Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Captured CIA Agent Connected To False Flags Within Pakistan? [UPDATED]

This is not only being reported by Press TV, it is being reported by multiple other news outlets that are not connected to the Iranian government. Was Raymond David a false flag operative?

This guy was arrested and put in jail in Pakistan because he killed two armed people in the street in Lahore. The capture of subversives like this guy opens a large can of worms: the state sponsored world of dirty tricks, blackmail, deceptions and murder. Stories such as this are critically important because they expose false flag terrorism- a threat that can never be defeated unless we challenge the mainstream version of events.

UPDATE: Check out this headline - CIA's Davis Caught Delivering Nuke and Biological Weapons to CIA Manufactured Boogeyman al CIAda - Interoffice Transfer?

It’s now known that Raymond Davis, the American currently being held in Pakistan, is a CIA agent. While the US government continues to maintain he’s a ‘diplomat’, it’s now emerged Davis is in fact a member of the feared TF373 ‘black ops’ unit that operates invisibly in the Af-Pak TOA. The two men Davis is accused of killing were not “robbers”, but in fact two ISI agents who were tailing him. Worse — much worse -- documents found on Davis’ person prove he was working on supplying a dirty bomb to the Taliban.

Lest we forget the British false flag op in Iraq back in ‘05 that turned sour (when two SAS commandos, dressed as Arabs and driving a vehicle loaded with explosives and automatic weapons, were actually apprehended by Iraqi police), I’ve included it further below...
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