Thursday, 22 July 2010

Ex-MI5 Chief Slams Unnecessary War on Iraq

The former head of British intelligence has criticised the US-led war in Iraq in a testimony before an inquiry panel in London. Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller said that the war, which was launched in 2003, was not justified because Iraq had not posed a threat to the UK at the time [!]

Note that the Baroness mentions that UK intelligence did not consider Iraq a threat at the time. Indeed, evidence indicates that the US and UK Governments, aided by sections within the intelligence community, provided FALSE information so they could launch an unnecessary war on Iraq in 2003. They had no good evidence so they cooked the books. The War was an act of aggression and a Crime. Those involved in this decision process must face trial as War Criminals.

Notice the Baroness is also reported as saying that subsequent the 911 attacks, US and UK foreign policy played into Bin Laden's plans for a war against the West fought in the Middle East and that this situation has radicalised many Muslims.

Yes, the 911 attacks did fuel conflict between the West and Islam, a choice undertaken by Western leaders, however, 911 itself was not the work of Bin Laden, who denied involvement in the crime. There is damning forensic proof that shows 911 was an inside job. I suspect the good Baroness, knows more than she is saying and is unable to voice her opinion on this matter due to reasons of National Security.

For an ex-MI5 Chief, a candid assessment can only go so far. This is a pity because the truth about 911 would end the War on Terror almost overnight.

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