Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Alex Jones Tv: Monsanto's GMO Corn Link to Organ Failure

This corn is being introduced into Australia. The Government has to be insane to allow such a thing. People "down under", do not eat it !

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, November 9th, 2010.]


Faith-R-Michaels said...

I want to fix this corn for all of the folks promoting it and I want to watch them eat it themselves..more than once and if they survive without complications..then I might consider it harmless..If all those promoting this monstrosity eat it often..they will not survive long enough to continue to promote it as an option..They could not get us with the flu vaccine so now they are going to get us with the food chain... Hey Monsanto if U wish us to eat this garbage ...U first! Bon appetit

SpookyPunkos said...

Yes, my thoughts exactly !

All the CEOs of these companies and the regulators should be having a rich GMO corn meal one a week for 1-2 years before I'd be satisfied with their assurances.

Perhaps those death cultists might even agree to such a challenge !