Saturday, 26 March 2011

US Home Prices Hit Nine Year Low - Press TV

Average US house prices are down to 2002 levels with the economy set to stagnate further. The recovery you have been seeing in the stockmarket is largely due to people buying on the propaganda that there is a recovery underway and massive injections of capital (market rigging) by the Federal Reserve Bank and its proxies.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, March 26th, 2011.]


steven andresen said...


This report tells us that when we consider the economy and how it's doing, the prime things to consider are whether there is work and whether homes are selling. If we consider what Max says , during the piece that you presented just after this one, one should also be considering such issues as the drag on the economy that the military/intelligence complex makes, and the corruption of the banking and finance sectors.

I know one wants to keep it simple when talking to an American audience, but, without including more of the factors that effect jobs and home selling, like whether the state is bankrupt and corrupt, one will not, I believe, be able to explain things.

Don't you agree?


SpookyPunkos said...

I agree !

Yes, people should indeed consider the corruption that has led to this eventuality.


Spook !