Monday, 25 July 2011

Prominent Doctor Agrees Vaccination May Increase Autism Risk

Autism, a neurological condition that affects children’s social and communicative abilities, is becoming increasingly common. In the United States today, one of out every 150 babies is affected by autism or another similar brain development disorder.

Dr. Russell Blaylock has attributed this rise in brain development disorders to the inclusion of harmful preservatives in today’s most common vaccines. Since most children receive 12 or more injections before their first birthday, according to Dr. Blaylock, the preservatives in vaccines must be playing a role in affecting the brain development of babies.

For example, one of the additives commonly used in vaccines today contains mercury. Mercury has been known for years to be harmful to health and, more specifically, has been linked to autism and Alzheimer’s. Furthermore, some of the vaccines containing these dangerous additives are only minimally effective in the first place.

There must be more research done into the safety of the vaccines if question marks hang over them. We know that today's flu vaccine shots often include a mercury preservative that is harmful to the brain.

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