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Shocking Facts On US Poverty

A few shocking statistics to consider here.

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John Stossel – The Battle for the Future

An interesting report on the State of the Union. Big Government vs small Government.

Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6.

I don't totally disagree with the argument being made here, but there needs to be some help, not lavish handouts, for those people in dire economic trouble and some restraints on the super rich to prevent them from having undue influence. Just Laws are necessary to prevent corrupt manipulations of the system.

Note: You would not ruthlessly leave your own children "out to dry" (leave them unprepared for being free), but neither would you baby them so that they can't fend for themselves (they need to have some sense of being self sufficient). With freedom comes responsibility.

There are consequences of having too much and too little freedom.

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RECAP: A New Standard for Deception by NIST

The History of the official NIST cover-up in detail (from 2006) dealing with the WTC Towers. Very illuminating. It gives the reader some insight into how supposedly unbiased scientific studies can be rigged:

Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6.

The information blurb taken from Part 1 at the You Tube site states that:

NIST is an Agency with Bush Appointees.
What is Bush Science? One of the most important facts.

The Bush administration appointees have been distorting Scientific fact.

Here is a fact : No Building exhibiting all the characteristics of controlled demolition has ever NOT been a controlled demolition.

Mike Taylor of the National Association of Demolition Contractors says it looked like an Implosion.

Ronald Hamburger - a structural engineer aqnd contributor to the FEMA and NIST reports said that it appeared to him that charges had been placed in the building.

He asks:
"Where are the real experts?"

He discusses all the various reports

The same players that lied about OK City also were the ones who covered the WTC buiding collapse.

Gene Corley
Charles Thorton
Shankar Nair

These guys say they knew what happened.....HOW?
(Thanks to Mike G for the story !)

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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Keiser Report – Markets! Finance! Baby Formula!

Stacy Summary: We look at the Walmart’s baby formula breadlines and Charlie Munger’s bailout blessings. In the second half of the show, Max goes to Washington DC to talk to sports writer Dave Zirin about the sports industrial complex.

The start of this episode points to signs that the US economy is suffering from Depression-type poverty. Rather than bread lines people shop at Walmart using Government credit so they can buy the bare necessities. If there were no Government handouts the country would look like a disaster area.

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Securacom/Stratesec - WTC Power Downs - Toxic Dust

There was ample opportunity to rig the towers for explosive demolition.

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Breast Cancer Cases Fell as HRT use Dropped: Study

Breast cancer rates fell as women turned away from hormone replacement therapy(HRT), a study has shown, boosting understanding of how the two are linked.

Use of HRT to combat the effects of the menopause halved in Britain after studies suggested it could increase the risk of breast cancer.

A study conducted in Canada has now found that as use of the treatment dropped, the number of cases of breast cancer detected also reduced.

However after several years breast cancer rates began to increase again which, researchers said, suggests that not using HRT simply led to their tumours growing more slowly.

The hormone, oestrogen, contained in some forms of HRT can fuel certain types of breast cancer.

Certain types of chemicals found in plastics (Bisphenol-A) also mimic oestrogen. If HRT can help to fuel certain types of breast cancer then it is possible we are also being damaged by other man-made chemicals. Just how toxic is our 21st century environment ?

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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

International Lawyer: Majority of Americans Would Approve of New 9/11 Investigation - PressTV

"There are just too many questions raised by architects, by pilots, by experts, by engineers, by [US Department of] Homeland Security employees and the FBI," the international lawyer reiterated.

"There is every reason to have an inquiry and the [US President Barack] Obama administration should join this call, not oppose it," he underlined.

No matter which way you cut it there should be a new investigation into 911. Moreover, there should also be war crimes charges laid against those involved in the illegal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Without truth and justice (accountability) there can be no peace and no way to stop the criminals running the show.

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Iran's Ahmadinejad Proposes Nuclear Deal, Defends 9/11 Comments

Iran would consider ending uranium enrichment, the most crucial part of its controversial nuclear activities, if world powers send Tehran nuclear fuel for a medical research reactor, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Friday.

Addressing a packed press conference in a New York hotel, Mr Ahmadinejad also said Iran was prepared to set a date for resumption of talks with six world powers to discuss Tehran's nuclear programme, saying October would be the likely time for the two sides to meet.

He also defended his remarks at the United Nations a day earlier, in which he claimed most people in the world believed the United States was behind the 9/11 terror attacks and again challenged the UN to set up a commission to probe the attacks.

"I did not pass judgment, but don't you feel that the time has come to have a fact finding committee?" Mr Ahmadinejad asked.

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On the Edge with Max Keiser and Ed Harrison

Stacy Summary: On the Edge with Ed Harrison of [This episode deals with the hidden losses in the economy that have yet to strike.]

This sort of economic news/truth is important to consider because it effects you. On The Edge is a great show because it tries to, and succeeds, in explaining complex issues to the public in relatively simple terms.

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Re-education? NOAA tells eighth graders to eat seafood: “Oil floats. See, we’ve tested it.” — Trying to combat worries kids hear “from their families”

Gary Ott, science support coordinator with NOAA, demonstrated the basic science behind the oil spill and its cleanup for [Houma, Louisiana middle school] students using an aquarium filled with water as the Gulf of Mexico and cooking oil mixed with Hershey’s cocoa powder to represent BP’s spilled oil.

But Ott assured them [the seafood] was safe, and set out to explain why. Ott said the presentation was aimed at dispelling fear and rumors about the BP oil spill… Other presentations at local schools are planned.

“Because of fear, the wonderful people here have a lot of anxieties about the oil spill… So if I think that oil floats on water, through science, I should do an experiment to see exactly what happens.”… [As] students watched the oil globs rocket to the top and stay there in a slick. “Oil floats. See, we’ve tested it,” Ott said.

Note: the Corexit dispersant causes the oil to sink.

As pointed out by a reader comment at the link above- this Government paid conman needs to be given a plate full of seafood taken from the Gulf. The guy should live it up and stay for a month eating all the stuff the locals have refused to touch.

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Thermometer Magic

Most people probably assume that measuring the US temperature is as simple as this. And perhaps it should be.

Prior to the year 2000, the GISS US temperature graph appeared as below. Note that 1998 was more than half a degree C (almost 1ºF) cooler than 1934.

In the year 2000, they switched places. 1998 became warmer than 1934. How did this magic occur?

No carbon tax thanks. I just want clean technology to stop the pollution. Tax breaks for the new tech.

Plus get that plastic garbage out of the sea, there's not enough space with all the Gulf oil and corexit in there.

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Monday, 27 September 2010

The TRUTH About Terrorism (False Flag Central) – James Corbett

Governments have used false flag terror attacks to further their goals for thousands of years. Rogue government agents have staged multiple terror attacks in the United States including the Oklahoma City Bombing, and 9/11.

Al CIADA was created by the Central Intelligence Agency and the Mossad. This is mainstream news.

A great summary of recent false flag operations. An essential reminder.

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Alternative Media and Ahamadinejad's Speech. Total Silence! Total Censorship.

I looked at Alternet, CommonDreams, Truthout, DemocracyNow, Counterpunch, I did see a small mention of the speech on DemocracyNow, as part of their news rundown. No details. I didn't see anything on's listing of headlines around the world that normally would have had information about the speech.

I think this is a clear indication that our progressive and independent alternative media is completely controlled. By whom? Well, it seems by the big foundations that help fund these sites. If you go to the foundational support for any of these sites, you will find foundations that link back to the likes of the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, Charles Steart Mott Foundation, McKnight Foundation, Joyce Foundation, and many others.

Michel Chossudovsky explains in his article at Global Research, "Manufacturing Dissent", that this funding is part of a plan by the elites to actually control the content and actions of the so called "people's movement", in that while allowing these groups to actively dissent against the globalization movement of the international powerful elites, they actively fund them so that limits can be placed where necessary. They realize that it is healthiest for a lot of antiglobalization activity to occur, but only up to a certain point, and it is better that they fund those groups that acknowledge their limits and ensure that no real change ever comes about. Certainly one of the limits is that 9/11 truth is not presented in any media outlets "on the take".

Apart from corruption, and corrupt decision making, some of those writing in these progressive sites have been genuinely hoodwinked by the official 911 story. Their sophisticated education only goes so far and they do not fully appreciate the deeper layers of the US shadow government. Referring to other academics or experts, who are either as ignorant as they are or part of the Establishment (OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD), they cannot bring themselves to research past the disinformation.

No, the Debunkers, the docos put out by the BBC, National Geographic, and Nova (etc) do not answer all the questions or address the hard evidence that proves 911 was an inside job. Those uncorrupted journalists in the progressive media, the ones that still back the official account, need to get real about what they've ASSUMED.

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911 Truth: The North Tower IS Exploding

This is a narration of a video clip of the North Tower of the World Trade Center which focuses on explosive ejections progressing in waves down the faces of the building under the canopy of falling debris. Observation is the foundation of science.

The fires and gravity could not have possibly caused this type of destruction.
Only explosives can cause these features.
911 was an inside job.

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'America will Collapse'

Core elements of the US military industrial complex may remain alive as the economy implodes. It is likely that "emergency" procedures will come into play in an attempt to control impoverished US citizens after collapse. The government, in co-operation with certain private firms/contractors, will take over in terms of providing food distribution and housing. Those that cannot pay rent will be put to work.

It is difficult to see how the US economy can be rescued from this point, although the possibility of a debt default and a sudden crash that wipes out insolvent banks, and lowers housing prices to a more realistic level, would, after short term pain, clear the US from its debt burden. With the right strategy a collapse could be managed and the country placed on a road to genuine recovery.

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Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Toxic Gulf Rain: Is this Why FEMA Built those Mass Grave Sites in Phoenix ?

Is the Gulf Oil/Corexit toxic rain a preplanned disaster ? Are those FEMA mass graves intended for this situation or are they for another chemical or biological attack ? What are the FEMA grave sites for ? (And what are those FEMA camps for too?)
Here's an early report covering the toxic rain:

Here's another report indicating that Corexit is highly toxic and can cause organ damage and cancers. See here also.

One thing is for certain: those who authorised the use of the Corexit should face charges. If the Eurpoeans banned it, then why was it allowed in the Gulf ?
This is the story posted I posted in March 2009 that dealt with the FEMA mass grave site:

Video Footage of Phoenix Mass Grave Site

Video footage of a suspected mass grave site at the National Memorial Cemetery in Phoenix, Arizona, has surfaced on YouTube. “I am still skeptical about the mass graves being used for civilians, H5N1 victims,” writes wokeuplastweek, who posted the video. “I’m not denying that it could be of dual-use, but I don’t find it to be likely for this particular issue. Looking at the statistics on current living veterans, it would make sense that they would need this many graves. Many WWII, Korean, and Vietnam Vets are getting up there in age. Gulf War Vets are coming back very ill from DU exposure, ‘Gulf War Syndrome’, and other issues and dying prematurely.”


On March 25, Shepard Ambellas appeared on the Alex Jones Show. Ambellas wrote a story and provided photographs of the site. See Military Industrial Complex Prepares Mass Graves for U.S. Citizens.


According to reports coming in to the Alex Jones Radio Show there are more of these mass graves being prepared at various locations around the country.

An extremely conservative estimate of the number of graves being prepared in Arizona is at least 4,500 with the potential to accommodate ten times that amount in grouped burials. Even considering deaths by veterans suffering from "Gulf War syndrome", suicides & DU poisoning, this is a lot.

Furthermore, the graves are not in the style one normally associates with standard burials.

In response to a question to FEMA earlier this year about the establishment of mass graves, they replied that such graves represented contingency planning for a bird flu outbreak. Is FEMA implying that the graves are not being made with US military deaths in mind but civilian ? More information is needed about the other grave sites, their locations and capacities. After the False Flag of 911 who knows what is about to be unleashed. The fact that these graves exist is very worrying.

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US Civil Rights Icon Dick Gregory: The Social Engineers are Here to Divide and Conquer Us

Alex welcomes to the show comedian, social activist, social critic, writer, and entrepreneur Dick Gregory. On September 10, Mr. Gregory announced he will be consuming only liquids beginning Sunday, September 12, until his eightieth birthday in 2012 until the real truth about the events of September 11, 2001, are made public.

Good points raised by Jones at the start here about officials and their obfuscation of the harm done by corexit, the world trade centre dust and depleted Uranium- that the elites in charge don't really give a damn about YOUR life.

The most important aspect to this development is the widening of support for the 911 Truth Movement. More and more notable people are prepared to speak out.

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John Pilger - Obama Is A Corporate Marketing Creation

The military-industrial-intelligence complex's front man is Mr Barack Obama.

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Keiser Report – Markets! Finance! Bedbugs!

Stacy Summary: We look at the scandals of World War III ending before it even started thanks to Goldman Sachs seeking to move into Iran; and taking on the bourse Abbie Hoffmann style. In the second half of the show, Max goes to New York to talk to Joe Weisenthal from about bedbugs, gold and pensioners.

Another great episode full of essential information.

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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Ahmadinejad Tells U.N. - Most Blame U.S. Government for 9/11

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told the United Nations on Thursday most people believe the U.S. government was responsible for the attacks of September 11, 2001, prompting the U.S. delegation to leave the room in protest.

In his speech to the General Assembly, Ahmadinejad said it was mostly U.S. government officials who believed the Islamist militant group al Qaeda was behind the suicide hijacking attacks that brought down New York's World Trade Center and hit the Pentagon.

Another theory, he said, was "that some segments within the U.S. government orchestrated the attack to reverse the declining American economy, and its grips on the Middle East, in order to save the Zionist regime." Ahmadinejad usually refers to Israel as the "Zionist regime."

Here's some video of the speech and the reaction:

Whatever one thinks about Ahmadinejad and the policies of the Iranian Government, on this matter, about the perpetrators of 911, he is correct. There is damning physical evidence that proves part of the September 11 attacks were the result of inside help. Over 1300 Architects and Engineers point to the clear evidence at

In my opinion, Ahmadinejad is doing a good thing here by initiating debate about this issue and encouraging others, including heads of state, to speak out about 911 truth. Only the truth about 911 will end the War on Terror.

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There exists some extremely disturbing scientific evidence which totally undermines the official 911 story. It does not matter what theories you believe in, the material here speaks for itself:

The picture above shows MOLTEN STEEL being removed from the World Trade Centre rubble pile. However, from all accounts (even the official NIST report concedes this point) the fires in the WTC buildings were far too weak to cause such melting. Conventional building fires, including ones initiated with aviation kerosene, simply cannot raise the temperature of structural steel to its melting point of around 1400 degrees celsius. According to all the available data, the fires in the Towers could only have reached a maximum temperature of around 650 degrees celsius- yet here we can see steel so hot that it has taken on a yellow look (an observation that indicates the temperature must be between 1050-1100 degrees celsius !).

There are ONLY two ways which would enable this steel to reach such a high temperature:
1. In a blast furnace.
2. From chemical incendiaries.

The rubble pile was not a blast furnace.
Therefore one must assume that incendiaries were the most likely agent.

Critically, scientific analysis conducted by physics Professor Steven Jones uncovered the chemical signature for the incendiary THERMATE in multiple samples taken from the WTC steel and dust- proving, without doubt, that such materials were present.

The science here is clear cut.

Furthermore, there are clear indications that explosives were also used to bring down the World Trade Centre Buildings. Eyewitness testimony from firefighters and civilians reveals many of them felt, and were knocked over by, huge explosions occurring in the lower floors of the WTC buildings -far away from the fire zones.

In a peer reviewed scientific paper Professor Niels Harrit, and an international team of scientists, conclusively proved that particles of high tech explosive material, nanothermite, were present all throughout the WTC dust. The quantity of this recovered material indicated that many tons of this explosive substance were used in the demolitions of these buildings.

Whatever one thinks about the various theories floating around about the attacks, one thing is certain: The scientific evidence shows that the Twin Towers and Building 7 were rigged to collapse.

Because it would take many weeks to plan and carry out, least part of the 911 attacks, against the World Trade Centre complex, MUST have involved inside help. Bin Laden's men would not have had the necessary time or access to "wire" these buildings.

The charade must end. If we are honest with ourselves we must now accept there is damning physical (forensic) evidence that undermines the official 911 story and that there are certain elements within the US government complicit in the attacks.[1] A new independent criminal investigation must be launched and the phony "war on terror" ended.

(For a more detailed analysis on the physics of the WTC collapses see Steven Jones' paper: Why Indeed Did the World Trade Center Buildings Completely Collapse? [PDF] and visit Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, an organisation with over 1300 building professionals who agree with these findings.)

Note: I will continue to post 911 information at this blog, ad infinitum, until we see a proper criminal investigation. Once everyone can see that 911 was an inside job (and be able to openly talk about the crime) then action WILL follow.

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US UK War Crimes: More leukemia in Iraq than After Hiroshima as Result of Depleted Uranium, White Phosphorus Bombs and Nerve Gas

Bill Wilson MSP (SNP) has lodged a Parliamentary Motion highlighting the consequences of the US and UK’s use of Weapons of Mass Destruction during an attack on Fallujah in 2004.

Speaking after lodging his motion, Dr Wilson said, "The consequences are ongoing: a survey showed a four-fold increase in all cancers, a 12-fold increase in childhood cancer in under-14s and a 38-fold increase in leukaemia. By contrast, Hiroshima survivors showed a 17-fold increase with regard to the latter. What’s more, because of this cancer crisis, local doctors are advising women not to have children.

This is genocide. War Crimes trials MUST be initiated so the use of these weapons can be prevented in future hostilities. The Uranium contamination is particularly disgusting because of the long term environmental damage it causes (genetic).

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Friday, 24 September 2010

Project Censored "CENSORED" because of Stance on 9/11 Truth ! (Audio MP3)

This years new Project Censored 2011 Book has been released including numerous stories and references to the 9/11 cover up. Dr. Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff explain in this interview that they have been censored by so called "alternative" left wing publications because of their refusal to drop 9/11 truth content!

From the show notes: "Censored 2011" with Dr. Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff. We discuss the new Project Censored book and some of the most censored news stories of the past year.

Listen Here: Guns and Butter: Project Censored 2011
Story sourced from:

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Keiser Report – Markets! Finance! Bad Equilibrium!

Stacy Summary: We look at the scandals of Greenspan’s ‘gold warning;’ currency wars breaking out; the Veterans Administration’s verbal dealers with insurance brokers raking it in on dead soldiers and Carla Bruni’s hopes for raking it in after her husband’s (hopefully) one term. In the second half of the show, Max goes to New York to talk to Yves Smith of about her book, Econned, and about stability and instability in financial markets, structural imbalances,’bad equilibrium,’ trillions in derivatives and Che Guevara with machine gun interfering with Potemkin companies.

This is a good episode, dealing with the global economic crisis, currency wars and gold. If you have not watched a Keiser Report episode before please check this one out. Highly informative and hugely entertaining.

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15 Bone Chilling Signs That Part Two Of The Double Dip Housing Crash Has Begun

There simply is not going to be a "recovery" in the U.S. housing market until there is a jobs recovery. But at this point, even the most optimistic cheerleaders for the economy are admitting that unemployment is going to remain high for quite some time.

But if the American people do not have good jobs then they can't buy homes.

In addition, banks and lending institutions have dramatically tightened lending standards. It is now much, much, much harder to get a home loan than it was five years ago. It is even much harder to refinance a home loan at this point.

So if a large segment of the population is struggling to even find a job and if a lot fewer people are getting approved for home loans, then where are all of the buyers going to come from to turn the U.S. housing market around?

It just isn't going to happen.

In fact, as the U.S. economy continues to struggle greatly, even more Americans are going to lose their jobs and even more Americans are going to default on their mortgages. Already the number of foreclosures in the U.S. is alarmingly high, and so what happens if the U.S. economy experiences a significant downturn in the months ahead?

Right now there are very few reasons why anyone should expect improvement in the U.S housing market any time soon. But there are a whole lot of reasons why we could be looking at a very serious downturn in the U.S. housing market in the near future.

The following are 15 bone chilling signs that part two of the double dip housing crash has begun....

A great summary of the present situation. Eventually we will see even more homeless. FEMA camp anyone ?

It is possible that the dispossessed will become renters in bank owned, or government owned, housing estates. A comment appearing after the article in the link speculated that there might be certain "rules" for people/serfs taken into these housing collectives.

This is beginning to look more and more like the set up to the sort of society we see in movies like The Running Man.

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Arctic Isolated versus “Urban” Stations Show Differing Trends

Contrary to GISS claims, many of these stations are actually not “rural” with respect to their siting quality. Many are at airports associated with sizable towns or research stations with sizable staff and infrastructure. In the Arctic, any town of more than a few families can be a large heat source. In the case of many towns in Russian Siberia, “central heating” takes on a whole new meaning. These towns have a central power plant that provides electricity and steam heat to the whole town. Large pipes, both insulated and un-insulated, carry steam, water, and sewage, up and down the streets to and from each dwelling. These pipes cannot be buried because of the permafrost, so they are elevated, and at street crossings are elevated 4 or 5 meters. The temperature differential between these pipes and the surrounding air can be 140° C in winter, and even more for a pressurized system.

But GISS applies the same Urban Heat Island (UHI) criteria to all stations globally, regardless of the latitude or average temperature. They look at the satellite night brightness and population to judge whether urban or rural. By GISS criteria, all the stations in the high Arctic are rural; there are no corrections for UHI.

It's not the lack of warming, it's the "fossil fuel" pollution I don't like. With new technology the old coal and oil power systems will become redundant or made clean. There should be no Carbon Tax. Rather, I want to see tax breaks for clean technology R & D, including benefits for legitimate pollution control.

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Thursday, 23 September 2010

PROPAGANDA: Significant Developments in Terror Threats Since 9/11, Officials Say

The nation's top counterterrorism officials were blunt. The threat from within---of Americans willing to commit terrorist acts--- is growing. FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III told a congressional hearing today that a spike in recent terrorism cases is direct evidence of the evolving threat.

"Groups affiliated with al Qaeda are now actively targeting the United States and looking to use Americans or Westerners who are able to remain undetected by heightened security measures," Mueller said. "It appears domestic extremism and radicalization appears to have become more pronounced based on the number of disruptions and incidents."

Mueller appeared before the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs committee along with Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and National Counterterrorism Chief Michael Leiter.
The attacks cited included:

The disruption of a plot to bomb the New York City subway by Najibullah Zazi, a naturalized U.S. citizen, last September.

The attack at Ft Hood Texas by gunman Army Maj. Nidal Hassan which resulted in 13 people killed and over 30 wounded.

The attempted Christmas Day bombing of Northwest Airlines flight 253 by alleged al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula operative Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

The averted May 1 bombing in Times Square by Faisal Shahzad.


Notice this is the same FBI Director that was accused by whistleblower Coleen Rowley of covering up FBI Head Quarters' obstruction of pre 911 investigations into the hijackers. FBI agents could have stopped the hijackers but were derailed by the FBI Head Office. No explanation was offered to account for this situation and it appears Director Mueller helped to cover-up the truth.

It is possible that the hoopla generated from these new warnings is intended as political cover for the present Administration's failings.

Notice the examples cited above, to illustrate the influence of the fundamentalists, include:

>a non-event (Times Square Bomber),
>a cover-up of a possible mutiny rather than a lone gunman (Fort Hood Massacre)-more details here), and
>a likely intelligence operation to fake an aircraft bombing attempt (Flight 253).

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“Entire food web at risk” say researchers just back from Gulf: OIL “may be HIDDEN in LARGE MARINE MAMMALS” — “Discolored” zooplankton found

[While in the Gulf from September 17-19, reasearchers] found oil on the seafloor, evidence that it may be in the food chain, and signs that it may be hidden in large marine mammals.

When this starts to pile up on the sea floor, the entire food web is at risk, the researchers said. The oceanographers also discovered discolored zooplankton, which eat the food chain’s primary producers ­– phytoplankton – near oily clouds, [Columbia oceanographer Ajit] Subramaniam said.

Do not eat any seafood coming out of the Gulf of Mexico.

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173 ppm oil found in sand at Southwest Florida beach - “Toxic levels” near Sarasota (LAB RESULTS)

It should be noted that the Siesta Key/Sarasota area is also the first place on Florida’s west coast that would be impacted by the BP oil disaster according to several models put out by the federal government.

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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

9/11 Truth Movement: Year in Review (2009-2010)

By: AdamT. and John-Michael P. Talboo

9/11 Truth Movement: Year in Review (2009-2010)

A fantastic update on the progress made by the 911 Truth Movement from Debunking the Debunkers blog !

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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

On the Edge with Max Keiser and Jim Willie

Max and Jim discuss the big time gold scandal that threatens to undermine the rigged market system. This is a very important story !

Notice in part 3 that they mention the destruction of WTC7 because it helped to hide evidence/derailed investigations into, massive Gold market fraud. The investigation into Enron also had their files destroyed in the collapse. Neither Max nor Jim believe the official 911 story.

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Gold Plated Tungsten Bars- Biggest Financial Swindle In History?

Massive gold theft !!

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Thimerosal [Hg] Accumulates in Rat Brains, Study Reveals

The researchers examined the pharmacokinetics [The process by which a drug is absorbed, distributed, metabolized, and eliminated by the body.] (1) for mercury in the brain, liver and kidneys. Stunning information states Pharmacokinetic analysis revealed that Hg [mercury] from THIM[EROSAL] injections accumulates in the rat brain in significant amounts and remains there longer than 30 days after the injection. [Emphasis added]

According to the findings, Thimerosal injected into suckling and adult rats impairs sensitivity to pain due to activation of the opioid system that controls pain, reward and addictive behaviors. Furthermore, in six-week-old rats, hypoalgesia [decreased sensitivity to pain] was induced, but gone after 14 days.

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Monday, 20 September 2010

German "Focus Money" with 8 page Main Story on 9/11 Truth

On 2010-09-08 Focus Money, an weekly mainly economic magazine, did a special take on 9/11 truth-

Now it's on their website:

And as .pdf, hosted by the author himself:

This is a major breaktrough, as Focus Money is the second in the market for ecomomic magazines by numbers, edition about 140.000, views probably 50% more.

This is the second time Focus Money printed an article about 9/11 truth, after a 5-page article back in January. The old one was titled "We don't believe you"
Oliver Janich claims, it took him 5 years to convince his chief editor to run such a story, he got him convinced only after he was watching 9/11 Mysteries on tv.

Too many people have come to recognise the truth about 911 for the cover up to be successfully maintained.

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Obama Oil Spill Commission INTIMIDATING scientists -- ILLEGAL TO SAMPLE

Not all scientific reports put out by governments and institutions can be trusted. This video is a wake up call to the politics that come into play when we encounter politically important issues. Notice that the dissenting scientists are smeared and marginalised.

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Independent Lab Tests Reveal Toxic Dispersant in Gulf Waters

James Fox – We spoke with government officials on September 15, 2010. They maintain that Gulf waters and beaches are safe and that there is no evidence to suggest the contrary. We then met with an independent lab and locals: what we found was not consistent with the governments position.

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Vaccine ‘Worse than the Flu’

PUBLIC health experts have called for an independent body to actively monitor drug safety after it emerged that young children were more likely to end up in hospital because of side-effects from a leading flu vaccine than they were from the illness itself.

The analysis contradicts government safety advice that the harm did not outweigh the risk and raises concerns about the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s assessment of the vaccine.

More than 1000 adverse responses in children under five were reported to the TGA by June this year, including nearly 100 febrile convulsions, a seizure that in a small number of cases has been associated with long-term adverse health outcomes.

The side effects were linked to one of the three seasonal flu vaccines, Fluvax and Fluvax junior, from drug company CSL, but the TGA maintained despite that ‘‘the overall risk-benefit balance of both products remains positive’’.

The Commonwealth chief medical officer, Professor Jim Bishop, claims the advice was intended to indicate the drug should not be withdrawn from the market, but said the government would reassess it in light of the research.

But research published yesterday in the journal Eurosurveillance showed Fluvax may have caused two to three hospital admissions due to seizure for every admission from flu it prevented.

The chief executive of the Public Health Association of Australia, Michael Moore, said further examination of risks at arm’s length from the TGA was needed. The government should consider creating an independent centre.

We the people would like safe vaccines and no unnecessary ones.

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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Keiser Report – Markets! Finance! Economic Recklessness!

We look at the scandals of the ‘living’ dead centenarians collecting pensions in Japan and of Iceland’s ex-premier defending his innocence against charges of ‘economic recklessness.’ In the second half of the show, Max goes to Detroit to talk global deflationary collapse with Nicole ‘Stoneleigh’ Foss of Automatic Earth.

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Saturday, 18 September 2010

WTC Building 7 Press Conference on 9/11/2010

There is no doubt that 9/11 Truth is gaining ground. During the 9/11 Weekend a large group of courageous Americans gathered at the site of Building 7, World Trade Center, New York. The Press Conference was covered by Gary Franchi of Restore The Republic, lonelantern on YouTube and

Two of the main speakers were 9/11 Family Member Manny Badillo and Architect Richard Gage, founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, the group that presented factual evidence that conclusively determines that Nano-Thermite was present in the dust from the destruction of the 3 WTC Towers. This evidence is proof of a controlled demolition which the government has covered up for 9 years by not allowing a True Investigation with Subpena Power to Investigate the Biggest Crime of the Century

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UPDATE: Architects and Engineers For 911 Truth- More than 1300* Building Experts say 911 was an Inside Job
More than ONE THOUSAND three hundred experts now say that the attacks on the World Trade Centre Towers (and Building 7) were an inside job.

The reason for such a position is clear: there is overwhelming forensic evidence that demonstrates explosives MUST have been used on the buildings.

The official lies about 911 cannot be allowed to stand. Exposing the truth is necessary to stop any further staged attacks that could be used as an excuse to clamp down on civil liberties or as an excuse for a new War verses countries such as Iran. We live in dangerous times and we need experts like these to help fight against the lies.

Go to the AE911truth website and sign their petition. Become a sustaining member and donate money to further their operations. Use PayPal and give 10 dollars a month (or more if you can afford it). Don't let the criminals win.

The analysis provided by these Architects and Engineers MUST be used by honourable Law Enforcement, Judicial and Military persons in actions against the real suspects. Don't let the perpetrators of 911 go unpunished- spread the word about September 11 being an inside job !

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Tony Blair (the Man Many Call a WAR CRIMINAL) Awarded a Medal by Bill Clinton for his 'resolution of conflicts' Around the World

The former Prime Minister was given the prestigious Liberty Medal in Philadelphia for his role in 'bringing liberty to people around the world'.

He joins the likes of Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan, Mikhail Gorbachev and former U.S. president Jimmy Carter, who have all been awarded the medal, which has been given out every year since 1989.

Mr Blair was honoured for his work with the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, which promotes religious tolerance, and for his initiative to improve governance in Africa.

He cancelled a planned book signing in London last week after eggs and shoes were thrown at him at an earlier book signing in Dublin. Protesters were angered over his role in launching the Iraq War.

Blair, along with the other leaders who had their countries invade Iraq on the lie that Iraq was a imminent threat, bear command responsibility for the illegal war. War Crimes trials are required !

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Why Globalization is a FAILURE

Nations general assembly has convened in New York City this week, the conference is supposed to address multiple issues from peace and security to economic security. The gathering of over 100 nations has been met with skepticism over the effectiveness of the UN's ability to solve the world's problems. Webster Tarpley says that China is the only nation who has shielded itself from globalization and is responsible for poverty reduction, a goal stated by the UN.

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Friday, 17 September 2010

9-11 WTC Attacks Original Sound. Steve Vigilante - Not Just Another 9/11 Video, Very Clear

This is never before seen footage and has never been released. I chose to upload it because I feel it has historical importance. Like many New Yorkers I know some of the people who have passed and I know many people who have lost a loved one. Some of the footage is considered graphic as is some of the language. Unfortunately, this is a day I will never forget. May God Bless those who we lost on that terrible day.

This is the terror of 911.

Only the truth about September eleven will end the War on Terror and stop further false flag attacks.

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Methinks it is an oil crisis problem.

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National Security Used As Pretext to Confiscate Samples and Notes On Dispersant, Homeland Security Works For BP

I’m an adjunct professor here at A&M, and we were also in the Gulf, but got thrown out. We were testing a theory that the chemical composition of the dispersant they were using was causing the oil to sink. And we’d been there for approximately three days, and federal agents flat told us to get out. And it wasn’t Fish and Wildlife officers. These were Homeland Security officers, and we were told that it was in the interest of national security.

So basically The Department of Homeland Security is working FOR BP!? This is open treason and should be prosecuted accordingly! If this was just a normal oil disaster why would Homeland Security be confiscating scientific samples?

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Damning New Investigation Into Climategate Inquiries by Andrew Montford

The Global Warming Policy Foundation today publishes a detailed assessment of the Climategate inquiries set up by the University of East Anglia and others which finds that they avoided key questions and failed to probe some of the most serious allegations.

The report The Climategate Inquiries, written by Andrew Montford and with a foreword by Lord (Andrew) Turnbull, finds that the inquiries into the conduct and integrity of scientists at the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia were rushed and seriously inadequate.

In particular, the report finds that:

#none of the Climategate panels mounted an inquiry that was comprehensive within their area of remit

#insufficient consideration in the choice of panel members led to a failure to ensure balance and independence

#none managed to be objective and comprehensive

#none made any serious attempt to consider the views and submissions of well-informed critics

#terms of reference were either vague or non-existent

#none of them performed their work in a way that is likely to restore confidence in the work of CRU.

Andrew Montford, the author of the GWPF report, said:

"The lack of impartiality manifested itself in the different ways the panels treated CRU scientists and their critics. While CRU justifications and explanations were willingly accepted without any serious probing, critics were denied adequate opportunity to respond and to counter demonstrably inaccurate claims."

"All in all, the evidence of the failings of the three UK inquiries is overwhelming. Public confidence in the reliability of climate science will not be restored until a thorough, independent and impartial investigation takes place," Andrew Montford warned.

If there was nothing to hide we would have seen proper reviews of the evidence in question. In competence my foot !

In terms of data, we know that key sources of temperature (NOAA, CRU, NASA) cited by the IPCC are unreliable and have given temp readings higher than actual. Especially note the issue with the NOAA satellite data.

I recommend we continue investing in clean, pollution free technology but resist an onerous Carbon Tax. Say NO to the Tax !!

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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Keiser Report – Markets! Finance! Global Debt Collapse!

We look at emails from viewers on their “Peak America” moments and then check out the scandals of the Irish choice of being “good Europeans” or “bad Europeans”, as a result of bankers offering only “bad banks”; while Iceland refuses to settle at any price. In the second half of the show, Max goes Down Under to talk to economist Steve Keen about the global debt collapse.

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Which 5 Canned Foods Contain the Most BPA (bisphenol A )?

Peek inside any can and you'll notice a thin film separating your food from the metal. During the 1950s, manufacturers began lining cans with plastic to fend off bacteria that could get into food and drinks if the container corroded. The biggest concern was food-borne botulism, an illness that used to kill six in ten of its victims. Thanks to liners and rigorous sterilization, botulism in commercial canned goods is now pretty rare. Trouble is, most can liners contain bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical that can leach into the food. Last year, the nonprofit Consumers Union found it in 18 of 19 canned foods it tested: Progresso Vegetable Soup topped the list with 22 micrograms of BPA per serving—116 times Consumers Union's recommended daily limit, which is based on animal studies.

Not good, considering the list of modern plagues researchers have tentatively linked to the chemical: obesity, diabetes, heart disease, breast and prostate cancer, and reproductive problems, among others. Many scientists suspect that BPA interferes with hormonal function—especially in fetuses and children: A 2005 study published in the journal Human Reproduction found that women who had miscarried three or more times showed significantly higher levels of the chemical than women who'd had successful pregnancies.

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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Nine Years After 9/11 - 900 Responders are Dead

Nine hundred 9/11 heroes have died since the 2001 terrorist attacks. Thousands of others are suffering from various cancers believed to have been caused by toxins at Ground Zero. The US federal government has failed, thus far, to pass 9/11 health legislation that would assist 9/11 responders with medical care.

Where is the US media on this issue ???? It's all been about threats to burn the Koran. Disgraceful !! One of the most shameful chapters in US history.

(thanks to John B for the story !)

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BBC Bias: The Gaza Freedom Flotilla

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Mr.Obama – Thou Shalt Not Lie

“The highest honor we can pay those we lost, indeed our greatest weapon in this ongoing war, is to do what our adversaries fear the most – to stay true to who we are, as Americans; to renew our sense of common purpose; to say that we define the character of our country, and we will not let the acts of some small band of murderers who slaughter the innocent and cower in caves distort who we are.”

Well, I would like to comment on these claims highlighted in Obama’s words. First, if true American values are expressed by America’s behaviors around the world, then the US has really very little to be proud of. Indeed, since the end of the Second World War in 1945, no other country under the sun has been directly or indirectly responsible for more murderous killings.

The list of wars, including civil wars, ignited or precipitated by Washington is indeed very long. In fact, one can say with little or no exaggeration that no region on earth has been spared American efforts to sow violence, chaos and death, mostly under the dubious rubric of “freedom, liberty and democracy.” Under these whoring slogans, death, violence, misery, and civil wars crippled entire countries, divided previously undivided nations, and turned brother against brother. The civil war in Lebanon which lasted for many years is a classical example of America’s criminal role in igniting violence and killings around the globe. Most American statesmen, people like Henry Kissinger, saw murder, even on a genocidal scale, as a legitimate tool of American diplomacy. In the final analysis, the end justified the means.

In addition, the US routinely and consistently embraced notoriously tyrannical regimes in countries like Iran, Argentina, Chile and in regions like the Arab world, South Asia, and central America, sowing terror and dictatorship, all under the same whoring rubric of fostering freedom and democracy so much so that democracy has become a despicable word in many countries.

Those that can think beyond the rhetoric can clearly see that US foreign policy decisions have led to the unnecessary deaths of many millions of people. This situation does not have to continue. If the American people can ever gain control of their Government they can adhere to the US Constitution and International Law. No backing of dictators, no more Wars for oil, no sponsoring of terrorist groups etc etc.

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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

AE911Truth Shines 3rd Beam into NYC Skyline for WTC 7

1280 Architects & Engineers launch Third Light Beam into NYC Night Skyline on 9th Anniversary of September 11th

Represents WTC Building 7 still officially unexplained free-fall collapse & explosive implications.

The symmetrical freefall collapse of WTC7 is a clear sign that this building was brought down using explosives. See here.

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Richard Gage: Chemical Fingerprint "Thermite" Points to Control Demolition on 9/11

Updated information on truth efforts on the 9th anniversary of 911. The truth is getting out.

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Dennis Kucinich Calls for 9/11 Truth and Reconciliation

Kucinich talks about truth with regard to 911 and invading countries that did not attack America. According to the official story the Al Qaeda terror group attacked the US, not the Taliban or Saddam Hussein.

IMHO there should be prosecutions for criminal wrongdoing, not reconciliation. Those that committed murder through unnecessary war should not be so easily let off the hook.

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Court Supports State Secrets to Cover up Torture

The US judicial system is corrupted. Courts will not even consider the evidence of criminal wrongdoing if State Secrets exemptions are invoked.

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Monday, 13 September 2010

Flying the Flag, Faking the News

By John Pilger
[Source- New Statesman]

Loud noises from Washington about a US pull-out from Iraq are a poor disguise for America’s determination to keep waging war. And the same sort of spin is at work here in Britain

Edward Bernays, the American nephew of Sigmund Freud, is said to have invented modern propaganda. During the First World War, he was one of a group of influential liberals who mounted a secret government campaign to persuade reluctant Americans to send an army to the bloodbath in Europe. In his book Propaganda, published in 1928, Bernays wrote that the "intelligent manipulation of the organised habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society", and that the manipulators "constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power in our country". Instead of propaganda, he coined the euphemism "public relations".

The American tobacco industry hired Bernays to convince women that they should smoke in public. By associating smoking with women's
liberation, he made cigarettes "torches of freedom". In 1954, he conjured a communist menace in Guatemala as an excuse for overthrowing the democratically elected government, whose social reforms were threatening the United Fruit Company's monopoly of the banana trade. He called it a "liberation".

Bernays was no rabid right-winger. He was an elitist liberal who believed that "engineering public consent" was for the greater good. This could be achieved by the creation of "false realities" which then became "news events". Here are examples of how it is done these days.

False reality: The last US combat troops have left Iraq "as promised, on schedule", according to President Barack Obama. The TV news has been filled with cinematic images of the "last US soldiers", silhouetted against the dawn light, crossing the border into Kuwait.

Fact: They have not left. At least 50,000 troops will continue to operate from 94 bases. American air assaults are unchanged, as are special forces' assassinations. The number of "military contractors" is 100,000 and rising. Most Iraqi oil is now under direct foreign control.

False reality: BBC presenters have described the departing US troops as a "sort of victorious army" that has achieved "a remarkable change in [Iraq's] fortunes". Their commander, General David Petraeus, is a "celebrity", "charming", "savvy" and "remarkable".

Fact: There is no victory of any sort. There is a catastrophic disaster, and attempts to present it as otherwise are a model of Bernays's campaign to "rebrand" the slaughter of the First World War as "necessary" and "noble". In 1980, Ronald Reagan, running for president, rebranded the invasion of Vietnam, in which up to three million people died, as a "noble cause", a theme taken up enthusiastically by Hollywood. Today's Iraq war movies have a similar purging theme: the invader as both idealist and victim.

False reality: It is not known how many Iraqis have died. They are "countless", or maybe "in the tens of thousands".

Fact: As a direct consequence of the Anglo-American-led invasion, a million Iraqis have died. This figure, from Opinion Research Business, follows peer-reviewed research by Johns Hopkins University in Washington, DC, whose methods were secretly affirmed as "best practice" and "robust" by the Blair government's chief scientific adviser. This is rarely reported or presented to "charming" American generals. Neither is the dispossession of four million Iraqis, the malnourishment of most Iraqi children, the epidemic of mental illness, or the poisoning of the environment.

False reality: The British economy has a deficit of billions which must be reduced with cuts in public services and regressive taxation, in a spirit of "we're all in this together".

Fact: We are not in this together. What is remarkable about this PR triumph is that only 18 months ago, the diametric opposite filled TV screens and front pages. Then, in a state of shock, truth became unavoidable, if briefly. The Wall Street and City of London trough was on full view for the first time, along with the venality of once-celebrated snouts. Billions in public money went to inept and crooked organisations known as banks, which were spared debt liability by their Labour government sponsors.

Within a year, record profits and personal bonuses were posted and the "black hole" was no longer the responsibility of the banks, whose debt is to be paid by those not in any way responsible: the public. The received media wisdom of this "necessity" is now a chorus, from the BBC to the Sun. A masterstroke, Bernays would surely say.

False reality: Ed Miliband offers a "genuine alternative" as leader of the Labour Party.

Fact: Miliband, like his brother and almost all those standing for the Labour leadership, is immersed in the effluent of New Labour. As a New Labour MP and minister, he did not refuse to serve under Blair or to speak out against Labour's persistent warmongering. He now calls the invasion of Iraq a "profound mistake". Calling it a mistake insults the memory and the dead. It was a crime, of which the evidence is voluminous. He has nothing new to say about the other colonial wars, none of them mistakes. Neither has he demanded basic social justice - that those who caused the recession clear up the mess and that Britain's fabulously rich corporate minority be taxed seriously, starting with Rupert Murdoch.

The good news is that false realities often fail when the public trusts its own critical intelligence. Two classified documents recently released by WikiLeaks express the CIA's concern that the populations of European countries, which oppose their governments' war policies, are not succumbing to the usual propaganda spun through the media.

For the rulers of the world, this is a conundrum, because their unaccountable power rests on the false reality that no popular resistance works. And it does.

It is important to recognise the spin we face in today's media. What was regarded as corrupt is now spun as partisan opinion. We are told to look forwards rather than back to the "mistakes of the past" allowing criminal acts to go unpunished and misidentified as simple errors of judgement. This situation is not acceptable. War crimes trials for those leaders who sold and then authorised the unnecessary and illegal invasion of Iraq must be initiated (just for starters).

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On the Edge with Max Keiser and Karl Denninger

The truth about market manipulation and massive debts. The USA has 53 trillion dollars of debt which means they'll be no quick recovery from the financial crisis. Things could very easily get much worse. Check it out:

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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Professor Niels Harrit - The London Interview on the Evidence for Thermitic Material at the WTC site.

This is a great interview. Harrit covers a lot of ground here and, apart from covering the science, deals with the attempts to smear or avoid the evidence proving 911 was an inside job.
Note: There is more politics in the world of science than most people imagine.

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Keiser Report – Markets! Finance! Extradition!

We look at the scandals of no fiscal or monetary bullets left in the bankrupt warfare states of America. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Huffington Post blogger, Mike Jensen, about his call for Americans to unite against the emergency in their nation.

The show here is about unnecessary war and the criminals that have pushed and profited from them plus the catastrophic effects of chemicals and GMO products on our health (biowarfare).

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US Secretary of State Clinton Spewing Rhetoric, Arrogance and Hypocrisy

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke today on the Obama administration's vision of American global leadership in the 21st century. She said that the US has the reach, resources and resolve to mobilize in order to solve global problems and that the world counts on the US to do so. Citing international sanctions on Iran and the US's reset with Russia she argues that the US model of global leadership is producing results. But is it also producing a renewal of American exceptionalism? RT contributor Webster Tarpley says the speech is a systematic attempt to deny reality, arguing that the US model has not been successful. He said the speech was unilateralism in disguise. "It's a rhetoric that obviously grates very much because of the arrogance, the complacency, the hypocrisy, the double standard," adds Tarpley.

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