Saturday, 5 March 2011

America's Info (propaganda) War ...

They've hit the nail on the head in this interview. The US is losing the information war because their major networks (+ Government) continue to push propaganda, amid a mountain of entertainment, that serves a political agenda rather than reporting the news, or the truth, about what is going on in the world.

See this clip also:

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steven andresen said...


This is a sad sad story.

Notice that they don't mention PressTV, which to my understanding is Iranian, or even the BBC, DeutscheWelle, TeleSur ( which is Venezuelan and Latin American), etc.

The American people are pretty much like the Russians, where their elites have been feeding them through their "patriotic" news media the official stories about what's what and who's who. And where most of them realized that it was all bull poo, and so tried to get a better sense of reality from outside more independent news sources.

So now, not only is there some large element of the US population that realizes they are being treated to "PravdaUS" when they turn on their TVs, but so does the rest of the world. Hence smaller viewership of PravdaUS, and an interest in what the Iranians, AlJezeera, BBC, etc people have to say.

Unfortunately for the SoS, just putting more money into giving PravdaUS more reach won't make people believe what it has to say. Flashier studio lighting and more sexy correspondents won't be any more persuasive.

I don't think she'll get the money anyway.