Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Strauss-Kahn Sex Scandal Obscures Real IMF Story - RT

Mainstream American media turned its attention towards the International Monetary Fund this week, but coverage didn't concern the looming economic crisis. Instead, it is the sex scandal of IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn that has turned heads today. Is this news of an alleged rape a legitimate story or merely smoke and mirrors to obscure the real story? Former Reagan administration official Paul Craig Roberts shares his take on it.

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steven andresen said...


The maid who is making allegations against S-K sounds implausible to some people who know something about pricey New York hotels.

Roberts alluded to some of these facts when he talked about how maids do not usually show up in these apartments when the tenants are in the shower.

I'm told that maids are not able to get in these places unless the keys to the rooms are available at the desks.

I'm also told that maid service is usually a matter of sending a team or at least two people so that if there are any valuables left in the room by the tenats those valuables will be sent to the desk. No maid would enter a room alone because they could be accused of stealing something in that room.

I'm also told that the maid person is ugly by French standards and that many French don't believe this guy S-K would try to push himself onto someone, first of all, because with his wealth he could get any one he wanted, and secondly, he could get prettier girls. Therefore, I'm told, 57% of the French think he's been set up.