Friday, 20 August 2010

Obama's Gulf Swim Was Fake: The President Lied about his Swim in the Gulf and is Criminally Liable

On August 15, AP reported that Obama gave his "personal assurances of (the) Gulf's safety," saying:

"Beaches all along the Gulf Coast are clean, they are safe, and they are open for business."

He lied.
In fact, area businesses continue to be severely impacted, and the entire region is dangerously unsafe.

As for Obama's swim, on August 16, the London Independent reported that Obama and his daughter, Sasha, swam in a private Panama City Beach, FL beach off Alligator Point in St. Andrew Bay, not part of the Gulf.

Reporters were banned, no TV video permitted. "So....only the White House photographer was allowed to capture proceedings. The official picture was intended to provide evidence that the region's beaches are back to normal."

False. A dangerously toxic oil/dispersant brew contaminates much, perhaps the entire Gulf. It's poisoned and potentially lethal for decades, maybe generations. Nothing in it should be ingested. Millions in the region are at risk. No one should swim in coastal waters or eat any Gulf seafood. Responsible officials should ban it. Instead the all-clear's been given.

Obama, his officials, and BP executives are criminally liable. So are state governors, coastal mayors, and regional health authorities.

There is no way the oil disaster can be covered up. The attempts to do so are foolish and shortsighted.

Trust in the US Government and corporations is going out the window. The US people will learn to NEVER, EVER, trust their Government in any way. Indeed, the fascist nature of the US system has exposed itself. This knowledge is the only good that will come out of the Gulf catastrophe.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, August 20th, 2010.]

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