Saturday, 11 December 2010

War? No Worries! US Media 'fluff' Focus Blamed for Numbing Nation

Americans consider the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan among the less important problems facing their country - according to a recent opinion poll. That's despite thousands of U.S. soldiers killed in action and more than one trillion dollars spent. But as RT's Lauren Lyster reports it may be the mainstream media that decides what really matters for the public...

Too many people are ignorant of what is important beyond their immediate needs. Everyday life may be pretty straightforward, but the wider world, in which we live, is complex.

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Faith-R-Michaels said...

What an insult to Americas children fighting and dying,maimed and wounded,mentally and physically.What Americas solders believe... is that they are fighting for their families and other Americans back home. They believe they are fighting to keep us safe.We can blame the media or we can blame the not a thought in their brain beyond their small bubble of a world ....lack-a-daisy public!We do not call them sheeples for nothing..
How depressing

steven andresen said...


I don't think the random spot check on the street interview is an accurate way of guaging how much the American people know about, care about, or have an understanding of any serious topic.

I have a fairly complicated kind of work. When I'm at work I can talk with some knowledge and understanding of the issues involved in my work. However, when I'm not at work, I don't want to think about it much. I could answer some questions, but, out on the street, with strangers, and some camera in my face, I may not sound very competent if you are asking me searching questions.

I think this might be what happens about a lot of issues that, in some contexts, people do care about and could exhibit some good understanding.

This story raises the question about whether people are actually stupid about the world, or has the American Media made them stupid when they otherwise wouldn't be so much. Out on the street, maybe anyone would come off uninformed or indifferent.

I think there is another issue, whether the American people are becoming more like the people of the Soviet Union who's Media were Pravda and Isvestia. People were supposed to only know what these Media sources told them and, like in the U.S., that was supposed to be ignorant of what was really going on, and naively trusting of whatever their government had been doing. In reality, very few people trusted these Media at all and realized that if they were going to get any real facts, they'd have to go to underground or foreign press.

The person on the street may or may not know anything about Soviet wars or economic problems but all the people could let themselves talk about were the scandals and tfashion trend stories that made the headlines.

I think we have Pravda and Isvestia here now. And with the internet, we assume we can get some real facts.

However, the Soviet government spooks just as well as American intelligence operatives can figure out that this is the dynamic at work and use it. They might be playing with us by feeding Assange material thinking that people might accept what a rebel says, because he's a rebel, even though what he leaks to us was carefully put together by intelligence operatives.

I don't think the performance of people on RT where they can't tell you where Canada is, or how many soldiers have died in Iraq, is an insult to the troops.

Are we to think that if we leave Iraq or Afghanistan that the soldiers will have been stabbed in the back by the ignorant American people, or the un-American Media. Wouldn't this be a Hitlerian spin on what's going on? Our wars of aggression are O.K., it's only the weak and stupid liberals who defeat our armies????

Furthermore, I think beyond the fact that elites have always tried to distract populations from what they are doing by bread and circuses, it is difficult to put energy into issues outside of one's family, one's work, or the few things one can do for entertainment. You have to spend time doing and thinking about these issues to be any good at them. I don't think these issues are entirely bad things to focus one's life around.

Governments make it difficult to pay attention to what they are doing, despite whatever you read in the papers about open government or democracy.

You have to travel to meetings held at inconvenient times, in troubled locations. You have to meet strange people. You have to sit and listen to often times boring or unrelated agenda items. You have to commit a lot of time and energy to stuff that takes away one's ability to focus on one's family, work, and entertainments.

If people are ininformed, or come off like they don't care, it's not for no reason.


SpookyPunkos said...

Rats !

I would really like to see a nation-wide survey on what people know about the War.

It's totally wrong to have one group of society being maimed and sacrificed while the rest of the population has no clue !

Alas, those that fight are up against a manufactured enemy...

The establishment and their media suck.

Spook !