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Despite the Mainstream Media Circus concerning the Wakefield Study Fraud, Thimerosal [mercury] is still Dangerous.

It looks like there may be a push on to discredit claims that the MMR vaccines are harmful. If they contain harmful preservatives, like Thimerosal, then they must be considered a risk to your health.

Check out the news headlines on the alleged fraud concerning the Wakefield study into the relationship between Autism and the MMR vaccine:

After looking at various reviews of this Wakefield study I concluded that the results were inconclusive. You could not make any conclusion about Autism and vaccines, either positive or negative, from the study ! A larger study with better testing methods would have been the way to go after this failed attempt ... [See bottom of this article on an analysis of the Wakefield study by Professor Greenhalgh.]

Regardless of the Wakefield situation we know that mercury, used in the Thimerosal vaccine preservative, is highly toxic. There is no obfuscating this fact (see here, here, here and here).

Furthermore, there is also huge risk to unborn children who have mercury introduced into their bodies via the mother. The danger is not simply to people and children taking their mandatory shots. Injections into a pregnant woman that include toxic substances will have a bearing on the unborn. Also, many cosmetics use Thimerosal which goes under the trade name Merthiolate. When tiny amounts of mercury are damaging to a developing nervous system then fetal damage via cosmetic contamination is also real danger.

I found this article, that covers the toxic effects of mercury, including the numerous attempts to conceal or downplay its harmful nature, very very instructive (see below). The article here begins with the massive mercury poisoning that happened in Minamata, Japan and then moves on to more subtle vaccine related poisoning issues. This is a very good but fairly long article:

Here is a much shorter article that covers many of the bases mentioned in the link above. Check it out too:

All this hype about vaccine-thimerosal safety is starting to bug me. So what if one study is flawed ?? One might think we're being set up for another swine flu scare so we can line the pockets of the vaccine makers.


Wakefield study Analysis:

I ran across this page which is an analysis of the Wakefield study by Professor Trisha Greenhalgh. She makes a number of good points about the flawed nature of the investigation and that the results were inconclusive given what happened. She mentioned that further research would be helpful:

The problem with Professor Greenhalgh's article is that she says that further research has been done that rules out any dangers posed by the MMR vaccine:

"A study from Finland, designed to be large enough pick up even very rare events, followed 1.8 million children prospectively from the day they received the MMR vaccine for a full 14 years. The total number of reported vaccine-associated events was 437, and they included allergic reactions and convulsions, but none of the children had autism linked with the vaccine.

Several subsequent studies, all much larger and better designed than Wakefield’s, have confirmed an absence of excess cases of autism or bowel disease in children who have received MMR vaccine. In 1999, for example, Dr Brent Taylor looked at 500 cases of autism in the Royal Free Hospital and found no excess in immunised children. A very large and well designed study in the USA – with a proper case control design and with all vaccination dates confirmed by medical records – looked at the incidence of inflammatory bowel disease in people who had received MMR vaccine, other measles-containing vaccine, and no vaccine. The risk of inflammatory bowel disease was the same for vaccinated or unvaccinated people."

However there is strong criticism against the methodology and findings of the two studies she cites directly:

Criticism of Dr Taylor's UK study:

Criticism of the Finish study, that was not even conducted with a goal of establishing a link between autism and the MMR vaccine:

The unnamed US study cited by the Professor may or may not have been rigged. However, the pattern thus far has been one of duplicity.

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