Thursday, 19 August 2010

Former Pakistan ISI Chief Hamid Gul: The Upcoming Attack on Iran, the Mumbai and 911 False Flags

In a landmark interview, Alex talks with former director of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence, Hamid Gul. Mr. Gul recently characterized the "leaked" Wikileaks documents implicating him in a string of attacks against US and NATO forces in Afghanistan as "malicious, fictitious, and preposterous."

Gul & Jones warn of war and false flag terror. At the moment we are seeing attempts to destabilise various countries throughout the world.

We can expect to see the destruction of Pakistan (as a nuclear power and strong Muslim country) plus the bombing of Iran so that there can be a wider Middle East war, one in which oil supplies will be choked.

The aim with Iran is to break the country and to create a global oil supply crisis - Iran (or the US and Israel via false flag submarine attacks) may react by sinking oil tankers in the Straits of Hormuz. In this way we can see an excuse for the implementing of Martial Law in the US and a way in which other economies could be severely damaged with high oil prices and shortages. China would be an intended target of such massive economic destabilisation.

A further question about these impending attacks is whether or not a nuclear false flag terror attack, on the USA or Europe, will occur before or after these actions. Such an attack will further the neocon agenda for destroying the power of Middle Eastern Muslim countries.

Raising awareness of this situation is vital in forestalling the staged terror.

(thanks to Dan J for the story !)

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