Thursday, 2 December 2010

FBI Foils its Own Van Bomb Plot in Oregon

FBI undercover agents had bad been playing patsy with Mohamud since June of 2010, “claiming they were acting as accomplices of a supposed Pakistani terrorist that Mohamed had been in contact with as early as 2008,” The Activist Post tells us. The big difference is, “the FBI actually supplied him with a bomb.” If this isn’t entrapment, what is? There is also a good summary of similar events in the Activist Post (so it’s not just me seeing this), and a good film clip summary.

It is reminiscent of four cultivated patsies in Newburgh, New York, and others whom I wrote about on Oct. 20, Four men railroaded in plot to bomb synagogues. Only these dudes weren’t even Muslims, but ex-cons, hapless and unemployed. The FBI mole who recruited them was a Muslim, or so they say. Check out this article for a good summary of similar events, including the WTC 1993 car bomb explosion.

In that event, including blind Sheik Raman and his boyz, “the FBI plant[ed] a mole in their midst, 46-year old Emad Salem, ex-Egyptian Army officer . . . offering to provide 1,300 pounds of blasting powder for the van-bomb to be planted in the basement. At some point, Salem tells the FBI, he can supply just plain powder to the Sheik, nobody will get hurt, and they can still bust the Sheik for conspiring to bomb the WTC. But the FBI makes it happen and asks for the hot sauce, and boom, there goes the van-bomb in the basement, BABOOM, six dead, 1,000 injured.

There are people out there who will commit acts of terror and there are also elements within Federal Agencies and Intelligence Organisations more than willing to facilitate or engineer such activities.

See this headline for another article on this story: U.S. Government Now Creating Terrorists So It Can Arrest Them

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steven andresen said...


The FBI has been setting people up for a long time. It reads the mail of our Senators and Congressmen, I believe Morse had his mail read. They set up an environmental group ten years ago or more. The group was encouraged to use a truck and some explosives provided by what turned out to be the FBI provocateur.

This happened again recently with some people originally from the east coast who moved here.

The history of the state involves stories like these. So it isn't new when it happenes this month.


SpookyPunkos said...


Yep, it's not a new situation at all, but I think it's good to remind the people about such FBI shenanigans !

It's all about repeating information concerning what is really going to counteract the programing provided by the mainstream press and popular culture.

Counter psyche war.