Monday, 13 December 2010

The Disclosure !

This is a great little video clip about the ongoing attempts by the "powers-that-be" to subjugate or wound the general human population whilst sidelining such actions through various distractions. The clip intends to warn the people, in a very entertaining way, that the latest distraction (intended to turn the population towards the authorities) is likely to come through a fake alien disclosure gambit:

The alien disclosure ploy looks like it might actually be in the works. Recent material appearing on the BBC and from other mainstream sources (see here, here and here) gives one pause to consider what the agenda is.

HOWEVER, this video, that warns against the disclosure agenda, seeing it as a distraction from US War Crimes and corporate corruption, comes with a massive proviso:

There is actually a large element of truth to the claims that the US Government is concealing information about UFOs. Despite the opinions of some great anti-corruption commentators, there is more to the UFO/disclosure situation than meets the eye.

It is irrational to completely dismiss UFO reports out of hand and claim there is no government/military/CIA cover-up with regard to this material. Furthermore, from a scientific standpoint even the US Government's University funded study that was supposed to prove there was nothing to the phenomena, actually proves the affirmative (read the chapter summaries and juxtapose them to the false overall summary/conclusion).

I personally doubt there will be any type of disclosure. Talk of this has occurred in the past and nothing has happened. But, if some type of (disingenuous?) disclosure does happen then be extremely wary about what sort of demands the Government will make of you ! Don't just roll over. There's a big chance that we'll be manipulated into some good for them (elites/corporations) bad for us deal - so be mindful.

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