Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Toxic Gulf Rain: Is this Why FEMA Built those Mass Grave Sites in Phoenix ?

Is the Gulf Oil/Corexit toxic rain a preplanned disaster ? Are those FEMA mass graves intended for this situation or are they for another chemical or biological attack ? What are the FEMA grave sites for ? (And what are those FEMA camps for too?)
Here's an early report covering the toxic rain:

Here's another report indicating that Corexit is highly toxic and can cause organ damage and cancers. See here also.

One thing is for certain: those who authorised the use of the Corexit should face charges. If the Eurpoeans banned it, then why was it allowed in the Gulf ?
This is the story posted I posted in March 2009 that dealt with the FEMA mass grave site:

Video Footage of Phoenix Mass Grave Site

Video footage of a suspected mass grave site at the National Memorial Cemetery in Phoenix, Arizona, has surfaced on YouTube. “I am still skeptical about the mass graves being used for civilians, H5N1 victims,” writes wokeuplastweek, who posted the video. “I’m not denying that it could be of dual-use, but I don’t find it to be likely for this particular issue. Looking at the statistics on current living veterans, it would make sense that they would need this many graves. Many WWII, Korean, and Vietnam Vets are getting up there in age. Gulf War Vets are coming back very ill from DU exposure, ‘Gulf War Syndrome’, and other issues and dying prematurely.”


On March 25, Shepard Ambellas appeared on the Alex Jones Show. Ambellas wrote a story and provided photographs of the site. See Military Industrial Complex Prepares Mass Graves for U.S. Citizens.


According to reports coming in to the Alex Jones Radio Show there are more of these mass graves being prepared at various locations around the country.

An extremely conservative estimate of the number of graves being prepared in Arizona is at least 4,500 with the potential to accommodate ten times that amount in grouped burials. Even considering deaths by veterans suffering from "Gulf War syndrome", suicides & DU poisoning, this is a lot.

Furthermore, the graves are not in the style one normally associates with standard burials.

In response to a question to FEMA earlier this year about the establishment of mass graves, they replied that such graves represented contingency planning for a bird flu outbreak. Is FEMA implying that the graves are not being made with US military deaths in mind but civilian ? More information is needed about the other grave sites, their locations and capacities. After the False Flag of 911 who knows what is about to be unleashed. The fact that these graves exist is very worrying.

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steven andresen said...


Has there been any f/u stories about these "damaging spots" where they have been seen wider and region wide? If these spots have anything to do with the corexit in the gulf, you'd think that the rains would splash the stuff all over the south, not just a few counties along the mississippi river bottom.

So, is FEMA mass graves overstating the problem from the corexit?


SpookyPunkos said...


The stories of oily rain and crop damage concerned me greatly because we know that small amounts of the Corexit are highly toxic. It was banned in Europe for good reason.

Yes, I am drawing a long bow here, in referenece to the FEMA grave sites and the extent of the rain damage, which is why I phrased everything in the post as questions.

It is more likely that those FEMA graves might be intended for flu deaths or a nuke false flag. I find it hard to imagine they were built for no reason.

Perhaps the perps thought more people would be killed from the Corexit rain and seafood. "The night is still young."

I am speculating a fair bit here, but it is good to consider these two things in terms of being connected to mass killings.

I will confess that I don't think these two issues are directly connected but I wouldn't entirely rule it out..

SpookyPunkos said...


I might be overstating the problem from Corexit in this context but I don't think you can understate how dangerous the stuff is.