Friday, 15 October 2010

Was there life on Mars? Red Planet was 'wetter, warmer and rich in Carbon Dioxide'

It has long been the preserve of science-fiction, but it seems that there really was life on Mars.

New research has found that the Red Planet was once rich in carbon dioxide, increasing the chances that Mars has harboured life.
Widespread deposits of carbonate rock are buried a few miles beneath the surface, according to scientists.

Small amounts of this mineral have been detected on Mars before.

But if they are abundant it means the greenhouse gas could have helped make it a much wetter and warmer place hundreds of millions of years ago.

If there was life on Mars in the distant past there is a strong likelihood that lifeforms still exist today. The planet may not have altered so rapidly that everything would have died before the organisms had a chance to evolve in the changing conditions. Furthermore, even if a rapid change did take place some lifeforms would probably survive anyway.

It is possible that some vegetation may remain in places and microbes probably inhabit the soil as we find on Earth. Larger worms and bugs may also remain.

One thing we do know is that NASA has been misrepresenting and hiding Mars data from the public. Today, for "unknown" reasons, image data from Mars is being continually edited and misrepresented in a likely attempt to hide evidence that Mars still supports life.

Information indicating the presence of liquid water also appears to have been either wrongly dismissed or deliberately suppressed.

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steven andresen said...


What would be the point of hiding data about Mars? So what if they found ancient microbes or algae indigenous to mars?

Would the Christians compain? I suspect they would adapt to the information well enough.

Why would anybody care about any other religion's feelings on this matter?


SpookyOne said...


I don't think the hiding of life on Mars has to do with the religious fall out.

I suspect these alterations and misrepresentations of data has to do with controlling people's perceptions about the serious possibility of life existing in the Universe (as opposed to this speculation merely being an academic exercise).

It's all about keeping people's world/universal views very limited.

The next question is why ?

Well, if one considers various military documents that take seriously the UFO situation then it is likely that as part of the cover up a decision was made by those managing NASA (in the early days) to downplay evidence of life existing on other planets >> for as long as possible.

In the 1940s and 50s the idea of life on Mars would naturally lend credence to all sorts of claims regarding "flying saucers" and "little green men". The Mars situation would be a massive PR disaster for any long running UFO cover-up (remember, behind the scenes, the military was treating this stuff very seriously).

I must admit this is speculation. I have no proof. However, as hard as it might be to believe there is a cover-up occurring at NASA, to hide UFO reality, the fact remains that there is a perplexing record of behaviour with regards to the Mars data.

It's possible there might be a religious factor, or some other explanation. I am open to suggestions.

Last thing. Please consider the 1947 General Twining Memo that sees UFOs as real phenomena:

Then consider the 1953 CIA Robertson Panel's objective to "debunk" reports of UFOs to make people think the Government was not interested & the issue not a serious matter:

Now cosnider the few scientific studies and reports that found there was indeed a signal to noise in reports of UFOs: Blue Book Special Report 14 (1956), US Congressional Symposium on UFOs (1968), the Condon Report (1969)--read the section summaries, not the overall sumary that is unscientific, the French GEPAN Report (1978), the French COMETA Report (1999).

If you consider the above studies you might come to the conclusion that there is something significant to hide> especially if you are militarily minded and would like to get intel on those unknowns.

Further, if you had significant info on the unknowns then the task of keeping the public (and the Soviet Union) out of your hair would become paramount.

As the biggest game in town, reportedly with a higher security clearance than the Atomic Bomb, all stops would be out to keep a lid on things.