Thursday, 20 October 2011

Israel’s Mossad Gets Dragged into Latest British Political Scandal

British media have speculated that the man behind the fall of their minister of defense was in cahoots with Israel’s famed intelligence agency, Mossad, perhaps unwittingly, as the perfect spy.

Adam Werritty, an unofficial “chief of staff” to Defense Minister Liam Fox – a much respected, staunch conservative who quit in disgrace this weekend – boasted extraordinary access, had no security vetting and plotted to overthrow the Iranian regime.

In February, Werritty reportedly arranged a meeting between Fox and senior Mossad operatives at a security conference taking place in Herzliya, near Tel Aviv, where actions against Iran were discussed. The 33-year-old former flatmate of the British defense minister was backed by murky funding, including from Bicom, an Israeli advocacy organization based in the U.K., according to the Guardian.

Further funding for Werrity’s jet setting lifestyle allegedly came from an obscure commercial intelligence agency, Security Futures, as well as charities Pargav and Atlantic Bridge, all registered to the same London address and funded by billionaire Chaim “Poju” Zabludowicz, Bicom’s chairman.

The Daily Mail’s headline declared: “Was Mossad using Fox and Werritty as ‘useful idiots’?”

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