Thursday, 17 March 2011

Lost City of "Atlantis", Swamped by Tsunami, May be Found in Spain

A U.S.-led research team may have finally located the lost city of Atlantis, the legendary metropolis believed swamped by a tsunami thousands of years ago in mud flats in southern Spain.

"This is the power of tsunamis," head researcher Richard Freund told Reuters.

"It is just so hard to understand that it can wipe out 60 miles inland, and that's pretty much what we're talking about," said Freund, a University of Hartford, Connecticut, professor who lead an international team searching for the true site of Atlantis.

To solve the age-old mystery, the team used a satellite photo of a suspected submerged city to find the site just north of Cadiz, Spain. There, buried in the vast marshlands of the Dona Ana Park, they believe that they pinpointed the ancient, multi-ringed dominion known as Atlantis.

This Spanish location has been considered for some time. It's good to see some work getting underway to determine exactly what sort or bronze age society lies bried beneath the mud.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, March 17th, 2011.]

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