Thursday, 17 March 2011

Chernobyl: It Will Never Be Over

The latest scientific studies suggest that the damage to wildlife and fauna continue unabitated in and around the Chernobyl exclusion zone - and far beyond.

Research recently concluded provides more evidence that contamination has a "significant impact" on biodiversity.

Professor Timothy Mousseau from the University of South Carolina and Dr. Anders Moller from the University of Paris-Sud, France, spent three years counting and studying animals in the area.

In a report in the journal Ecological Indicators, they say they found evidence that radiation contamination has a "significant impact" on biodiversity.

"The truth is that these radiation contamination effects were so large as to be overwhelming," Mousseau said.

Nuclear reactors are fine so long as accidents NEVER occur. The danger from these things is great because of the long term contamination risks. If you don't mind contaminated food, mutated children, cancers and other sicknesses then you'll have no problem with the nuclear option.

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