Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Report Calls for “Infiltration” of 9/11 Sites

A new report released by a think tank called Demos warns of the hazardous effects of conspiracy theories on society and recommends strategies for governments to mitigate these effects, including the infiltration of websites.

The report, called The Power of Unreason: Conspiracy Theories, Extremism and Counterterrorism, says “most notoriously and influentially, the ‘9/11 truth movement’ has questioned the official accounts of 9/11 and has become a large and growing political force.”
Demos makes a number of recommendations for governments to combat conspiracy theories, including a call for more government openness.

The report also cites the writings of Cass Sunstein, an Obama appointee who recently called for the “cognitive infiltration” of 9/11 truth groups. The Demos paper in turn calls for government agents to “openly infiltrate” websites and chatrooms in order offer “alternative information” and “plant seeds of doubt”.

This sort of thing is to be expected. I like how the paper, "calls for government agents to “openly infiltrate” websites and chatrooms". Ha ! They are trying to do this covertly and are failing miserably. Those attempts made to offer “alternative information” and “plant seeds of doubt” don't work when the truth is so obvious. Disinformation and psyche tactics don't work when we have a plethora of hard physical evidence. It's like trying to convince thinking people that the sky is orange when we can all see that it's blue. COINTELPRO = Failed.

(thanks to John B for the story !)

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