Saturday, 18 June 2011

Ron Paul Explains Neoconservatism

These neocons are all PRO military-industrial-complex and have overlapping agendas with others in power. The Obama Administration, following on from G.W.Bush, is also heavily populated with people holding these exact same views.

Ordinary Americans will only see a marked improvement in the country with the removal of these people from power.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, June 18th, 2011.]


steven andresen said...


What's to say that if you remove Obama and his Bush-like operatives, some other mafia will just move in after them.


SpookyPunkos said...


There are no guarantees, but if you are aware of the dangers then you can plan to deal with them.

A good question to ask is how can the mafia get away with what they do? Once you have some understanding of the process you can think of making changes to more suit the needs of the general population.

The problems I am thinking about are ignorance of the corrupt system and the lack of transparency that allows hidden deals and lobby groups to direct things.

As usual I think the future comes down to a choice to act (starting with eduacting one's self and others) or doing nothing.