Friday, 31 December 2010

Keiser Report: Bank of America Sucks & Blows

This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss whether or BrianMoynihanBlows.Com as Bank of America breaks into womans home and steals her dead husbands ashes. In the second half of the show, Max talks to journalist and author, Afshin Rattansi about a Brave New World in which airports fail to cope with an inch of snow and cabinet ministers dance like C-list celebrities on popular television shows.

A great episode. Essential viewing if you are interested in the direction the world economies, primarily the US and UK, are headed.

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Press TV's Waqar Rizvi talks to James Morris on "Mossad in Iraq"

This story is very important for it points towards an unnecessary war against Iran. Only the truth about what is going on here, the truth about the corrupt networks and covert operations, will stop the continuing terror and conflict.

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Does the United States still have a stock market? Not really. In a real market, when there are more sellers than buyers, prices decline. And vice versa of course. That is called "price discovery"; or used to be. Since January of 2010 investors have withdrawn a net total of 81 billion dollars from U.S. stocks and funds, this week marking the 33rd consecutive week of outflows, while stock prices have staged a missile launch upward that started in mid-July. Floyd Norris of the New York Times confirms that outflows have remained at record high levels over the last four years. Some of the funds withdrawn resulted from industry insider selling, and much of that was re-invested in commodities and emerging markets. But a substantial amount, according to Charles Biderman, CEO of Trimtabs, was withdrawn by middle-class Americans to pay monthly bills.

In an unprecedented interview on CNBC, Biderman stated that the Federal Reserve is no longer denying the fact that it has been rigging U.S. markets nor is the Fed making any effort to hide it. An unrelenting and counter-intuitive rally has ensued, with stock prices gapping up at 4:00 AM night after night and never looking back. Even before the Fed initiated its POMO (Permanent Open Market Operations) injections of outright treasury buys in a program euphemistically titled "Quantitative Easing 2" (a.k.a printing money out of thin air) the Fed's daily zero percent loans of taxpayer money to Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan were used almost exclusively to buy stocks - and then sell them again within minutes or even seconds. Investment banks use high frequency trading computers (HFTs) programmed to essentially steal money, one penny at a time, from any retail investor foolish enough to believe he could make money by trading or investing in stocks. Their computers, operating at speeds no human with a laptop could match, front-run orders, ensuring a profit on every trade. Wall Street investment banks have the right, unlike everyone else, to trade in increments of 1/1000 of a penny, allowing them to deny order fills by keeping the price 1/1000 of a penny below the bid. It is one of many questionable and even illegal practices engaged in by what the internet bears cartoons refer to as the "the Goldman Sack" and "the JP Morgue". The web cartoons have gone viral, as they say, and served to educate the uninitiated in the grand-theft-stock-market game being run by the Fed and the Wall Street gangs.

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Spoils of Oil: Mapping Khodorkovsky's Scheme

Russia extending jail sentence for oil Tycoon who embezzled 6 billion dollars (going for 14 years sentence).

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Thursday, 30 December 2010

David Chandler: Freefall and Building 7 on 9/11 [Smoking Gun Proof of Explosive Demolition]

Galileo was the first to describe the amazing fact that, apart from air resistance, all objects fall at the same "rate." If you have not experienced this fact directly, try dropping a large rock and a pebble side-by- side. The rate we are referring to is not a "speed," because for a falling object the speed is constantly changing. The rate we are talking about is actually the "rate of increase of speed," how quickly the speed builds up, called acceleration. The acceleration achieved by all falling bodies, apart from air resistance, is called the "acceleration of gravity."

Gravity causes freely falling objects to increase their speed by about 32 ft/s per second. (The awkward unit, feet per second per second is commonly abbreviated ft/s2.) When an object is dropped, the speed is initially zero, but it immediately starts speeding up. After 1 second its speed will be 32 ft/s. After 2 seconds its speed will be 64 ft/s. Etc. 32 ft/s2 is an approximation. The "acceleration of gravity" actually varies slightly from place to place. In New York City it is 32.159 ft/s2.

Isaac Newton showed that the acceleration of an object is governed by its mass and the net force acting on it. (If several forces are acting at once they are combined to give a "net" force.) If the downward acceleration of a falling object equals the acceleration of gravity, then the net force is the gravitational force alone; any other forces must add up to zero.

What if a heavy object falls through other objects, breaking them as it goes? Newton's third law says that when objects interact, they always exert equal and opposite forces on each other. Therefore, while an object is falling, if it exerts any force on objects in its path, those objects must push back, slowing the fall. If an object is observed to be in freefall, we can conclude that nothing in the path exerts a force to slow it down, and by Newton's third law, the falling object cannot be pushing on anything else either.

When the top section of a building collapses one would expect the falling section to crash into the lower section and exert a large force on it, like dropping an anvil on your toe. A typical controlled demolition exploits this fact: the crushing force of the falling section of the building contributes to the demolition, and reduces the amount of explosives that are needed. However, amazingly, this is not what happened when Building 7 "collapsed" on 9/11.

We know that the falling section of Building 7 did not crush the lower section of the building because the top section of Building 7 fell at freefall. It didn't just fall at something close to freefall. It fell for about 2.5 seconds at a rate that was indistinguishable from freefall. If the falling section of the building had crushed the lower section, the lower section would have pushed back with an equal but opposite force. But that would have slowed the fall. Since the fall was not slowed in the slightest, we can conclude that the force of interaction was zero... in both directions.

Objects do not fall through other objects without slowing down !

For there to be a symmetrical freefall of WTC7 (no slowing down) all resistance must have been removed instantaneously to allow for that event. Even in controlled demolitions, where they employ explosives to allow for a rapid collapse, there are seldom times when we see a freefall since resistance is usually encountered by some of the remaining structure.

The official explanations by the NIST investigators for the collapse of the building are entirely unsubstantiated, based upon an unverified (likely cooked) computer simulation and arbitrarily made observations.

The official explanation is a fraud on the American people and those who have been killed thanks to the 911 false flag attack. NIST has helped to cover up an act of treason and allow the War on Terror to continue unabated. Charges of Misprision of Treason must be made against those involved in this fraud.

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Bailed-Out Banks Slip Toward Failure

Nearly 100 U.S. banks that got bailout funds from the federal government show signs they are in jeopardy of failing.

The total, based on an analysis of third-quarter financial results by The Wall Street Journal, is up from 86 in the second quarter, reflecting eroding capital levels, a pileup of bad loans and warnings from regulators. The 98 banks in shaky condition got more than $4.2 billion in infusions from the Treasury Department under the Troubled Asset Relief Program

If we consider the real economic situation in the United States, as opposed to the cooked official figures, and the past record of banking finance disclosure, you can bet that the number of destined to fail banks is going to be MANY TIMES that which is reported here.

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On the Edge with Max Keiser and Danny Schechter

Interview with Danny Schechter, director and producer of Plunder: The Crime of Our Time.

They talk about wikileaks as being legit but wikileaks is working with the mainstream (ie controlled) press. The only reason wiki has massive coverage is because the mainstream media allows it. The situation reeks of being a set up.

If wikileaks existed before the Iraq War they would have been treated as other whistleblowers were treated and they'd have found no traction in the wider press. As Max pointed out, the NY Times sat on the Bush wiretapping scandal for a whole year. You can bet that the material being disseminated by wikileaks has been authorised by the relevant "authorities."

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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The Oil Slick BP Tried To Hide Has Been Discovered

BP and the government famously declared that most of the oil had disappeared.

But as I've noted, as much as 98% of the oil is still in the ocean.

I have repeatedly pointed out that BP and the government applied massive amounts of dispersant to the Gulf Oil Spill in an effort to sink and hide the oil. Many others said the same thing.

BP and the government denied this, of course.

But the oil is not remaining hidden.

Indeed, as the Wall Street Journal noted on December 9th:

A university scientist and the federal government say they have found persuasive evidence that oil from the massive Gulf of Mexico spill is settling on the ocean floor.

Also see this article for more coverage on the crisis.

I recommend checking out this mainstream news story about the highly toxic Corexit dispersant STILL being pumped into the Gulf. Does oil continue to leak into the Gulf from cracks in the ocean floor or are they trying to keep what's already there at the bottom ? Either way the use of dispersants must be stopped !

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Ice Age 2010 - Meterologist accurate AGAIN

Meteorologist, Astrophysicist Piers Cobryn, often mocked & attacked for pointing out THE FACT that our planet Earth is entering into a GLOBAL COOLING TREND, or 'mini-Ice Age' & that Climate Change & 'Global Warming' HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH CARBON EMISSIONS & that Earth's climate variation is LARGELY DEPENDENT on solar cycles & electromagnetic activity of The Sun

The dude appears to be correct. We'll still get summers but much more extreme and longer lasting winters - like those seen in the past.

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Solar Geomagnetic Ap Index Hits Zero

This is something you really don’t expect to see this far into solar cycle 24.

But there it is, the Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite shows the sun as a cueball

The Ap index being zero, indicates that the sun’s magnetic field is low, and its magneto is idling rather than revving up as it should be on the way to solar max. True, it’s just a couple of data points, but as NOAA’s SWPC predicts the solar cycle, we should be further along instead of having a wide gap

Our Sun has gone somewhat quiet. Let's hope we don't see a new Ice Age upon us.

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US Cities Bankruptcy

In Michigan, a city is pleading for bankruptcy option and the state officials fear it could start a domino effect with dozens of cities filing for bankruptcy throughout the US.

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Monday, 27 December 2010


Julian Assange has lashed out at the independent press for their attacks on the credibility of Wikileaks, particularly after revelations of his associations with, not only the New York Times and the powerful Murdoch media empire, both strong voices for Israel’s Zionist movement, but the Rothschilds family and even, strange as it may seem, billionaire George Soros.

While the mainstream media, now openly admitting their partnership with Wikileaks, has built Assange to “rock star” status, their reporting has systematically censored attacks on Wikileaks by, not only alternative media but governments as well.

Assange’s recent rages at the independent media are a clear indication of the declining status of mainstream press and television as reliable new sources. With 4 out of 5 seeking their news from the Internet and those looking for something other than sports, fashion and gossip, more likely than not moving increasingly toward the alternative press, Wikileaks, now practically a “brand name” for the New York Times and Fox/Murdoch group, is beginning to look, more and more, like a liability.

These attacks on Assange, citing his seeming pro-Israel bias, one he now openly admits also, soon began coming in from governments, Pakistan and Turkey, major allies of the United States, among others. However, the press never reported them or any of the other accusations of bias. While busily reporting on Assange’s sex life, a version now contradicted as to nature and preferences, the media left out the real heart of the Wikileaks controversy itself, its own role in Wikileaks.

If anything, the New York Times is guilty, not so much of espionage as reported by CBS News, but for misrepresenting their role in Wikileaks.


When Assange admitted that materials damaging to Israel were allowed to be removed from Wikileaks by outsiders, The New York Times and unnamed others, he failed to clarify the process used for adding material to Wikileaks. This process is called “seeding.”

When Brzezinski accused Assange of “seeding” Wikileaks with “pointed material” on behalf of an “intelligence agency,” this is the process he was referring to. It isn’t just that Wikileaks protects Israel but that material damaging to Israel’s enemies is now proven to have been chosen specifically.

This won’t be said enough times. When material was added and taken away to serve the purpose of powerful outside groups, in this case, all with powerful Israeli ties, it made Wikileaks an agent of censorship, an agent of propaganda and totally discredited the Wikileaks project.

The wikileaks propaganda operation is a failure. Please check out the rest of this great article at the link.

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Great summary of the Wikileaks propaganda operation.

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Kiwi-Gate, the Final Chapter

New Zealand’s Climate Science Coalition has issued a press release detailing the end of the Kiwi-gate affair.

The outcome is that data published in 2009 by New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) entitled ‘Are we feeling warmer yet’ has been abandoned and replaced with real, unadjusted data that shows a picture that warmists don’t want you to see:

NIWA makes the huge admission that New Zealand has experienced hardly any warming during the last half-century. For all their talk about warming, for all their rushed invention of the “Eleven-Station Series” to prove warming, this new series shows that no warming has occurred here since about 1960. Almost all the warming took place from 1940-60, when the IPCC says that the effect of CO2 concentrations was trivial. Indeed, global temperatures were falling during that period.

Say no to an oppressive carbon taxation system and yes to developing clean technology via research funding and tax breaks for those companies involved in such endeavours. We already have the technological capability to stop excessive pollution but we face political opposition from the energy industry that has sunk many developments in the past.

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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Keiser Report: Cables, Crises & Cyber Currencies

This time, Max and Stacy talk about stock market riots, p2p currencies and the banking solvency crisis. In the second half, Max talks to Mike Maloney of about currency crises, China's gold and the silver market.

Another great episode- check it out.

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Fluoride in Water Linked to Lower IQ in Children

Exposure to fluoride may lower children's intelligence says a study pre-published in Environmental Health Perspectives, a publication of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (online December 17, 2010).

Fluoride is added to 70% of U.S. public drinking water supplies.

According to Paul Connett, Ph.D., director of the Fluoride Action Network, "This is the 24th study that has found this association, but this study is stronger than the rest because the authors have controlled for key confounding variables and in addition to correlating lowered IQ with levels of fluoride in the water, the authors found a correlation between lowered IQ and fluoride levels in children's blood. This brings us closer to a cause and effect relationship between fluoride exposure and brain damage in children."

"What is also striking is that the levels of the fluoride in the community where the lowered IQs were recorded were lower than the EPA's so-called 'safe' drinking water standard for fluoride of 4 ppm and far too close for comfort to the levels used in artificial fluoridation programs (0.7 – 1.2 ppm)," says Connett.

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Toxic Chemicals In Your Water

Sodium fluoride, a hazardous-waste by-product from the manufacture of aluminum, is a common ingredient in rat and cockroach poisons, anaesthetics, hypnotics, psychiatric drugs, and military nerve gas. It's historically been quite expensive to properly dispose of, until some aluminum industries with an overabundance of the stuff sold the public on the terrifically insane but highly profitable idea of buying it at a 20,000% mark-up, injecting it into our water supplies, and then DRINKING it.

Independent scientific evidence repeatedly showing up over the past 50 years reveals that fluoride allegedly shortens our life span, promotes cancer and various mental disturbances, accelerates osteoporosis and broken hips in old folks, and makes us stupid, docile, and subservient, all in one package. There are reports of aluminum in the brain possibly being a causative factor in Alzheimer's Disease, and evidence points towards fluoride's strong affinity for aluminum and also its ability to "trick" the blood-brain barrier by looking like the hydrogen ion, and thus allowing chemical access to brain tissue.

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Saturday, 25 December 2010

War is NOT Over

It is the end of 2010 and war is NOT over. Only the truth about 911, the illegal wars, war crimes, and the exposure of the corrupt political/corporate/military system can stop the War on Terror and end the US-backed conflicts around the world.

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Why We Write: End Unlawful US Wars; Have Justice and Love

Independent writers explain, document, and prove what all humanity will soon recognize as “emperor has no clothes” facts: US wars are Orwellian unlawful. The following are objective facts and independently verifiable. Indeed, the facts are uncontested and therefore non-controversial by definition. Literally the one and only action between now and public embrace of factual reality is critical mass of Americans recognizing and acting upon what’s right in front of us:

•All “reasons” for war with Iraq were known to be lies as they were told. These are now the admissions of our own US government agencies.
•All “reasons” for war with Iran are known to be lies as they are being told now. These are the repeated documentation of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and the uncontested content of a speech by Iran’s President that proves he never threatened to “wipe Israel off the map.”
•Current US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are not even close to lawful; any attack on Iran would also be unlawful. This is the conservative and crystal-clear letter and intent of war law.
•Most Americans don’t know about these facts because the Director of the CIA already disclosed in US Senate testimony that the CIA dominates corporate media in war reporting.

Independent writers invite the American public to join us: use your strongest voice and acts to end unlawful US wars and their related War Crimes. Stand for justice under the law. Be true to your heart and soul for love and peace. You have all the tools you need.

Most people will not allow themselves, their friends and family, to remain victims of a corrupt and harmful system. This is why we see so many political and anti-corruption bloggers. It's as simple as that. Our choices are to either speak up and push for real change or remain silent and suffer the dreadful consequences.

Those who work for the elites and corrupt must also resist, for in the end, they too will become victims of the system.

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Potential Cancer Cure In Canada, But Big Pharma Says NO

A promising cure is ditched because the big corporations don't own any patent to the drug- dichloroacetate.

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Friday, 24 December 2010

Sibel Edmonds Speaks Out on Whistleblower "Protections"

FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds joins The Corbett Report to discuss the explosive information she uncovered while working in FBI translation and how the safeguards that were supposed to be in place to help her blow the whistle were overseen by politicians who themselves had been corrupted.

Part 2 of five (contains link to parts 3-5).

Real hardcore whistleblowers get railroaded by the authorities into shutting up (Sibel) or are killed (Deborah Palfrey, the "Washington Madam"). In real whistleblower situations, where highly damaging establishment corruption is exposed, the mainstream media remains quiet or spews out the official explanation for what happened. I posted this story in light of the wikileaks circus.

Note in part 2 that although the Democrats took over the Congress in 2006 they refused to help the whistleblowers even after promising they would do so. Both US political parties are corrupted. Sibel recommends for those who want to expose corruption to go anonymously to the public. Trust no one.

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The GOP Goes to the Mats to Protect the US Chamber of Commerce

The GOP has gone to such a new level of low in showing its heartless contempt for suffering Americans that stuns even a TV anchor for FOX "News," also known as the propaganda arm for the Republican Party.

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Keiser Report: JP Morgue !

This time Max and Stacy talk about the rise of financial activism and about Janet Tavakoli's presentation and repairing the damage of fraud as a business model. In the second half Max talks to Nicole Foss about the unpopped bubble in Canada.

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Tests show Probable Carcinogens in Drinking Water of 31 U.S. Cities

Tests made by the Environmental Working Group of tap water found that 31 of 35 U.S. cities contain the carcinogen hexavalent chromium.

The group found the highest concentration of chromium-6 in Norman, Ohio, Honolulu, Hawaii and Riverdale, California.

Of the 31 cities, the water samples from 25 had the toxic metal at concentrations over the safe limits in a recently proposed California regulation.

According to the National Toxicology Program, chromium-6 in drinking water has clear evidence of carcinogenic activity in laboratory animals, which increases the risk of gastrointestinal tumors.

The draft review by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in September 2010 said that hexavalent chromium in drinking water is likely carcinogenic for humans.

The EWG released the study Monday. It is the first nationwide analysis of hexavalent chromium in tap water to be made public.

The toxic metal, used for chrome plating and the production of plastics and dyes, was in the 2000 movie “Erin Brockovich.”

It is likely that most of the widespread sicknesses of the late 20th and early 21st centuries can be attributed to environmental toxins. With our corrupt corporate influenced society it is a slow process in revealing the subtle dangers that have been produced by our "modern" industries and technology.

Here's another thing to think about. We all know that crude oil contains many toxins, well consider the bitumen used in our roads. It's made out of similar material. Rainwater would help to leach the heavy metal toxins out of our roads into the ground. It would be good to see some scientific studies done into this material.

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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas Time Terror Hype Continues, Al Qaeda to Attack Food Supply?

As we have repeatedly stated in the last two weeks, the mainstream media and federal government are essentially promoting the fact that their will be a terror attack in the very near future. This is the country we now find ourselves in, a country whose government stages terror threats to continue their push towards a complete Nazi style police state.

An attack on our food supply would have horrible consequences. It would enable our government to completely control an already heavily regulated food supply.

The good news is the American people are waking up to the existence of false flag terror in mass and hopefully our vigilance will stop any sort of planned attack. The mainstream media is claiming that this is a threat from Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. This arm of “Al Qaeda” is run by Anwar al-Awlaki, the man who just so happened to have dined at the Pentagon just MONTHS after 9/11.

The appearance of Micheal Chertoff in the CBS piece suggests that this is indeed a false terror threat. Chertoff, a duel citizen of Israel and The United States, has made millions off airport body scanners while at the same time pushing the need for the scanners, under the false pretext that if we didn’t have them hten we would be being attacked by the cave dwelling boogiemen known as Al Qaeda.

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North Korea 'will not hit back' Over Yeonpyeong Drills

North Korea says it will not retaliate despite "reckless provocations" from the South, which held live-fire drills on the flashpoint island of Yeonpyeong.

The North shelled the island last month after similar drills and had threatened more retaliation this time.

But state media quoted the army as saying it was "not worth reacting".

Wiser heads have prevailed.

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Chinese Chess

The Chinese are playing grandmaster chess against an amateur America that can’t see beyond the second move. In a bipartisan display of geopolitical obtuseness, America continues its historic trade policy: It’s free trade, except occasional lapses into protectionism when a whinging constituent must be placated, with a reliance on the World Trade Organization to settle disputes (and believing it has won something of significance when the WTO sides with it in a dispute over such a key product as cheap tires). Occasional public complaints about China’s persistent undervaluation of the renminbi, but refusal to declare the regime a currency manipulator. And conferences, conferences, conferences. All very 20th century.

China is doing a very different thing. The Communist regime sees trade policy as merely one weapon in a war aimed at overtaking the United States as the world’s preeminent economic and, by extension, military power. The undervaluation of the renminbi is a necessary means of keeping China’s export machine running at full tilt so as to create jobs for the millions who are moving from the country to the nation’s cities. Lacking democratic legitimacy, the regime’s principal claim to the loyalty, or at least the submission of its people, is its ability to provide jobs and a rising standard of living, doubly important in this period of transition to a new generation of leaders in 2012. Americans chortle: that mercantilist program of subsidizing exports cannot be sustained forever, as the inflow of dollars will sooner or later trigger inflation. Right: indeed, that is already happening, and forcing the regime to adopt a variety of measures to curb credit and inflation.

But largely irrelevant in the longer term on which the Chinese are focused. By the time the Chinese decide they will have to allow the renminbi to appreciate, they will have accomplished two long-standing objectives. First, their vaults will be stuffed with an even larger hoard of American IOUs, enough to give them an important influence over U.S. foreign policy. “How do you deal toughly with your banker?” asked Hillary Clinton of the then-prime minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, at a luncheon last year. His answer is not recorded.

It is true that if the Chinese start to dump U.S. Treasuries and dollars, the value of their own piles of dollar-denominated assets would decline. But if the broader geopolitical objective were served, that would merely be a cost to consider as part of the military budget.

Second, by then the Chinese will have copied enough American and Western technology to be in less need of an undervalued renminbi—they will have made-in-China products that can dominate world markets even if their currency approximates its market value.

Check !

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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Fake Terror And The War For Your Mind

The Miami 7, the Fort Dix 6,the Newburgh 4, the Underwear Bomber, the Portland Car Bomber... The FBI has set up then knocked down dozens of terrorist straw men in an effort to convince you that the 'war on terror' is real. This is a very real war for your mind and we may all pay a high price for ignoring it.

This vid provides a great run down of most of the recent terror threats, manufactured by the FBI.

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On the Edge with Max Keiser – Global Finance and Corruption in Africa.

Max's guest for today's show is Thomas C. Mountain. Thomas is an independent journalist living in Eritrea and writes often on the Horn of Africa.

Part 2. Part 3.

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The Great Honeybee Conspiracy: EPA Complicit in Colony Collapse Disorder?

The humble honey bee is getting its fair share of buzz this year — which doesn't bode particularly well for the species, or American agriculture as a whole.

The most recent revelations involve leaked government documents, regulatory malfeasance, and scientific censorship. To mix an insect metaphor, it's quite a tangled web...

Since 2006, serious decimation of the North American bee population has taken place. Termed “colony collapse disorder,” millions of worker bees have mysteriously disappeared from their colonies, largely confounding the scientific community.

Blame has volleyed from viruses to fungi to cell phone radiation...

But a suspect has emerged as enemy number one: Bayer's pesticide clothianidin.

Clothianidin is widely used on America's corn crops in addition to other ubiquitous crops like canola, soy, and sugar beets.

Leaked EPA documents have detailed the regulatory agency's allowance of clothianidin to maneuver its way through regulatory channels in the face of scientists' warning and flawed studies.

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A short History (clip) about COINTELPRO

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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

9/11 Incontrovertible Proof the Government is Lying

(thanks to Michael G for the great clip !)

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More Than 1000 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims - Challenge UN IPCC & Gore

More than 1,000 dissenting scientists (updates previous 700 scientist report) from around the globe have now challenged man-made global warming claims made by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and former Vice President Al Gore. This new 2010 321-page Climate Depot Special Report -- updated from the 2007 groundbreaking U.S. Senate Report of over 400 scientists who voiced skepticism about the so-called global warming “consensus” -- features the skeptical voices of over 1,000 international scientists, including many current and former UN IPCC scientists, who have now turned against the UN IPCC. This updated 2010 report includes a dramatic increase of over 300 additional (and growing) scientists and climate researchers since the last update in March 2009. This report's release coincides with the 2010 UN global warming summit in being held in Cancun.

The more than 300 additional scientists added to this report since March 2009 (21 months ago), represents an average of nearly four skeptical scientists a week speaking out publicly. The well over 1,000 dissenting scientists are almost 20 times the number of UN scientists (52) who authored the media-hyped IPCC 2007 Summary for Policymakers.

The chorus of skeptical scientific voices grew louder in 2010 as the Climategate scandal -- which involved the upper echelon of UN IPCC scientists -- detonated upon on the international climate movement. "I view Climategate as science fraud, pure and simple," said noted Princeton Physicist Dr. Robert Austin shortly after the scandal broke. Climategate prompted UN IPCC scientists to turn on each other. UN IPCC scientist Eduardo Zorita publicly declared that his Climategate colleagues Michael Mann and Phil Jones "should be barred from the IPCC process...They are not credible anymore." Zorita also noted how insular the IPCC science had become. "By writing these lines I will just probably achieve that a few of my future studies will, again, not see the light of publication," Zorita wrote. A UN lead author Richard Tol grew disillusioned with the IPCC and lamented that it had been "captured" and demanded that "the Chair of IPCC and the Chairs of the IPCC Working Groups should be removed." Tol also publicly called for the "suspension" of IPCC Process in 2010 after being invited by the UN to participate as lead author again in the next IPCC Report. [Note: Zorita and Tol are not included in the count of dissenting scientists in this report.]

Other UN scientists were more blunt.

Deforestation and pollution must be stopped and so too must the scaremongering about climate change. If the data was not so corrupted then I might accept there is a large human hand involved in causing the planet to warm. Alas, currently it seems our planet is cooling.

Yes to clean technology and No to a carbon taxation system that'll feed the bankers.

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Monday, 20 December 2010

COINTELPRO: America's Dirty War

At the height of the Cold war, the US government was not content infiltrating abroad, they also engaged in a war at home.

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Keiser Report: Markets! Finance! Bleeping Bankers!

This time Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, look at one Irishman in America speaking his mind about Irish bleeping bankers and while another Irishman, David Drumm, an Irish bleeping banker, is on the run and declaring bankruptcy in Massachusetts after bankrupting his own nation. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Ed Harrison about the European financial crisis.

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Coldest December since Records Began as Temperatures Plummet to minus 10C bringing Travel Chaos across Britain

The Arctic conditions are set to last through the Christmas and New Year bank holidays and beyond and as temperatures plummeted to -10c (14f) the Met Office said this December was ‘almost certain’ to become the coldest since records began in 1910.

Are we headed for a mini ice-age or have we returned to a trend of extreme temperature fluctuations like we saw in the 1930s ?

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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Demolition Access to WTC Buildings Exposed [MUST SEE]

Nine years after the attacks we are finally zeroing in on the people responsible. Kevin Ryan has been kicking ass and taking names

The information in this clip is fantastic. We know for a fact that the WTC buildings were brought down using explosives - the next question is how it might have been carried out and who might have been involved in the operation. The latter question (who) is partly answered by Ryan in the above video. Highly recommended viewing.

(thanks to John B for the video !)

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Is America a Plutocracy?

Do you ever get the feeling that justice isn't applied equally in this country? That Tom Delay will never get life in prison that there's different resources devoted to jailing non violent drug offenders versus white collar corporate criminals. AlterNet's Joshua Holland explains a culture that exalts the wealthy.

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Saturday, 18 December 2010

US Lies about Flight 253 "Crotch Bomber" Patsy: Summary of the Evidence; Yemen Attack Implication

Before the flight to the US:

•Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab traveled to Yemen to meet with “terrorists.” However, his mother also lives in Yemen, which could also explain the visit.
•The alleged terrorists in Yemen had been in Guantanamo Prison. They were released without trial by the Bush Administration even though they were reported as among the most dangerous detainees.
•The government of Yemen reports that Islamic terrorists there have been arrested who have proven ties to Israeli intelligence.
•Abdulmutallab’s father, though we are told is a retired "Nigerian banker," ran their defense industry in close cooperation with Israeli Intelligence (Mossad).
•Abdulmutallab’s father warned US embassy officials of his son’s dangerous behavior; this is corroborated with other US intelligence of warning.
•Abdulmutallab’s visa to the US was never withdrawn, though he was on a "terrorist watchlist." This would make his trip impossible unless protocol was ignored.
•Flying from Nigeria, Abdulmutallab entered the Netherlands without passing through customs; impossible to do without assistance from an intelligence agency.
•At the Amsterdam airport, Abdulmutallab was assisted by a man appearing to be Indian, who claimed Abdulmutallab was a Sudanese refugee with no passport (he would not have been allowed to enter the EU without a passport through customs). This man and whoever authorized boarding without a passport are huge stories we haven’t heard. Where is the airport videos of this?
•Airport security in Amsterdam is contracted to an Israeli company with the most sophisticated technologies who had developed the concept of security profiling.

During the flight to the US:

•Witnesses reported a man standing ten rows behind Abdulmutallab stand and use his camcorder to film the incident before it began. This important testimony was not pursued to discover the identity and role of this seemingly complicit person.
•Witnesses report Abdulmutallab was oddly vacant and calm; typical of a programmed “Manchurian Candidate.” This might explain the behavior of the person filming: a “handler” who gave the code for Abdulmutallab to perform an act. Manchurian Candidates are now acknowledged historical fact. Research this if you are unfamiliar with the disclosed history.

After the flight:

•Witness on flight 253, attorney Kurt Haskell, reports that there was another suspect handcuffed at the airport after landing that the FBI repeatedly lies and changes their story in explaining. Haskell says the detained passengers were told this man was identified by a bomb-sniffing dog as having explosives in his luggage.
•The Detroit News confirms the FBI has changed their story four times.
•A photo of Abdulmutallab with an alleged al Qaeda flag is from the same organization that previously photo-shopped false background images.
•50 grams of PETN positioned on a seat and cushioned underneath a passenger are tested and would not cause significant damage to the plane.
•The US and UK government are using this incident to justify attack and possible invasion of Yemen.
•We’re reminded that yes, Yemen has oil and natural gas reserves worth stealing.

We do not need another unnecessary war in Yemen ! Check out the videos at the link.

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Boeing 'In Massive Safety Cover-Up': Report

Al Jazeera has conducted an investigation into claims that more than 1,500 of the world's most commonly-used passenger planes, the Boeing 737NG, were built with ill-fitting and illegal parts. Two whistleblowers who used to work for Boeing spoke to Al Jazeera's People & Power programme. Al Jazeera has also uncovered internal Boeing documents which seem to support the claims - and others which appear to show that the US government itself has been helping Boeing to cover up the problems.

Full story here:

When corruption rules then the safety of everyone is put at risk.

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Have you noticed the latest sound bites coming from the punditry in the corporate mainstream media? Here is the latest wisdom flowing from the lying mouthpieces of the ruling oligarchy (Wall Street, Washington DC, Mega-corporations):

The economy is recovering and employment is growing.

Consumers are deleveraging, saving and using cash for purchases.

Retailers are doing fantastic as consumers increase spending.

These are the three themes being proclaimed simultaneously by the mainstream media. Every time I hear these themes proclaimed, I want to shout out like Joe Wilson – “YOU LIE!!!”

How can consumers be deleveraging, saving and increasing spending at the same time? Let’s examine the facts to see who is lying.

The fallacy that the economy is recovering and employment is growing can be put to rest by an examination of the BLS data accessed here:

The number of Americans employed over the last few years is as follows:

•2007 – 146.0 million
•2008 – 145.5 million
•2009 – 139.9 million
•2010 – 138.9 million

It seems there are 7.1 million less employed people than there were three years ago. Contrary to the spin from the White House, there are 1 million less people employed today than during the horrific 2009 year. Luckily, another 6 million people left the work force, or we’d really have a problem. The truth is that if the government actually counted everyone in the country who wants a job, the unemployment rate is not 9.8%, but 23% and it continues to rise.

The entire article at the link destroys the various lies pushed by the Government in their attempt to con the public into thinking things are on the mend. Great analysis.

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Friday, 17 December 2010

Sex, Lies, Iran, Israel and WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks has given the mainstream media yet another opportunity to vilify Iran. A typical headline, from the New York Times was: "Around the world distress over Iran." And, ironically, it is true, but not in the way the headline writer meant. Around the world there is distress over Iran, distress at the way it is being cast in the role of the Evil Doer, when all but the most ignorant observers realise that it is nuclear-armed Apartheid Israel that is the real threat to world peace, not Iran.

A great video. It closes with a reminder that the mainstream media helps perpetuate all the lies mentioned in the clip. Our media must be circumvented and/or challenged so that the people can be informed about the real dangers we face. A false diagnosis (the MSM propaganda) will not lead to us finding the correct solutions.

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Korea Attacks and the Media Deception

Always follow the money, never trust the government or the state media. This is a lot like when Georgia attacked, the whole western press blamed Russia for an "invasion".

Right at the end of this video it mentions that the South Korean Army chief and Defence Minister have resigned .... the question is why ? Is it a protest resignation against War or because they were stopped from starting one ?

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A Secretive Banking Elite Rules Trading in Derivatives

On the third Wednesday of every month, the nine members of an elite Wall Street society gather in Midtown Manhattan.

The men share a common goal: to protect the interests of big banks in the vast market for derivatives, one of the most profitable — and controversial — fields in finance. They also share a common secret: The details of their meetings, even their identities, have been strictly confidential.

Drawn from giants like JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, the bankers form a powerful committee that helps oversee trading in derivatives, instruments which, like insurance, are used to hedge risk.

In theory, this group exists to safeguard the integrity of the multitrillion-dollar market. In practice, it also defends the dominance of the big banks.

The problem with this multi trillion dollar, highly leveraged derivatives market is that rather than providing insurance these instruments have been used for making bets on the real economy. When these highly leveraged bets fail we see the banks owing many billions of dollars- dollars they don't have- hence the trillions spent on the bailouts.

These derivatives, described by Warren Buffet as "Weapons of Mass Financial Destruction", must be abolished and the existing contracts voided. If they remain the threat is they will destroy the financial sector again. We cannot allow governments to bailout private banks to cover for these losses in the "casino" derivatives markets. In the end the public is being ENLAVED to pay off private debts. Any failed bank must be allowed to go bankrupt - the people with deposits should be bailed out, not the bankers !

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Latest Data Shows that 500,000 People were Added to the Food Assistance Program in One Month. 6 Million Americans Added over the Last Year.

The shrinking of the American middle class is painful to watch. Shopping at the grocery store I’ve noticed more and more people with unique debit cards that don’t look like your typical debit or credit card. These are actually the modern day food stamps and help to take away the stigma of pulling out a pile of paper coupons. My anecdotal observations are confirmed by the data.

Since September of 2009 we have added a stunning 6,000,000 Americans to the nationwide food assistance program. In fact, even as some are touting how great things are in the last month we added 521,000 more Americans to the food assistance program. Let me reiterate, we added half a million Americans to the food assistance program in the latest month of data. Is this really what we have in mind as a recovery? The latest data shows 43,000,000 Americans now receive food assistance. When we chart this data out it is rather startling.

There has been no broad economic recovery in the US only a recovery in the stock market with a temporary bailout of the big corporations. When you flush big institutions with cash (printed Fed monies) things will look good. Meanwhile on mainstreet the suffing continues ...

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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Provocateurs, Shills and Disinfo Agents

COINTELPRO in action ...

There's great material here. Check it out.

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Keiser Report No. 103: Markets, Finance FUBAR!

This time, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, examine Jamie Dimon's sore spots and the Department of Justice's PR stunts and ask whether or not Americans are plunging deeper into debt. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Michael W. Hudson, author of The Monster: How a Gang of Predatory Lenders and Wall Street Bankers Fleeced America -- and Spawned a Global Crisis."

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The Longest & Quietest Solar Magnetic Minimum in Recorded History

Solar cycle 24 continues to exhibit unique behavior compared to the 7 previous solar cycles recorded by modern instrumentation and offers more evidence the sun is undergoing a significant state change. Global temperature changes typically lag reduced solar activity due to moderating effects of heat storage in the oceans. Solar state changes in the past such as the Sporer, Maunder, and Dalton minima coincide with the colder periods of the Little Ice Age, which lasted from about 1300 to 1850. The HADCRU global thermometer record coincidentally began in 1850 and shows a mere 0.7C recovery from the frigid temperatures at the end of the Little Ice Age in 1850.

There is the very real danger we are falling into a little (or big) Ice Age. The Global Warming push on at the moment appears to be based on manipulated and misunderstood data.

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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Water, Meet Blood - JP Morgan Admits To, Reduces Massive Silver Short Position, Proves Millions Of Conspiracy Theorists Correct

In the latest example that virtually every conspiracy theory is almost always inevitably proven to be fact, the Financial Times reports that JP Morgan, the firm targeted by thousands of "tin foil hat" wearing, conspiratorially-oriented "gold bugs", has cut back on its US silver futures. "JPMorgan has quietly reduced a large position in the US silver futures market which had been at the centre of a controversy about its impact on global prices for the precious metal."

And in what can only be considered an unprecedented victory for all those who have over the past year agitated to putting JP Morgan out of business, most recently spearheded by the likes of Mike Krieger and Max Keiser, by forcing a massive short squeeze on its commodities trading desk, we learn that "the decision by JPMorgan was an attempt to deflect public criticism of the bank’s dealings in silver, a person familiar with the matter said. The person added that the bank’s position in silver would from now on be “materially smaller” than in the past." Of course, the latter is pure and total bullshit: as Bart Chilton indicated over the weekend, it is JP Morgan who at one point or another (and possibly very recently) controlled as much as 40% of the silver market, via a massive short.

Attempting to make others believe that this short could be covered without pushing the price of the silver metal to over $100/ounce is an indication of either how stupid JPM believes the general population to be, or just how desperate the firm is to end the ongoing short squeeze onslaught. Either way, we are confident that this first unprecedented confirmation that a) JPM is indeed massively short silver and b) that it is hurting bad, will merely redouble efforts to put the world's biggest financial company out of business.

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Wikileaks Falling Apart, Israel Finally Called Out in Congress, and Other News

Drop the distraction and false dichotomy of hero vs traitor and focus back where we were on killing the TSA goons and holding the fed's feet to the fire.

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"Why Resistance Is Essential"

When everything is failing you must rely on each other.

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RECAP: A Second Korean War? South Admits Firing First Shells in Row with North Korea

South Korea has admitted it fired artillery shells that triggered an early morning clash with North Korea. However it says it was part of a military drill and denied it was directed at the North. Earlier Seoul blamed the North for what it called an unprovoked shelling of its island. Pyongyang claimed the South had violated its maritime border during the military drills. Seoul has since threatened its neighbour with what it called 'enormous retaliation'.

Although the North was somewhat provoked(!) they should not have shelled the South Korean island.

However, critics of the North should bear in mind the context of this incident and the likelihood that North Koreans did not sink the Cheonan earlier this year (see here, here and here).

Provocations that can lead to war must be stopped. Let's not have another unnecessary conflict if we can help it. All sides need to back off.

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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

On the Edge with Max Keiser and Paul Craig Roberts [MUST SEE]

"The Banks own the department of justice, the banks own the government .... the private oligarchies own the United States Government, it's not an independent government." -Paul Craig Roberts.

The US Government is owned by an oligarchy of private interests ! A really great discussion and analysis explaining the true state of the USA (although I disagree with Robert's brief assessment of the wikileaks situation at the start.)

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Obama: Servile Facilitator and Protector of the Political Establishment

In his now-infamous press conference defending his call to extend criminal Bush tax breaks for billionaires and corporations (and raise taxes on the poor), President Barack Obama angrily jabbed his finger at his critics, lambasting them as “sanctimonious”.

This telling moment dispelled all illusions about what interests Obama truly represents; whose side he is really on.

Obama’s Orwellian embrace of all things corporate and politically rightward has been deliberate, forceful and consistent throughout his career; not the product of cowardice, weakness, incompetence, na├»ve idealism, or bad timing. This is Barack Obama, as he has always been: a servile facilitator and protector of the political establishment; an insidious capitulator and “consensus man”; a sellout who piously sits back and lets others fight (while railing against their “bickering”), and then accepts whatever deal is politically expedient ---no matter what morals or principles he violates, no matter who or what he betrays. To the pious, sanctimonious and self-serving Obama, it is wrong to be a “purist”, but good to be “impure”; a muddler. A sellout.

It must be pointed out that Obama’s attack on the liberal political base is not shocking or unexpected. His mythical image and occasional populist rhetoric aside, the Obama has never been a liberal, or even a “centrist”. As evidenced by his record, he fully supports the destruction of liberalism

It is no surprise to find Obama aping the similarly corrupt Bill Clinton, whose political “triangulation” strategy in the 1990s continues to destroy to this day. (It is also no surprise that we Obama has enlisted Bill Clinton himself to help sell the Bush tax cut extension to the Democratic Party base that no longer trusts Obama.) (It will fail.)

For Wall Street’s billionaires, the Pentagon’s warmongers, and Washington’s most shamelessly corrupt, there has been no greater gift than Obama and his presidency. Obama is doing the job that was given to him, and he is as haughtily pleased with himself as George W. Bush was.

The President is just the front man for the establishment. A corporate/imperialist marketing tool.

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Myths and Facts: Study Verifies That There Is No Value In Any Flu Vaccine

A remarkable study published in the Cochrane Libary found no evidence of benefit for influenza vaccinations and also noted that the vast majority of trials were inadequate.

The authors stated that the only ones showing benefit were industry-funded. They also pointed out that the industry-funded studies were more likely to be published in the most prestigious journals...and one more thing: They found cases of severe harm caused by the vaccines, in spite of inadequate reporting of adverse effects.

The study, "Vaccines for preventing influenza in healthy adults", is damning of the entire pharmaceutical industry and its minions, the drug testing industry and the medical system that relies on them.

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Monday, 13 December 2010

Wikileaks: A Big Dangerous US Government Con Job

The story on the surface makes for a script for a new Oliver Stone Hollywood thriller. A 39-year old Australian hacker holds the President of the United States and his State Department hostage to a gigantic cyber “leak,” unless the President leaves Julian Assange and his Wikileaks free to release hundreds of thousands of pages of sensitive US Government memos. A closer look at the details, so far carefully leaked by the most ultra-establishment of international media such as the New York Times, reveals a clear agenda. That agenda coincidentally serves to buttress the agenda of US geopolitics around the world from Iran to Russia to North Korea. The Wikileaks is a big and dangerous US intelligence Con Job which will likely be used to police the Internet.

It is almost too perfectly-scripted to be true. A discontented 22-year old US Army soldier on duty in Baghdad, Bradley Manning, a low-grade US Army intelligence analyst, described as a loner, a gay in the military, a disgruntled “computer geek,” sifts through classified information at Forward Operating Base Hammer. He decides to secretly download US State Department email communications from the entire world over a period of eight months for hours a day, onto his blank CDs while pretending to be listening to Lady Gaga. In addition to diplomatic cables, Manning is believed to have provided WikiLeaks with helicopter gun camera video of an errant US attack in Baghdad on unarmed journalists, and with war logs from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Manning then is supposed to have tracked down a notorious former US computer hacker to get his 250,000 pages of classified US State Department cables out in the Internet for the whole world to see. He allegedly told the US hacker that the documents he had contained "incredible, awful things that belonged in the public domain and not on some server stored in a dark room in Washington, DC." The hacker turned him in to US authorities so the story goes. Manning is now incommunicado since months in US military confinement so we cannot ask him, conveniently. The Pentagon routinely hires the best hackers to design their security systems.

Then the plot thickens. The 250,000 pages end up at the desk of Julian Assange, the 39-year-old Australian founder of a supposedly anti-establishment website with the cute name Wikileaks. Assange decides to selectively choose several of the world’s most ultra-establishment news media to exclusively handle the leaking job for him as he seems to be on the run from Interpol, not for leaking classified information, but for allegedly having consensual sex with two Swedish women who later decided it was rape.

He selects as exclusive newspapers to decide what is to be leaked the New York Times which did such service in promoting faked propaganda against Saddam that led to the Iraqi war, the London Guardian and Der Spiegel. Assange claims he had no time to sift through so many pages so handed them to the trusted editors of the establishment media for them to decide what should be released. Very “anti-establishment” that. The New York Times even assigned one of its top people, David E. Sanger, to control the release of the Wikileaks material. Sanger is no establishment outsider. He sits as a member of the elite Council on Foreign Relations as well as the Aspen Institute Strategy Group together with the likes of Condi Rice, former Defense Secretary William Perry, former CIA head John Deutch, former State Department Deputy Secretary and now World Bank head Robert Zoellick among others.

Indeed a strange choice of media for a person who claims to be anti-establishment. But then Assange also says he believes the US Government version of 9/11 and calls the Bilderberg Group a normal meeting of people, a very establishment view.

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The Disclosure !

This is a great little video clip about the ongoing attempts by the "powers-that-be" to subjugate or wound the general human population whilst sidelining such actions through various distractions. The clip intends to warn the people, in a very entertaining way, that the latest distraction (intended to turn the population towards the authorities) is likely to come through a fake alien disclosure gambit:

The alien disclosure ploy looks like it might actually be in the works. Recent material appearing on the BBC and from other mainstream sources (see here, here and here) gives one pause to consider what the agenda is.

HOWEVER, this video, that warns against the disclosure agenda, seeing it as a distraction from US War Crimes and corporate corruption, comes with a massive proviso:

There is actually a large element of truth to the claims that the US Government is concealing information about UFOs. Despite the opinions of some great anti-corruption commentators, there is more to the UFO/disclosure situation than meets the eye.

It is irrational to completely dismiss UFO reports out of hand and claim there is no government/military/CIA cover-up with regard to this material. Furthermore, from a scientific standpoint even the US Government's University funded study that was supposed to prove there was nothing to the phenomena, actually proves the affirmative (read the chapter summaries and juxtapose them to the false overall summary/conclusion).

I personally doubt there will be any type of disclosure. Talk of this has occurred in the past and nothing has happened. But, if some type of (disingenuous?) disclosure does happen then be extremely wary about what sort of demands the Government will make of you ! Don't just roll over. There's a big chance that we'll be manipulated into some good for them (elites/corporations) bad for us deal - so be mindful.

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The Cause of the Global Financial Crisis: Banker Corruption

Parts one and two explain the underlying cause for the global financial crisis: leveraged bank debt. It's likely the banks owe more money (from derivatives trading losses) than the entire GDP of the world. For the entire series of six clips, see here.

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Sunday, 12 December 2010

2010 NIST 9/11 Footage Leaks Ignored

While everyone is focusing on WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, another important information dump is getting largely ignored since September 1, 2010 when James Gourley of the International Center For 9/11 Studies obtained nearly 5 terrabytes of videos and reports concerning the attacks on the WTC and Pentagon buildings.

Although some of the tapes have had some audio/video manipulation, it is clear why NIST did not want to release any of this material for the past 9 years. The 9/11 coverup demands that no evidence of explosions or bombs be included in the official story, and some of these videos have even been kept hidden simply for including the WORDS “bomb” or “explosion” in their contents.

The mainstream media has been "missing in action" when it comes to fairly addressing the critically important fact that 911 was an inside job. Rather than seeking justice the corporate press has promoted a stream of anti-truth hitpiece "documentaries" all of which have been thoroughly debunked and exposed as propaganda.

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Patriot Act for Internet Ahead?

As a result of WikiLeaks, the Obama Administration may introduce a new bill that would allow government officials the ability to spy on Americans through the Internet. Meanwhile, an army of hackers rally behind WikiLeaks by shutting down MasterCard and PayPal because they stopped all payments to WikiLeaks. Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen says we could see massive government surveillance of our personal computers, phones and surveillance of our Internet activities.

This outcome could be one of the reasons for Wikileaks' existence.

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Keiser Report – Markets! Finance! Dangerous Bankers!

Stacy Summary: This week, we talk about America’s “most dangerous banker” being sued by trustees for aiding and abetting the Madoff ponzi scheme and about the US administration suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Max also talks to Dr. Dr. Kiriakos Tobras about his campaign to stop financial terrorists attacking the Greek economy.

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A Grand Feast during a Time of Plague: Wall Street Art of Sucking Money

Bonus time is approaching on Wall Street, and to the anger of many, the rewards are set to rise. But it's not just bankers' bonuses going up, so is unemployment across America. Thanks to the actions of those same financial institutions who were rescued with billions of dollars in bail out cash. RT's Marina Portnaya looks at where that money is ending up.

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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Wikileaks: The FAKE ENEMY of the Establishment

When a war goes on a long time, as this one has, and pressure builds up in society for the banksters to hang, then there is the danger that the illegal wars will blow back against the tyrant that is engaged in them.

To solve this problem the tyrant uses a "FAKE ENEMY." There is no better "enemy" for a tyrant than the one that they themselves control. So the tyrant releases this "enemy" to the world and the ignorant masses believe that finally, some bit of justice is being served against a corrupt government. The pressure is thus relieved and the sheeple go back to sleep.

It allows the tyrant to establish talking points and keeps debate in the tyrant's circle of power. All wikileaks has ever released is fluff that goes nowhere. Do you see riots in the street over what is released? No, of course not. The pressure has been relieved. Mission accomplished for a corrupt CIA and Pentagon.

.....From a comment made by "Plague of Smiles" at this link.

The wikileaks "leaks" gives the US Government an opportunity to act apologetically for their diplomatic comments whilst maintaining the lie about Bin Laden, the war on terror, and the need to attack Iran and Pakistan. The debate is being controlled.

Note: The best deceptions involve elements of truth. After the charges are dropped against Assange (or after he is disposed of and replaced by another wikileaks rep.) expect one or two hard hitting items to appear that will sacrifice some pawns to make the game here seem credible.

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Should Wikileaks be Trusted?

There's been a lot of debate about the credibility of wikileaks flying around for some time now, and up until recently I've been sitting on the fence on the subject. At first I supported them whole heartedly, then I was slightly suspicious. However, after some consideration I've come to the conclusio that we have enough evidence to come to a verdict on Wikileaks. This evidence is just common sense, hidden in plain sight, and it should be obvious once you consider the points in this video.

Great points about whether or not to trust Wikileaks !

(thanks to Michael G for the story !)

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War? No Worries! US Media 'fluff' Focus Blamed for Numbing Nation

Americans consider the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan among the less important problems facing their country - according to a recent opinion poll. That's despite thousands of U.S. soldiers killed in action and more than one trillion dollars spent. But as RT's Lauren Lyster reports it may be the mainstream media that decides what really matters for the public...

Too many people are ignorant of what is important beyond their immediate needs. Everyday life may be pretty straightforward, but the wider world, in which we live, is complex.

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