Thursday, 30 June 2011

6000 Veterans Commited Suicide Last Year

Stopping the wars would dramatically help this situation.

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steven andresen said...


Unfortunately, Noone in the military has to admit that the wars were the cause of anyone's suicide. They also don't admit that military service is the cause of veteran's alcoholism or unemployment issues.

Even if veteran's were quite happy with the wars and didn't commit suicide in any number, or they were not alsoholic, and all were able to get great jobs after their our would still want the wars to stop and never be started under the conditions that we have our wars.

The fact that veteran's are suffering enough or have decided for whatever reason to commit suicide, as well as their other health and employment issues, is enough of a problem of themselves. The military as well as the rest of society needs to look into exactly what is going on with this. I don't believe they do anything. Or maybe, they haven't done enough.

I suspect the problem has to do not only with what happens to military people when they are in service, but moreso, what happens to them once they are out...that is, there is no work, their "killing" skills are not appreciated as civilians, and they were not prepared for this economy. They have many of the same problems most of the rest of us have, but, they also have "killing" skills that they can think to use on themselves.

I did not catch what numbers of non veterans are committing suicide in our society. Are veterans all that unusual. Maybe they are only slightly more prone in their age-group than non-veterans who also have no work, cannot have stable relationships, and have untreated medical issues.