Saturday, 18 June 2011

Top Barack Obama Donors Net Government Jobs

More than two years after Obama took office vowing to banish “special interests” from his administration, nearly 200 of his biggest donors have landed plum government jobs and advisory posts, won federal contracts worth millions of dollars for their business interests or attended numerous elite White House meetings and social events, an investigation by iWatch News has found.

These “bundlers” raised at least $50,000 — and sometimes more than $500,000 — in campaign donations for Obama’s campaign. Many of those in the “Class of 2008” are now being asked to bundle contributions for Obama’s reelection, an effort that could cost $1 billion.

As a candidate, Obama spoke passionately about diminishing the clout of moneyed interests. Kicking off his presidential run on Feb. 10, 2007, he blasted “the cynics, the lobbyists, the special interests,” who had “turned our government into a game only they can afford to play.”

Obama is just another corporate puppet with dodgy political connections. This was known well before the last election.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, June 18th, 2011.]


steven andresen said...


But, wasn't McCain also a corporate stooge with dodgey connections?

So, we had to decide which stooge would be President based on more nuanced criteria. Like, who had better hair and gave good speech...?


SpookyPunkos said...


It's the one party system, with two choices of lying stooge that promise everything and deliver nothing.

Organised resistance against this sort of tyranny is something to be considered. A viable 3rd party, mass protests, and a push back against the corporate media are things to aim for.

None of this is easy but the choice is to act or to let things happen and put up with the consequences.

Spook !