the extraordinary response to his election as Barack Obama. A record-breaking number of people braved the cold to witness his swearing in ceremony. The mall was filled for miles distant from the Capitol with Americans who could not see the ceremony except as televised on giant screens.

Obama had convinced the electorate that he would end the wars, stop the violation of law by the US government, end the regime of illegal torture, close the torture prison of Guantanamo, and attend to the real needs of the American people rather than stuff the pockets of the military/security complex with taxpayers’ money.

Once in office, Obama renewed and extended the Bush/Cheney/neoconservative wars.

He validated the Bush regime’s assaults on the US Constitution. He left Wall Street in charge of US economic policy, he absolved the Bush regime of its crimes, and he assigned to the American people the financial cost necessary to preserve the economic welfare of the mega-rich.

One would think such a totally failed president would be easy to defeat. Given an historic opportunity, the Republican Party has put before the electorate the most amazingly stupid and vile collection of prospects, with the exception of Ron Paul who does not have the party’s support, that Americans have ever seen.

In the November 22 presidential “debate,” the candidates, with the exception of Ron Paul, revealed themselves as a collection of ignorant warmongers who support the police state. Gingrich and Cain said that Muslims “want to kill us all” and that “all of us will be in danger for the rest of out lives.”

Bachmann said that the American puppet state, Pakistan, is “more than an existential threat.” Bachmann has no idea what is “more than an existential threat.”

However, it sounded heavy, like an intellectual thing to say for the candidate who previously declared the long-defunct Soviet Union to be today’s threat to the US.

Unfortunately for Americans and the world, the US electorate lacks the intelligence and awareness of their plight as denizens of a police state to elect Ron Paul, the last defender together with Rep. Dennis Kucinich of the US Constitution. Nevertheless, there would be a silver lining in one of the Republican morons being elected president of the “world’s only superpower.” Once the rest of the world realized that a war-crazed idiot had his or her finger on the nuclear button, the rest of the world would organize and close down the Washington horror before it destroys life on earth.

Any sentient American who watched or read about the Republican presidential debate must wonder what there is to be thankful for as the national holiday approaches

Another great article by Roberts. Please continue reading through to the end at the link.

We are all fighting against a corrupted system.

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EU Bans Naked Body Scanners Because of Cancer Risk, US Continues to Coerce Travelers Through Them

(NaturalNews) The European Commission has issued new guidelines for the use of naked body scanners at European airports. Only scanners that use millimeter wave technology, a type of low-energy radio wave that does not cause radioactive damage, will be permitted for use in the EU -- the backscatter X-ray variety commonly used in the US will be off limits due to safety concerns.

Unlike the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which continues to insist that the backscatter machines are safe, EU regulators have admitted that this is not the case. Not only are these ionizing radiation machines now restricted throughout Europe, but the use of even millimeter wave machines also continues to remain optional for nation states that choose to use them.

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BPA Blood Levels Spike by 1,200 Percent After Eating Canned Foods

New research from Harvard University has found that eating canned soup can spike your urinary bisphenol A (BPA) levels by 1,200 percent compared to fresh soup. Described as “one of the first to quantify BPA levels in humans after ingestion of canned foods,” the study examines the volume in which cancer-causing BPA contaminates canned goods across the world.

The research appears in the Journal of the American Medical Association November issue. BPA of course has been linked to countless diseases, including breast cancer and fertility defects that can lead to infertility. In fact 130 studies have been conducted on the link between BPA and breast cancer alone — all of which confirmed the relationship.

BPA Content of Canned Foods may Surpass Plastic Products

Harvard researchers not only identified the massive amount of BPA present in canned foods, but they also compared the content to BPA levels present in water bottles and other plastic containers.

What they found was quite shocking: it appears that canned foods may be presenting an even greater risk to your health than many plastics due to the extremely high BPA content. This is also particularly true due to the widespread usage of canned goods, which are a staple in the diet of many individuals worldwide.

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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Russia Arms Syria With Missiles To Defend Against NATO Attack

We now know what those six Russian warships that reportedly entered Syrian territorial waters last week were carrying. Aside from representing a show of strength to discourage NATO powers from launching a military attack, on board were Russian technical experts ready to help Damascus set up a sophisticated missile defense system sold to them by Moscow.

“Russian warships that have reached waters off Syria in recent days were carrying, among other things, Russian technical advisors who will help the Syrians set up an array of S-300 missiles Damascus has received in recent weeks, a report in the London-based Arabic language Al Quds-Al Arabi said Thursday. Citing sources in Syria and Russia, the paper said that Moscow sees a Western attack on Syria as a “red line” that it will not tolerate,” reports Arutz Sheva

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War Crimes Tribunal Tries Bush, Blair

The tribunal will determine whether the former US president and British prime minister committed war crimes and violated international law during the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal is an initiative by Malaysia's former Premier Mahathir Mohamad, who staunchly opposes US-led military adventures in various troubled regions.

The hearing comes after two years of in-depth investigation, including testimonials from Iraqi war victims by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission.

According to the Kuala Lumpur War Commission, both Bush and Blair had participated in the formulation of executive orders and directives to exclude the applicability of all international conventions and laws.

There was no faulty intelligence on Iraq's WMDS. Bush and Blair's lot cooked up a non-existant threat so the War could be semi-jusitified. Starting wars is a War Crime and they need to face criminal prosecution.

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Using OBAMA'S own words against him. They claim repression ONLY when it suits their needs but, it does not apply to our own land.

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Keiser Report (E213): Big Bad Banks

Every week Max Keiser looks at all the scandal behind the financial news headlines. This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss the Koch Brothers and MF Global and Northern Rock and Richard Branson's blonde hair and big, shiny teeth. In the second half of the show, Max talks to independent radio journalist Richard Thomas about Occupy LSX, poll tax riots and financial apartheid.

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Friday, 25 November 2011

Fukushima is 33 Times Worse Than Chernobyl

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology published the soil contamination data of 60 km area from Fukushima plants.

The data was taken from 6/1/2011 ~ 11/22/2011.

Though it’s only about I-131, Cs-134, Cs-137 mainly,the result shows the worst contaminated area in Fukushima is 33 times worse than Chernobyl. It proves Fukushima is something nobody has ever gone through.

In Chernobyl, area contaminated worse than 1,480,000 bq/m2 was defined as the worst red zone, “immediate mandatory evacuating area.”

In Fukushima, Namiemachi, 22km north west to Fukushima plants is contaminated, which they measured 760,000 bq/kg (Cs-134 + Cs-137). It equals to 49,400,000 bq/m2.

Fukushima is “the next level” of Chernobyl apparently

If the data is correct then the death toll will be substantial and it will build more rapidly than what we saw in the wake of Chernobyl. Everyone needs to understand what has happened, and what is still happening, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

So far the relatively lackluster response has resulted in a slowed "clean up" process, which should have been a Global effort from day one. Furthermore, not enough preventative measures have been taken for those in the fallout areas. There has been no proper food quarantine, limited radiation testing (including in the US West Coast fallout zone), and only localised evacuations in places of direct proximity to the reactors (and none of Tokyo).

It looks like this disaster will be one of those very harsh lessons for humanity - where we are shown to be more intelligent than we are wise.

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Paul Craig Roberts: GOP Debate is an Amazing Collection of Stupidity [sans Ron Paul]

Last night's GOP debate focused on foreign policy and national security. The presidential hopefuls debated topics from the Patriot Act to the roll of the TSA, while some critical topics were avoided such as the Eurozone and Iran. Doctor Paul Craig Roberts, former Reagan administration official and columnist, gives us his thoughts on the GOP debate.

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Olbermann Calls For Mayor Bloomberg's Resignation Because Of His Fake Terror Plot

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Shock: 100 Million Americans In Poverty or Right on the Edge

We can play these “recovery” games in the media all we want, but the truth is starkly different from what our benevolent leadership would have us believe.

If the abhorrent unemployment numbers, the nearly 50 million on government food assistance, dwindling savings accounts, collapsing real estate values, and negative economic growth (when adjusted for inflation) are not enough to convince you that we are in a long-term depressionary cycle, then maybe these latest statistics of “near poor” Americans will:

"Down but not quite out, these Americans form a diverse group sometimes called “near poor” and sometimes simply overlooked — and a new count suggests they are far more numerous than previously understood.

When the Census Bureau this month released a new measure of poverty, meant to better count disposable income, it began altering the portrait of national need. Perhaps the most startling differences between the old measure and the new involves data the government has not yet published, showing 51 million people with incomes less than 50 percent above the poverty line. That number of Americans is 76 percent higher than the official account, published in September. All told, that places 100 million people — one in three Americans — either in poverty or in the fretful zone just above it."

Whether or not you want to dispute what should be considered a level of poverty in the US, the FACT that near to 50 million US citizens are on food stamps should be a wake up call to any sane observer.

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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Tarpley: Snipers are Randomly Shooting at Syrian Civilians to Create Instability

Webster Tarpley speaks from Damascus and he has been to cities like Homs and his conclusion is that there is NO civil war. There are snipers who fire at civilians to create chaos and instability in Syria.

These snipers are mainly from abroad and have been brought in by the secret services like the Mossad, the CIA and MI6, including the support of the Saudi and Qatari Dictator Regimes.

Al-Jazeera is again the master media-manipulator venting stories of Syrian army people who would have defected, whereas Tarpley has spoken to many people in Syria who want to army to come and help them get rid of the Death Squads who bring nothing but chaos and murder

An alternative view to the fighting in Syria. This story is worth following to see if it stacks up. Do I know if this account is accurate ? No. Could it be ? Yes. One thing is certain, the Russians and the Chinese do not want any NATO intervention here. Perhaps there is good reason.

It is worth noting General Wesley Clark's post 911 recollections that:

So I came back to see him a few weeks later, and by that time we were bombing in Afghanistan. I said, "Are we still going to war with Iraq?" And he said, "Oh, it’s worse than that." He reached over on his desk. He picked up a piece of paper. And he said, "I just got this down from upstairs" — meaning the Secretary of Defense’s office — "today." And he said, "This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran." I said, "Is it classified?" He said, "Yes, sir." I said, "Well, don’t show it to me."

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What Has Gone Wrong With America?

Appearing on Piers Morgan's CNN program, Jesse Ventura answers the question: What has gone fundamentally wrong with America today?. On each an every issue, ranging from Wall's Street's ownership of the political class, to the nation's descent into fascism, the destruction of individual rights and constitutional protection, the corruption of the two-party monopoly, Ventura states the hard-hitting truth that one rarely encounters in the fog of the MSM.

Ventura makes a great initial first point about the OWS protesters, that the original implied message was the Government should stop working for the corporations and defend the wider interests of the people. He points out that both parties are working for the corporations.

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Joe Rogan - The JFK Bullet

[Language Warning] Joe Rogan points out the ridiculousness of the official story of the JFK "magic bullet" theory as described by the Warren Commission.

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Aspartame has been Renamed and is Now Being Marketed as a Natural Sweetener

Artificial sweeteners especially aspartame has gotten a bad rap over the years, most likely due to studies showing they cause cancer. But not to worry Ajinomoto the company that makes Aspartame has changed the name to AminoSweet. It has the same toxic ingredients but a nice new sounding name. And if you or your child happens to be allergic to Aspartame, well don’t take it personally it’s just business.

Despite the evidence gained over the years showing that aspartame is a dangerous toxin, it has remained on the global market . In continues to gain approval for use in new types of food despite evidence showing that it causes neurological brain damage, cancerous tumors, and endocrine disruption, among other things.

Most consumers are oblivious to the fact that Aspartame was invented as a drug but upon discovery of its’ sweet taste was magically transformed from a drug to a food additive. HFA wants to warn our readers to beware of a wolf dressed up in sheep’s clothing or in this case Aspartame dressed up as Aminosweet.

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Ex-Inspector Rejects IAEA Iran Bomb Claim

The report said it had "confirmed" that a "large cylindrical object" housed at the same complex had been "designed to contain the detonation of up to 70 kilograms of high explosives". That amount of explosives, it said, would be "appropriate" for testing a detonation system to trigger a nuclear weapon.

But former IAEA inspector Robert Kelley has denounced the agency's claims about such a containment chamber as "highly misleading".

Kelley, a nuclear engineer who was the IAEA's chief weapons inspector in Iraq and is now a senior research fellow at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, pointed out in an interview with the Real News Network that a cylindrical chamber designed to contain 70 kg of explosives, as claimed by the IAEA, could not possibly have been used for hydrodynamic testing of a nuclear weapon design, contrary to the IAEA claim.

"There are far more explosives in that bomb than could be contained by this container," Kelley said, referring to the simulated explosion of a nuclear weapon in a hydrodynamic experiment.

Kelley also observed that hydrodynamic testing would not have been done in a container inside a building in any case. "You have to be crazy to do hydrodynamic explosives in a container," he said. "There's no reason to do it. They're done outdoors on firing tables."

Kelley rejected the IAEA claim that the alleged cylindrical chamber was new evidence of an Iranian weapons program. "We've been led by the nose to believe that this container is important, when in fact it's not important at all," Kelley said.

The IAEA report and unnamed "diplomats" implied that a "former Soviet nuclear weapons scientist", identified in the media as Danilenko, had helped build the alleged containment vessel at Parchin.

But their claims conflict with one another as well as with readily documented facts about Danilenko's work in Iran.

The IAEA report does not deny that Danilenko - a Ukrainian who worked in a Soviet-era research institute that was identified mainly with nuclear weapons - was actually a specialist on nanodiamonds. The report nevertheless implies a link between Danilenko and the purported explosives chamber at Parchin by citing a publication by Danilenko as a source for the dimensions of the alleged explosives chamber.

A bunch of nasty folks want a War with Iran, in order the destroy the Iranian infrastructure and their influence in the Middle East, same as what we saw with Iraq.

Thankfully this time around there are more dissenting voices brought about by online knowledge, which translates to more people in the real world, ready to speak out and highlight the lies and propaganda. Open dialog (ie strong diplomatic relations) and trade would utterly kill off any claims that Iran should be attacked:

You do not attack friendly nations where tourists like to go and where the general population is hospitable to their guests.

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A Veteran Speak Out About Iraq and Ron Paul

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The JFK Assassination: The Core PHYSICAL EVIDENCE, simply explained, showing that the Official Account is a LIE [UPDATED]

The physical evidence in relation to the assassination confirms that Lee Harvey Oswald could not have been the lone gunman in this crime. To recap:

According to the official story Oswald could only have fired three shots (it was impossible to fire more from his position when compared to the film evidence), that the first shot went through the President and into Governor Connolly, the second shot missed (it hit the sidewalk), while the final shot was into JFK's head.

1. An audio recording of the attack indicates more than three shots were fired. According the the official story it was impossible for Oswald to have fired more than three times, therefore a second gunman must have been present.

2. The "magic bullet", that MUST have caused wounds to both JFK and Governor Connolly, if the official story is to be believed, is planted evidence. It's impossible for this particular bullet to have remained in such a pristine condition after punching though the muscle and bone of two people. The one claim saying that the bullet could have survived with so little deformation should be viewed suspiciously, seeing as there has never been a successful repetition of this questionable ballistics test.

3. The Zapruder Film indicates the head shot came from the front. Oswald was shooting from behind.

When we take the physical evidence together with the witness testimony from Governor Connolly, who said he heard gunfire BEFORE he was shot (you can see him turning around in the car to look while JFK is struggling with the wound in his neck) it's obvious the official timeline is false. Remember the official story has JFK shot through the neck, with the first round, simultaneous to Connolly being hit. Yet we have Connolly indicating he was still unhurt after already hearing the first shot. The Zapruder film confirms this account rather than the official narrative.

So we have one shot to JFK's neck, one into the road, one to Connolly and one more to JFK's head. That is 4. The sound recording also shows that there were at least 4, maybe up to 5 shots. If there were more than 3 shots, then there must have been more than one shooter.

It's more than likely that Oswald did not fire any shots at all and was, as he claimed, "just a patsy."

[UPDATE: It has come to my attention that the audio analysis of the "gunshot noises" has been discredited and should be discounted. Nevertheless, each of the second two points presented here are damning in themselves with regard to the truthfulness of the offical story.]

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RECAP: Landmark E. Howard Hunt JFK Confession Video Tape Ignored

The world exclusive E. Howard Hunt JFK confession video tape was released this week to a deafening silence from the mainstream media, while the dumbed-down general public attempted to dismiss the now deceased whistleblower Hunt, a former CIA operative and Nixon White House insider, as a mentally unstable drunk.

In the video, Hunt discusses LBJ, who saw Kennedy as an “obstacle” to the presidency, and how Johnson consorted with top CIA officials Cord Meyer and William K. Harvey to carry out the assassination plot. Hunt had direct knowledge of the plot because he was part of it in his role as a “bench warmer,” as he described himself.

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Keiser Report (E212): Vampire Banker Hunter

Every week Max Keiser looks at all the scandal behind the financial news headlines. This week Max Keiser and co-host Stacy Herbert discuss the tiny rule changes and the Zombies behind the collapse of MF Global. Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, a Keiser-Celente 2012 bumper sticker spotted! In the second half of the show, Max Keiser interviews Barry Ritholtz about the big lie that bankers did not cause the crisis and what MF Global means to the markets.

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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Occupy Endgame: Arrest the 1% “Emperor Has No Clothes” Obvious Criminals

Occupy’s endgame, in retrospect, will be obvious: after a period of “emperor has no clothes” expository communication from independent Internet media to the 99%, those with arrest authority exercise it to remove criminal leadership from power.

The first criminal arrests will be for War Crimes and financial fraud. The most notable will be “leadership” of both US political parties and from the largest financial institutions involved in mortgage and “investment” frauds.

Importantly, the “criminal 1%” include corporate media who are criminal accomplices to enable and cover-up the murder of millions, deprivation of billions, and looting of trillions of our dollars. Their manipulative voices will be removed from power, quickly facilitating public communication of the objective facts of the depth of state crimes, and the inspirational future humanity enters.

What public chants best communicate the endgame?

“Arrest War Criminals!”

“Arrest! Arrest! Murderers and Thieves!”

Truth, Justice then Peace.

This is the correct strategy as far as I can see. The corruption is the key problem that is undermining the future of our civilisation.

At the time of writing we are stuck in an endless war on terror, faced with financial Armageddon and are suffering from world wide radiation fallout from Fukushima that is being covered up by the authorities - all of this is a result of a corrupt establishment.

Related Info:

Chinese Fund Managers Sentenced to Death after Cheating Investors out of 1 Billion USD

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The JFK Assassination Autopsy Cover-up; Only one Picture is telling the Real story here:

I found this photo (here) that one could consider as a brief "anatomy" of the cover-up.

When these photos are juxtaposed with the damning physical evidence, indicating that Kennedy was shot from the front, we are left with the conclusion that the Dallas Doctors, who first saw the victim, correctly understood the nature of the wounds.

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Proof JFK hit in the Back Not Neck: Single Gunman Theory Debunked.

[The position of the bullet hole in the shirt (top picture) clearly rules out the official story as described in the picture above.]

Thirty-three years ago, Gerald R. Ford took pen in hand and changed - ever so slightly - the Warren Commission's key sentence on the place where a bullet entered John F. Kennedy's body when he was killed in Dallas.

The effect of Ford's change was to strengthen the commission's conclusion that a single bullet passed through Kennedy and severely wounded Texas Gov. John Connally - a crucial element in its finding that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole gunman.
''This is the most significant lie in the whole Warren Commission report,'' said Robert D. Morningstar, a computer systems specialist in New York City who said he has studied the assassination since it occurred and written an Internet book about it.

The effect of Ford's editing, Morningstar said, was to suggest that a bullet struck Kennedy in the neck, ''raising the wound two or three inches. Without that alteration, they could never have hoodwinked the public as to the true number of assassins.''

If the bullet had hit Kennedy in the back, it could not have struck Connolly in the way the commission said it did, he said.

Apologists for the official, lone gunman story have claimed that JFK's shirt and jacket were "bunched up" so that the hole, although appearing in the back, actually lined up with the neck. This claim has been disproven (see here). On this evidence alone it can be concluded that Oswald could not have been solely responsible for the assassination.

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CIA Admits It Trained Oswald in 1957

This is great viewing. Entertaining and very informative. It gets to the heart of the issue about cover-ups and the lack of disclosure we see in mainstream.

The information here reveals that there were clear intelligence connections to Oswald.

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Bill Hicks on JFK: Two Critical lessons for the Citizens of the USA

[Language warning]

The two points being made here are vital ones:

1.) Think for yourselves- believe in scientific facts and common sense.
2.) Don't get brainwashed by trivial entertainment and miss out on what's really going on out there.

The country has been taken way from you, and it's time to wake up and start thinking independently.

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Monday, 21 November 2011

FBI Hires Spies to Fake Terror Plots

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is reportedly giving money and weapons to poor criminals to carry out terrorist attacks on US soil on behalf of Muslim groups.

The Guardian reported that the terrorist plots "came from the FBI, and an informant paid to pose as a terrorist mastermind paying big bucks for help in carrying out an attack."

Drug dealer David Williams was one of the victims of the FBI plot. In May 2009, he was rearrested and handed a 25-year jail sentence.

Williams and three others were convicted of an Islamic terrorist plot to blow up Jewish synagogues and shoot down military jets with missiles.

Alicia McWilliams, David's aunt, expressed disbelief that the US government had paid her nephew to be a terrorist and then jailed him for it.

"I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone," she told The Guardian.

According to the report, lawyers for the case have launched an appeal that will be held early next year. Advocates hope the case offers the best chance of exposing the issue of FBI "entrapment" in terror cases.

"The target, the motive, the ideology and the plot were all led by the FBI," said Karen Greenberg, a law professor at Fordham University in New York, who specializes in studying new FBI tactics.

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Keiser Report (E211): In Debt We Trust

This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss simple thieves and honest graft. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser interviews Mike 'Mish' Shedlock about the European debt crisis and the MF Global missing funds crisis.

Unelected Zombie bankers are stalking the globe !!

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Corporate America Is Using the Police Departments As Hired Thugs - Ret Police Captain Ray Lewis

Some very interesting observations made by the retired Chief.

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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Obama Prosecuting Fewer Financial Crimes Than Under Reagan or Either Bush

Top economists and financial experts agree that our economy will never recover unless Wall Street fraud is prosecuted. See this and this.

But the government has more or less made it official policy not to prosecute fraud, and instead to do everything necessary to cover up for Wall Street.

Indeed, Business Insider writes today:

"A new study out from Syracuse University shows that the number of federal prosecutions for fraud at financial institutions has been steadily decreasing since 1999."

One woud think that with the revelations of big money fraud coming out during the financial crisis the number of prosecution would have increased, but, if you look at the link, you will see the number of prosecutions has actually dropped.

-Without justice the people will remain slaves to the corrupt whims of the powerful.-

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Why Bloomberg Fights Occupy Wall Street

Why is New York City major Michael Bloomberg defending raids on Zuccotti Park to destroy the Occupy Wall Street protests? The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

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Ron Paul Interview on Fox

Good interview covering Paul's position in the Presidential Race and other concerns.

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Sea Level Continues To Plummet

New data is available, and Envisat continues to show sea level declining at a rate of more than 5mm/year since the beginning of 2010. This is due to the record melting in Greenland over the last two years that we keep hearing about – which is filling up the oceans with anti-water.

Perhaps we will not be swamped by rising sea levels after all ! Check out the comment section.

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Saturday, 19 November 2011

60 Minutes' Blows The Lid Off Congressional Insider Trading

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Chinese TV Host Says Regime Nearly Bankrupt

He said that the regime doesn’t listen to experts, and that Party officials are insufferably arrogant. “If you don’t agree with him, he thinks you are against him,” he said.

Lang’s assessment that the regime is bankrupt was based on five conjectures.

Firstly, that the regime’s debt sits at about 36 trillion yuan (US$5.68 trillion). This calculation is arrived at by adding up Chinese local government debt (between 16 trillion and 19.5 trillion yuan, or US$2.5 trillion and US$3 trillion), and the debt owed by state-owned enterprises (another 16 trillion, he said). But with interest of two trillion per year, he thinks things will unravel quickly.

Secondly, that the regime’s officially published inflation rate of 6.2 percent is fabricated. The real inflation rate is 16 percent, according to Lang.

Thirdly, that there is serious excess capacity in the economy, and that private consumption is only 30 percent of economic activity. Lang said that beginning this July, the Purchasing Managers Index, a measure of the manufacturing industry, plunged to a new low of 50.7. This is an indication, in his view, that China’s economy is in recession.

Fourthly, that the regime’s officially published GDP of 9 percent is also fabricated. According to Lang’s data, China’s GDP has decreased 10 percent. He said that the bloated figures come from the dramatic increase in infrastructure construction, including real estate development, railways, and highways each year (accounting for up to 70 percent of GDP in 2010).

Fifthly, that taxes are too high. Last year, the taxes on Chinese businesses (including direct and indirect taxes) were at 70 percent of earnings. The individual tax rate sits at 81.6 percent, Lang said.

Once the “economic tsunami” starts, the regime will lose credibility and China will become the poorest country in the world, Lang said.

Several commentators have expressed broad agreement with Lang’s analysis.

This is an interesting and very troubling assessment. We should be on the lookout for more information that either confirms or refutes this view.

A collapse in China will spark a global crisis.

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7/7: Crime and Prejudice

This documentary explores the 7/7 cold case via new evidence from the recent inquests and discusses the war on terror in the context of numerous miscarriages of justice and acts of violence committed by the state. The first section of the film examines the history of the British state’s use of double agents, from the Victorian Anarchists through WW2 to the war in Northern Ireland. It concludes by examining contemporary cases of injustice and violence carried out as part of the war of terror against Muslims.

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Youtube Shuts Down MoxNewsDotCom

Not sure if you know about MoxNewsDotCom. He was a gentleman who was posting numerous news clips (upwards of 17,000 clips) from the various news networks up on youtube for public consumption. It appears that youtube has shut him down because of complaints from Fox News and probably a few others.

Fiddlesticks ! Let's hope MoxNews has an archive of all the videos on a hard drive so that they can be put up again.

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Friday, 18 November 2011

The $1.4 Quadrillion Dollar Derivatives Crisis; & Growing

Richard Nixon took the USA off the gold standard in 1973. Bill Clinton got rid of Glass Steagull in 1999 which seperated the activities of Investment Banks (non-secured) and Commercial Banks (FDIC Secured - tax payer secured). Wall Street and the world of finance have since become a global casino dealing derivatives now estimated at 1.4 quadrillion dollars from only billions fifteen years ago. Bloomberg News reported a secret cabal runs the world of finance. A world market correction and subsequent economic depression as the world has never seen is coming.

If you want to understand Derivatives then please watch this video.

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Keiser Report (210): Corporations Fear OWS

Every week Max Keiser looks at all the scandal behind the financial news headlines. This week, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss the Good, The Bad and the Schwing Schwing of making companies scared by putting risk back onto their balance sheet. They also discuss clients getting smoked through massive ploys in the commodity markets. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser interviews Mike Maloney of about the latest in the precious metals market and about a $15 trillion Dow.

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Barrack Obama is a Bankster's Puppet, Serving the Top 1%

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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Double Vendetta — The Insanity of the Iran Confrontation

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Will Dick Cheney Be Arrested on Wednesday?

To: Charlottesville, Va., Mayor Dave Norris, Police Chief Timothy Longo
From: David Swanson

I hope you will consider this request from a deeply concerned citizen on its legal merits rather than its acceptability in certain social circles or how it might be received by certain television talking heads.

Conspiracy to torture has long been a felony in the U.S. Code, in both Title 18, Section 2340, and Title 18, Section 2441. The United States is also a party to the Convention Against Torture, which requires the criminal prosecution of complicity in torture, and which -- under Article VI of the U.S. Constitution -- is part of the supreme Law of the Land.

Were a local resident credibly accused of torture, I sincerely doubt you would hesitate to seek his or her immediate arrest and indictment.

Waterboarding was universally recognized as torture until its acceptance by the U.S. government between 2001 and 2009. The United States hung Japanese soldiers for it following World War II, and U.S. citizens have been convicted for it in U.S. courts.

Former U.S. Vice President Richard B. Cheney has repeatedly admitted to authorizing waterboarding.

Obama should have had Cheney, Bush et al arrested as soon as he was sworn in. The failure to follow the Law is indicative of the corrupt system. Arrests need to be made immediately.

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Keiser Report (E209): Cameron & Osborne on the Run

This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss George Osborne's admission that he has no power over bankers and that the population will always have to pay for their crimes. Max and Stacy also discuss the 'slow motion train robbery' of low interest rates and the use of trending topics on Twitter as price propaganda. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser interviews Senator Mike Gravel and his direct democracy initiative and how it could empower the Occupy Wall Street movement.

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Ron Paul: Both Parties OWNED by Same Elite

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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Franklin Scandal: Corruption and Extortion in the US Political System

This documentary, based on the book written by a former state Senator, documents a web of abuses that could easily have been a cover operation for CIA mind control and child-sex entrapment operations. There have been persistent reports of prominent politicians being involved in sex and drug rings of this kind. The potential for blackmail and the position of strength that the managers of such an operation could achieve is staggering. This documentary shows the tremendous obstacles an investigator must overcome to even have his evidence looked at let alone objectively evaluated.

Although the video and audio here is of extremely poor quality it is worth viewing (even if you have trouble making out what is being said) simply because of the importance of the information.

This is but one monstrous scheme that has been uncovered. Other potential extortion schemes that have come to light include the Jeff Gannon visits to the Bush White House and the Deborah Palfrey "DC Madame" episode. Things are truly corrupt at higher levels of government.

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IMF Very Sad of Losing Russia as its Prey

It is an open secret that the intentions of the Russian administration to invest in the development of the country, its social sphere, the transport infrastructure and the defense power has traditionally evoked rejection among such international monetary centers as the IMF.

Last year, the IMF addressed to the Russian government with a whole list of recipes. The recipes looked like those the Fund gave Russia during the 1990s. Those recipes became mandatory instructions for the governments of Gaidar and Chernomyrdin.

The set of recipes was standard. It included privatization (natural monopolies inclusive), the minimization and even liquidation of public spending on social purposes. It also included cuts of the funding of the armed forces and other state bodies, including law-enforcement agencies. In return, Russia received modest handouts from the IMF to buy food from Western countries, to liquidate defense enterprises, to destroy coal mines, etc. The recipes from the IMF took Russia to the default in 1998, which automatically ended the "fruitful cooperation" with the fund.

Strange as it may seem, Russia began to recover after that. The IMF could not be happy with that, of course.

If Pravda is reporting this then the Russian Administration is well aware of the IMF games. Hopefully Russia will gain in wealth and set an example for other countries to follow. Politicians of the Western world, pay attention !!

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Ron Paul CBS Debate Bias

Congressman Ron Paul got 89 seconds in the TV portion of tonight's debate.

Here is are the 4+ minutes of Paul's replies. I wonder if he was cut short because of his popular anti-War stance ?

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Tuesday, 15 November 2011


War Made Easy reaches into the Orwellian memory hole to expose a 50-year pattern of government deception and media spin that has dragged the United States into one war after another from Vietnam to Iraq. Narrated by actor and activist Sean Penn, the film exhumes remarkable archival footage of official distortion and exaggeration from LBJ to George W. Bush, revealing in stunning detail how the American news media have uncritically disseminated the pro-war messages of successive presidential administrations.

War Made Easy gives special attention to parallels between the Vietnam war and the war in Iraq. Guided by media critic Norman Solomon's meticulous research and tough-minded analysis, the film presents disturbing examples of propaganda and media complicity from the present alongside rare footage of political leaders and leading journalists from the past, including Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, dissident Senator Wayne Morse, and news correspondents Walter Cronkite and Morley Safer.

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Support Ron Paul, Hands off Iran, Off the Air Stuff from Adam vs the Man

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Paul Thompson interviewed by Peter Coyote on 911, the Media, Behind the Scenes Politics and the Smear of Conspiracy

An interview of Terror Timeline author Paul Thompson about 9/11 by Peter Coyote.

The last part of this clip (4:00 onwards) is very instructive about the use of the term "conspiracy theory" to scare or discourage people from thinking clearly about evidence. When the word is associated with what is a legitimate line of inquiry, the baby ends up being thrown out with the bath water, and evidence of a real conspiracy is then overlooked.

Thompson make a good point where if you apply the label "conspiracy theory" everyone runs like it's the plague. He says that the conspiracy smear is used for "anything that runs against the mainstream political establishment/conventional wisdom". Coyote replies that "it's a device to stop debate". Great points.

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Monday, 14 November 2011

Israel Seeks to Entangle US in Iran War; Press TV talks to James Morris

(thanks to John B for the story tip!)

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Ryan Dawson on Adam vs the Man

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Ellen Brown - Public Banks and Why We Need Them

Ellen Brown author of "The Web of Debt: The Shocking Truth About Our Money System and How We Can Break Free" talking about the public banking system and the Bank of North Dakota October 26, 2011 at Kan Hall, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

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Russia's Mars Dream Ends, and Now a Toxic Nightmare Begins as its Crippled Fuel-Filled Probe Heads Back Down to Earth

Russia's space agency has all but given up hope of saving a £100million spacecraft that was bound for Mars but conked out shortly after launch.

Engineers had three days to fix a problem that caused the Phobos-Grunt probe to shut down before batteries aboard the craft died for good.

The engines that were supposed to propel it on its way to the red planet failed to ignite, and any attempts to correct the failure seemed doomed when scientists admitted that they couldn't even establish communications with the craft.

Now that the deadline has come and gone, Phobos-Grunt will run out of battery life and begin a decaying orbit around the Earth until it - and the 12 tons of dangerous fuel it is carrying - makes an unwelcome and uncontrolled return to the surface.

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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Israel influenced IAEA report on Iran - Press TV News

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Leon Panetta Warns Against Iran Strike

Military action against Iran could have "unintended consequences" in the region, the US defence secretary, Leon Panetta, said on Thursday, hours after Tehran warned that an attack against its nuclear sites would be met with "iron fists".

Panetta, who took over the Pentagon's top job in July, said he agreed with the assessment of his predecessor, Robert Gates, that a strike on Iran would only delay its nuclear programme, which the west believes is aimed at making an atomic bomb.

"You've got to be careful of unintended consequences here," Panetta told reporters at the Pentagon.

However, Panetta said military action remained a last resort in the US and Israeli view, and stressed Washington's efforts to win tougher sanctions against Tehran.

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CNBC Wipes OUT Debate Poll After 25 Minutes on Their Site - After Ron Paul Winning in Poll!

Here is a video proving there was a CNBC "Who won the debate poll" on 11/9/11 that CNBC took off their site after 25 minutes due to Ron Paul winning huge over all other candidates!

Now CNBC only has "Who won the debate - Attendees weigh in"! MSM keeps doing this.

Every poll after a debate has Ron Paul winning - they wipe off the poll - they have changed the polls

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Northern Hemisphere Sea Level Falling For Almost A Decade

The European Union’s Envisat satellite was launched in 2002. Sea level in the northern hemisphere has declined since they started measuring it, and is now almost 30 mm lower than it was in the middle of 2004.

AGW was supposed to lead to increased sea levels as ice sheets resting upon land went into the ocean.

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Saturday, 12 November 2011

The One Percent

"The film's title refers to the top one percent of Americans in terms of wealth, who controlled 38% of the nation's wealth in 2001."

Part 2 here, and then follow the links on You Tube for the rest of the doco.

Great insight here. It seems that the rich, as with many people, enjoy having power and the ability to do whatever they like. Is there an indifference to the plight of their fellow human beings, an indifference to the overall condition of society ? Perhaps. Please watch.

(thanks to John-Michael for the story!)

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Keiser Report (E208): Gold Wars

This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss European gold wars and the brokers at the Chicago Board of Trade telling others to get a job while they can't even do the one job they have. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser interviews James G. Rickards about his new book - Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis.

Another great show !

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What Is Nuclear Fallout? An Animated Nuclear Radiation Preparation Film

Useful information for controlling deadly radioactive dust or rain in the fallout zones (Fukushima, US West Coast). Avoiding contaminated food however, is more difficult.

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Friday, 11 November 2011

Iran Report: Ahmadinejad Fights Fallout From IAEA Bombshell

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Email Letter to Australian Media - Aussie War Dead: We Should Never have Gone into Afghanistan

The idea that we went into Afghanistan to stop it from being a breeding ground for terrorists is a misnomer. Not many people I know can think very well for themselves when faced with confronting information. When faced with a clever deception many "experts" are fooled just the same as the public.

For starters, before 911 the Bush Administration had attempted to deal with the Taliban in order to construct an oil pipeline across the country but were losing out to a rival European bid.

Secondly, post 911 the Taliban offered to hand over Bin Laden for trial but the US refused the conditions that were to provide evidence linking OBL to 911 (subsequently the FBI, on their most wanted list, did not have OBL being wanted for 911 because quote they had "no hard evidence connecting Osama Bin Laden to 911." There was no official indictment for the crime. )

3rdly, it is very likely that OBL had very little to do with 911. Physical Evidence from the 911 attacks themselves point to a reasonably elaborate deception, at least in the case of the World Trade Centre buildings.

You Must watch the following:

Plus see all videos from physicsandreason:

4thly OBL's "confession video" was not a confession (it was a discussion about the attacks), and subsequent his death notice appearing in late 2001, we have been witness to audio and video tapes of OBL that were either proven fake (via Swiss experts), or seriously doubted as being genuine.

If you think the official story is reasonable please consider the following excellent video:

Also, for those of you that still cling to the idea that all this 911 "conspiracy" material has been debunked (via NIST, National Geographic, Popular Mechanics et al) I urge you to explore the blog site Debunking the Debunkers that pretty much demolishes such claims:

Perhaps you can do an entire show about how we should not be in Afghanistan that consists of airing all the above clips including some of your own research. I personally don't like to see more of our troops being gunned down or blown up, thinking they are helping our domestic security situation, when they are not.

For more information you can explore

Please remember this War on Terror is endless unless some of us speak up against it. The War is the "solution" to a peaceful post Cold War world where there was no pre-emptive war doctrine and no real enemies with which to justify US military interventions.

If nothing is done, by playing along with the current paradigm, then we will only see more staged attacks in the future and be witness to the deaths of more of our soldiers (and civilians), killed for no good reason at all.

Thanks for your time.


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Keiser Report (E207): Fed, Treasury & Holy Troika

Every week Max Keiser looks at all the scandal behind the financial news headlines. This week Max Keiser and co-host Stacy Herbert discuss the Fed, the Treasury and the Holy Troika and whether or not the Pope should beatify Jon Corzine, the CEO of MF Global who "lost" hundreds of millions in client funds. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser interviews economist and professor Constantin Gurdgiev about Anglo Irish unsecured bondholders and the global debt crisis.

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Water Fluoridation War: Government Admits Dangers, Experts Speak Out

It was only a few years ago that if you labeled fluoride as a dangerous substance, you would be laughed at and scorned. For years, a select minority of individuals were the only ones raising the awareness of this health concern. Their cries have been and continue to be met with dissonance, despite the fact that the public’s opinion on fluoride has changed much in just a short time.

In fact, even the United States government has called for lower levels of water fluoridation following a study published in Environmental Health Perspectives, which found that increased fluoride consumption led to decreased IQ in children.

Communities are attempting to end water fluoridation, mainstream news is acknowledging its negative effects, and even a number of professional dentists have recognized the dangers of fluoride, and spoken out against its use and distribution. Most recently, the Palmer City Council of Alaska passed an ordinance repealing the town’s water fluoridation mandate.

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Thursday, 10 November 2011

IAEA Iran Report Thrives on Laptop of Lies

The US-engineered new allegation against the Islamic Republic which is part of a 15-page document issued by the International Atomic Energy Agency is that Iran carried out “work on the development of an indigenous design of a nuclear weapon including the testing of components. Some activities relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive device continued after 2003” and “some may still be ongoing.” This new allegation is indeed based on the fiction of the laptop of death.

Allegations against the Islamic Republic practically started in 2004 when a mysterious figure handed over to the CIA a laptop he had purloined from an Iranian technician purportedly working at a nuclear plant in Iran. The laptop which has come to be known as the laptop of death is said to contain pages and pages of top-secret information in English detailing Iran’s lust for attaining technical knowhow to produce nuclear payroll for Shahab III missile.

When closely scrutinized one can see that the claim soon begins to lose credibility. Nonproliferation expert Jeffrey Lewis of the New America Foundation says the biggest loophole in the claim is the crude manner in which the laptop documents were constructed: “What led many of us to have serious doubts about it was how utterly unconnected from reality some of the information seemed. Some of the reports indicated that some of the view graphs were done in PowerPoint, which suggested to me that the program was not terribly sophisticated.” [Inter Press Service, 12/9/2006; New York Times, 12/4/2007]

Another fault which shoots another hole in the claim is that the documents were written in English, a language barely used in official Iranian documents let alone in documents of such paramount sensitivity.

In 2005, the US officials briefed the IAEA of the contents of the documents which they said described Iranian computer simulations and their efforts to design a nuclear weapon. However, they declined to provide the IAEA officials with any actual documents. In 2008, a battle ensued between the then IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei and George W. Bush.

Washington’s resistance to provide the IAEA or any experts in the field with solid documents soon translated their doubt into certainty that the hypothetical documents were not real and that the US government had built an unsteady castle of doubts to the satisfaction of the anti-Iran ill wishers.

See also this news clip:

A war with Iran is unnecessary. If Iran tries anything the country will be bombed back into the stone age by both Israel and the USA. Further, if there is a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities there will be fallout from the damaged reactor such as we have seen in Chernobyl or Fukushima. The warmongers must not attack.

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Popular Mechanics Ignores Its Own Historical Records of Thermite Demolition: Destruction of Skyride Towers, Reichstag Dome Set Incendiary Precedent

The editors at Popular Mechanics have made a name for themselves as ardent defenders of the official 9/11 story. Editor-in-Chief James Meigs and contributing writers have presented articles in the magazine that dismiss the scientific evidence of controlled demolition of the WTC skyscrapers and characterize the discovery of thermitic residue in the WTC dust as insignificant. However, a recent review of the Popular Mechanics archives has revealed that this “world-renowned” publication reported on the use of thermite to bring down steel structures over 75 years ago.

The SkyRide Towers, an attraction built for the Chicago World’s Fair in 1933, consisted of two 628-foot-tall steel towers, connected by an aerial suspension system that ferried passengers from one tower to the other. At the time, its staggering height made it the tallest structure in Chicago.
Two years after its construction, the Skyride Towers attraction was closed and scheduled for demolition. The October 1935 issue of Popular Mechanics reported that while demolition teams used conventional dynamite to bring down the West tower, they decided to bring the East Tower down with a thermite compound, which was used to melt two of the steel legs:

'Huge “overshoes” in the form of cupolas made of steel and lined with firebrick were constructed around two legs of the tower and filled with 1,500 pounds of thermite, a mixture of aluminum and iron oxide. When fired by electricity, the thermite generated a temperature of more than 5,000 degrees about the two legs, melting the ten-foot sections almost instantly, causing the tower to tip and then to crash.'

Unfortunately, today’s Popular Mechanics heads have failed to acknowledge this demolition in their defense of the official 9/11 conspiracy theory.

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Report: Sarkozy Calls Netanyahu 'Liar', Obama says he has to "Deal with him Every Day!"

According to a Monday report in the French website "Arret sur Images," after facing reporters for a G20 press conference on Thursday, the two presidents retired to a private room, to further discuss the matters of the day.

The conversation apparently began with President Obama criticizing Sarkozy for not having warned him that France would be voting in favor of the Palestinian membership bid in UNESCO despite Washington's strong objection to the move.

The conversation then drifted to Netanyahu, at which time Sarkozy declared: "I cannot stand him. He is a liar." According to the report, Obama replied: "You're fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day!"

The remark was naturally meant to be said in confidence, but the two leaders' microphones were accidently left on, making the would-be private comment embarrassingly public

I wonder if this is legit or some sort of staged event in order to manufacture a public split with Israel ? Behind the scenes we know Israeli interests strongly manipulate politicians in the USA (and other countries). Perhaps these Presidents are just sick of being pushed around ?

See also this news report on the incident:

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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Slow Death By Radiation

Dörte Siedentopf has been travelling in regions around Chernobyl for 20 years to help victims, she is member of the IPPNW and speaks about the slow death in Belarus and what could happen in Japan after Fukushima. Peter Poprawa interviewed her on n-tv.

She says:
Of course workers in the plant suffer from radiation but also thousands and hundreds of thousands of persons who suffer from low radiation. We tend to forget that low radiation that accumulates in people’s bodies causes ailments.

The body cannot distinguish between Caesium (cesium is US spelling) and Potassium, so the body accumulates Caesium via breath and food. You cannot protect yourself from that. After ingestion, the body integrates Caesium in its cells and destroys the energy balance of the cells. That is, of all kinds of cells! The cells die afterwards.

Children are more endangered than adults, because their cells divide themselves constantly. Because they grow, they need permanent energy and have to deal with the impairment of their cells. With children, ailments will start earlier, one to four years afterwards, such as in the case of Chernobyl. Adults have a latency period for Cesium of 20-25 years. It is a slow death, adults who survived 25 years become ill now. The children got sick much earlier and often died.

Cesium also accumulates in reproductive cells, also in the ovaries and women’s human eggs. Those do not reproduce, so they are damaged for the whole span of life. Men’s sperm does reproduce, but they also hand on damaged information. Either infertility will occur or damaged information will be handed on. Responsible persons should have brought women and children to the south a long time ago. There will be a lot of cases of leukemia. The cesium cloud is a catastrophe for Japanese people and we still do not know much about other radionucleotids.

Children are also more apt to accumulating Iodine in their thyroids. The numbers of cases of thyroid cancer will rise.

Strontium is similar to potassium. The body cannot discern between them. So people absorb it via food. It will be integrated in bones and teeth and will affect bone marrow, where blood is produced. There are stem cells that are transformed into white blood cells and blood plates. Strontium will stay there for the whole life span and emits Beta-radiation.

Half life time means that only half of the radiation has disappeared. You have to multiply the half life time by ten in order to know approximately, when it disappeared from the environment. In the case of Strontium and Cesium that would be 400 years.

People will suffer from cancer. And from ailments that are related to strontium. Strontium affects the heart muscle. Children die from cardiac insufficiency by the age of 2,3 or 4 years (that was the case in Chernobyl). Kidneys and liver stop working, blood will be affected. Those effects on the blood are also known as “Chernobyl Aids” with deadly consequences.

I am visiting the region around Chernobyl for 20 years and people still do not want to talk about the accident and their future. They live with the death. There is no family that is not confronted with death. Young people suffer from ailments that we knew only from the elderly. People leave their house and drop dead. Cardiac Insuffiency. Also strokes with 20, 25 or 30 years are not rare.

Half of the fuel rods in Fukushima seems to contain plutonium. Even if you ingest only a small amount of plutonium, lung carcinoma will develop. The body can do nothing against that. It is not curable.

Caesium fallout is all over Japan, the West Coast of the USA and other parts of the Northern Hemisphere. The Fukushima plant needs to be sealed off as quickly as possible and a massive effort to map the fallout initiated right away.

We are going to be living with the consequences of this disaster for many hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

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How to get Ron Paul Elected! Step by Step! Democrats Please Help!

Getting Ron Paul elected is vitally important. He will end the wars, end the Fed and make sure US Law is enforced rather than undermined by the special corporate interests. Take action !!

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Chris Busby - Enriched Uranium Weapon New Battlefield Horror Discovered in Iraq

This is criminal. D.U type weapons must be banned. This is a crime against humanity.

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Keiser Report (E206): Financial Rape, Financial Pornography

Every week Max Keiser looks at all the scandal behind the financial news headlines. This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss error accounts and accounting 'errors,' like misplacing $700 million or finding $78 billion. Only GIABOzilla can save the day! In the second half of the show, Max Keiser interviews James Howard Kunstler about political awakening that an absence of justice could turn into a new Jacobin style uprising.

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Ron Paul Interview On Fox News Sunday w Chris Wallace

Great interview. Covers the economy, foreign policy etc.

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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Fukushima Day 239 - Plutonium Fission & Radioactive Food

The observation about the Seattle car air filters is VERY IMPORTANT. There was significant fallout over the Weat Coast of the USA. The numbers, as opposed to the visual images, shows it was 60% of the amount falling over Tokyo according to the data.

As a consequence, there are radioactive particles in the food all over the Northern Hemisphere.

Please check out the video here as it highlights a number of news stories dealing with aspects of the Fukushima disaster. I fear we are all in big trouble.

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Japanese Government Unveils Proposal for Backup City in Case "Earthquake" Cripples Tokyo

Concerned about the impact a crippling earthquake could have on Tokyo, the Japanese government has unveiled plans to develop an entire backup city in case.

Snappily called the IRTBBC - or Integrated Resort Tourism, Business and Backup City - the spare city will be built on a 1,236-acre site 300 miles west of the capital Tokyo.

It could be home to 50,000 residents and 200,000 workers and will also feature offices, resorts, casinos and parks - as well as essential government facilities in case of disaster.

The real reason for this back up city is probably because Tokyo is uninhabitable due to the radioactive fallout from Fukushima. When people start coming down with cancers and die in large numbers there will need to be an organised evacuation and the Government moved to a new location. Some of the population will be moved to other locations but many will die so that the number relocated will be significantly less than the 12 million now residing in the Tokyo area.

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