Sunday, 27 March 2011

Mike Rivero's Message to the Paid Shills and Internet Trolls (March 24th)

For the last two weeks, some obviously paid public relations operatives have been swarming around the blog-o-sphere hurling ridicule and abuse at the "fear mongers" trying to report on the situation at Fukushima. According to some reader emails, WRH has been a specific target, with claims I am using Fukishima to distract from the teachers' plight in Wisconsin or Libya.

I did not bother responding to such claims. I will not waste time arguing with people paid to waste my time by arguing back, and I always operate on the theory that all wolves must suffer the occasional flea.

But I do have a message for all those paid public relations drones who took thirty pieces of silver to protect General Electric's stock price, or the nuclear power industry as a whole, or who see a melt-down that poisons four Japanese prefectures and the entire Pacific ocean as morally superior to that icky-poo carbon dioxide that Saint Al of the Gore is always preaching about; the very same people who paid you to lie to us, lied to you. You and your family are just as much at risk from the radiation the PR firms told you to tell us was harmless, or that Ann Coulter insists is good for you.

When you cash that paycheck, remember that it is paid for by the increased cancers and leukemia your family and friends will endure, because they believed you when you told them there was nothing to fear, and no reason to get out of the way.

Just something to think about.


Mr Rivero is absolutely right here. Lying to cover up things like nuclear melt-downs and false flag operations will only lead to more harm than we can all handle.

The elites running things love to use expendable pawns that will cover for their crimes or gross negligence. At the start of the 21st century we still face dangers from bio and nuclear false flag attacks plus severe damage to our environment caused by the rule of big oil and the nuclear industry - all at the expense of alternative technology.

Making a choice to back the elites, or all of humanity, including your immediate families, can have nothing to do with making a moral choice. Look at it strategically. Do you want to contribute to your own demise and perhaps the destruction of our species ? There will be no special privileges in terms of saving you lot when we have an out-of-control contagion or widespread nuclear contamination. Look at what's going on with the Japanese situation. The people in charge, those calling the shots, either can't do much to help or are making things far worse by masking the situation. Their control of what they unleash can only go so far.

Make a decision.

And note: there is hope for our future. People can indeed cooperate to bring about better global outcomes when faced with seemingly insurmountable problems. The trolls on duty out there can help break the existing status quo by their ceasing all disinformation activities and, if possible, release damning information that can be used to expose the deception game. There are many possible ways we can all move forward. The game being run now is pretty ridiculous. Things need to be altered considerably.

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[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, March 27th, 2011.]


Faith-R-Michaels said...

Spooky....U are telling it like it is..Bro...Great job...keep on Sailin

SpookyPunkos said...

Thanks Faith !

Rivero is right with this one... it's definitely not good enough for the trolls to be simply waging a cover-up propaganda war.

We really are in the same boat with a whole heap of madmen.

There are many futures. If you can imagine alternatives then you can imagine ways to get there. People batting for the status quo must reflect.

I just hope the propagandists can come to their senses and help steer the ship away from the giant whirlpool ...

Cheers Faith !