Thursday, 11 August 2011

9/11/2011 - Ten Years, No Justice - We Need a New Criminal Investigation NOW !

The 911 Commission and the scientific NIST investigations both lied to the world about what really happened on 911. Physical evidence from the World Trade Centre showing a freefall collapse, molten metal, and actual high tech explosive material all point to 911 being an inside job. We need a new Criminal inquiry right now.

Perhaps we can start with the arrests of Sunder and Gross at NIST for heading an obviously falsified report - one that constitutes Misprision of Treason. The heads of the 911 Commission also need to be brought in for questioning with aim of having them arrested for their roles in obstructing justice (conducting a treasonous cover-up/whitewash investigation).

Also the heads of the USAF should be questioned and perhaps arrested for perjury over their misleading version of events that the 911 Commission heads knew to be untrue. Likewise Rice (under oath) plus Bush and Cheney should be put under arrest for perjury (& for obstructing justice) for making those knowingly false claims that "no one" could have predicted the planes-as-missiles scenario.

Any new investigation here, into the mass murders of near 3000 people, must be a serious criminal investigation. Arrests should be made immediately where the evidence dictates it. We should not hesitate to arrest authority figures, either from the Government or Armed Forces, simply because they wear suits or uniforms and carry themselves off as being "upstanding" individuals. No one should be above the Law.

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steven andresen said...


I thought you would be interested in this:


SpookyPunkos said...


I have seen headlines about this CIA-tried-to-recruit-AlQaeda development.

Clarke is an interesting case. He contradicted Cheney's account of when he was in the White House bunker on 911 and now he's talking about the CIA being onto Al Qaeda and trying to turn them.

I think this is a bit of a ruse. My reason for thinking so is that it is likely elements inside the CIA helped to protect the Saudi(?) run terrorists.

Clarke seems so puzzled by all the non-disclosures. It all makes good sense if they (intelligence), who usually want war for corporate profit, were helping the pre-planned 911 attacks.

Look at all the other links in the article. Intel folks knew all about these guys, and were tied up with them in various ways + they got to run around all over the world despite being IDed numerous times (Army intel: Able Danger, numerous FBI Agents, foreign intelligence services).

Also we know from FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds that there were intelligence ties to OBL right up until the 911 attacks.

This makes good sense if what we are looking at is some sort of patsy set-up or a facilitation/protection of terrorist activity in the USA. The idea that they were working to stop them seems to be of low probability.

Also we do have the WTC physical proof of the inside job that automatically makes us doubt claims that the CIA and/or Saudis (and others) were only trying to stop terror attacks.

Sorry for the ranting ! I hope you were interested in that info too.

Spook !