Thursday, 20 January 2011

DoJ Veteran Sees ‘Dangerous Precedent’ in Letting Bush Officials Walk

The 20-year DOJ veteran also criticized the administration's refusal to investigate or prosecute any serious criminal activities from the Bush-era, such as sanctioning the waterboarding of military detainees and directing the political firings of US Attorneys. These “at a minimum deserve complete investigation,” he said.

The Obama administration’s excuse “to look forward and not backward” fails to fulfill the agency’s “duty” to investigate, he said -- a charge that includes “any federal office holder who violates the Constitution or federal law."

“The department makes decisions based on the facts, evidence and the law, and nothing else," Justice Department spokeswoman Laura Sweeney remarked in an email to Raw Story.

Has justice gone 'gun-shy'?

Hebert, who served in multiple supervisory positions at the Department of Justice, commented that "everybody" from the Bush-era has seemed to land their own "get out of jail free card."

Without justice there can be no peace.

The failure to prosecute, or even investigate, Bush officials who have violated US Law is, in itself, a crime. At best this shows a level of criminal negligence in allowing crimes to go unpunished or, in a worse case scenario, a criminal conspiracy on the part of President Barack Obama and Eric Holder to obstruct justice.

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