Saturday, 11 June 2011

Hackers got Hacked: One in Four Online Criminals in the U.S. 'is an FBI Informer'

One in four computer hackers is secretly working for the FBI and U.S. secret service to inform on their peers, it has been claimed.

By threatening long prison sentences, officers have managed successfully to infiltrate communities of the online criminals, recruiting a huge number of informants.

The moles, who are already embedded deep inside the hacking community, are then reporting back to the FBI about large-scale identity fraud in an attempt to earn themselves softer sentences.

Some major illegal forums where hackers sell stolen credit card details and forged identities are even being run by the FBI moles, it has been claimed.

And the FBI will let things run to suit whatever agendas they want with arrests here and there from time to time. The same principle applies to terrorist networks run by intelligence agencies since being a player in the terror game allows you to do whatever you want.

Yes, there are real hackers and fundamentalists, but ultimately their role in providing an opposition to the State serves to bolster the State security services. So, why stop all your enemies if you want keep a certain level of control over a population ? Anyone who knows about the novel 1984 and the real or imagined threat of "Emmanuel Goldstein" will recognise the paradigm.

Note: A massive and destructive hacking campaign, facilitated by the authorities, will allow them to enact stricter controls over the Internet. At present the Net remains a bastion of free speech and ideas.

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